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Choose a lesson, which calls to you and learn it. There is good reason behind your choice. Understand the mind quieting decision you’ve made!

Meditation in many forms…

Meditation can be many things to many people.  Have you ever sat and just listened to music and let your mind wander? How about just listening to a spoken word or phrase as you concentrate solely on this?  Or, have you ever taken some peaceful words in your hand and read them over to yourself like a positive affirmation or reinforcement?  Here you will find all of these forms of meditation.

1.Choose a title, concept or image that speaks to you, without giving it too much thought.
2. Read, listen or affirm the lesson you have chosen.
3. Understand the message you are being given.


Visual Meditations

New Moon

A new moon mediation is a journey into your deeper self, your true self, your real pure note, your spiritual resonance. It is a healing meditation on a multi-dimensional level.

Full Moon

The reflective light of the full moon gives a wonderful and magical sense of harmony and peacefulness. Meditating in its light gives an etheric and positively enchanting unity with nature and sky.

Five Senses Meditations

4 Secrets to Meditation

4 Secrets to Meditation

By Andrew Pacholyk MS, L.Ac author or Lead Us To A Place ~ your spiritual journey through life's seasons Meditation is a time-honored art of finding stillness. Meditation helps us live a healthier, less stressful life. The physical and psychological benefits are...

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Meditation Favorites

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