The Medical Spa: Body and Skin Care

~ This is a practical and informative guide exploring the many methods of skin and body care.

~ As within, so without

Since the skin is considered the largest organ, we look at the lungs and the large intestine, environmental factors and what we put in our mouths as the basic skin care principles. Therapies such as massage therapy, Chinese medicine, exercise, detoxing therapy and herbology are procedures that affects all systems of the body; digestive, elimination, respiratory, circulatory, lymphatic, endocrine and nervous systems. Learn more about the reinvention of the medical spa.

Seek out some of these professional services to get the best treatments in body and skin care. You can also DIY (do it yourself) with our wonderful products, great tips and tricks for a home spa day along with our mind/body/spirit makeover!

Healing Spa Tools

Determining Your Skin Type 

Determining Your Skin Type

    • Normal Skin
      You have normal skin if your skin…
      * Appears soft clear and supple
      * Has uniform texture and pigment
      * Has few or no blemishes, no oily sheen or dry spots.
      * Is not overly sensitive to the sun
    • Dry Skin
      You have dry skin if…
      * Your T-zone and cheeks are dry.
      * Your skin appears taunt, fragile, dull occasional flaking especially on the cheeks.
      * Your pores are fine.
      * Lines appear early around the eyes mouth and forehead.
      * Blemishes are rarely a problem
      * Extremely sensitive to sun and cold.
      Note: this skin type can occur at any age but is seen mostly in wonen over 30.
    • Oily Skin
      You have oily skin if…
      * Has an oily sheen especially in the T-zone
      * Has enlarged pores especially in the nose, chin and cheek area
      * Feels soft and supple
      * Has an acne blemish
      * Is a combination of oily and dry
      * Tans easily but seldom burns
  • Problem/Combination Skin
    Problem skin occurs in all the skin types mentioned above. Problem, irritated or sensitive skin includes acne, pimples, spots, open pores, blackheads, excessive redness, eczema, rashes, delicate and fine textured, and may have patches of reddish veins or flaking skin.

Cutting Edge – Spa Trends

    • Ayurvedic Treatments
      The principle medical system of India is known as Ayurveda and is over 5,000 years old. This “Science of Life” is considered the art of living in harmony with nature. In Ayurvedic philosophy, people, their health, and the universe are all thought to be related. It is believed that health problems can result when these relationships are out of balance. The goal of Ayurveda is to integrate and balance the body, mind, and spirit. This is believed to help prevent illness and promote wellness. Learn more about Ayurvedic trends.
    • Crystal and Sea Shell Massage
      Sea Shell Massage brings the magic of the sea to your massage table. This amazing massage therapy is a unique blend of styles acquired from Hawaii, Bali, Phuket and the Bahamas! Your clients will experience the beauty of a sea shell massage using a variety of fantastic hand picked shells.Discover the benefits of Sea Shell Massage. Another amazing trend is massage done with crystals. This assists in not only physical relaxation, but a metaphysical experience, as well.Get certified.
    • Unique Facials
      Facials are a staple in the spa industry. In the last year or so, the color therapy facials have become all the rage. Blending essential oils with Kaolin clay and natural color, these chromotherapy facial experiences, leave your client with a fresh face and happy disposition. Facials done with crystalsand nature inspired treatments, bringing the spa business into a new era of wellness as well as beauty.
  • Energy Medicine
    The power of the intangible has taken hold. For centuries, energy medicine has been around and accepted in many cultures. From the Chakras of Tibetan and Indian cultures to the Meridians and Qiof Chinese and Japanese medical practices. Energy therapies are now a staple in the spa and wellness industries. The most cutting edge spas are incorporating Chakra balancing and Aura cleansingin their menu of services. Color therapy kits with bath oils and sea salts.

Skin Care

Skin care at any age and during every season is important. Your largest organ (your skin) needs attention, especially during times of transition from one season to the next. Here you will find the top 10 methods for keeping your skin supple and beautiful!

Mind Body Spirit Makeover

This amazing therapy starts with a healthy detox!  Not only of the body, but along with our thoughts and beliefs, followed by a look at our spiritual health!  We start with a seasonal detox. Explore the many ways to cleanse our emotional mind, physical body and spiritual selves. This all starts by re-examining our thoughts, beliefs and behavior.

Hydrotherapy and Therapeutic Baths

Water has been worshiped, loved and used since time began. Water and it’s therapeutic values have been used in all ancient civilizations and bathing was considered an important part for the maintenance of health and prevention of disease. It was also valued for its remedial properties.

Anti-Aging Secrets

~ Learn and understand how we age.

~ Discover more about free radicals, which cause oxidative stress, damaging cell membranes, and causing inflammation.

~ Find out how sugar causes inflammation.

~ Discover the anti-aging supplements, what we call the major players and what we call the, anti-aging enemies.

~ Find Andrew’s top 10 anti-aging secrets!

Medical Spa Paradigms

You might be surprised to realize just how much “energy” plays apart in so many healing paradigms. From Acupuncture to Zen Therapy, the transition and transformation of “that which cannot be seen”, can leave such a resounding impact.

Therefore, energy medicine attempts to understand the fundamental nature of all reality, whether visible or invisible. “Beyond the physical”. is what we discover when we look, feel or sense  that which underlies everything. Energy medicine is the study of what is outside objective experience. It  relates to the transcendent or to a reality beyond what is perceptible to the senses.


Study Energy Medicine at Home

The Homestudy Courses make it possible for anyone to study energy medicine at home, on your time!  These certifications programs are offered by the National Association of Holistic Wellness

*Chakracology – A Workbook and Manual This workbook format allows you to look at the energy of the Chakra and how they affect us on a daily basis. The book allows you to work through each center on a mental, spiritual, as well as a physical level and then find ways to re-align, balance and manage your energy in a positive way! Want to know more?

*The Feng Shui Journal The Feng Shui Journal makes it possible for you to improve relationships, maximize career potential and enhance your environment! * We are honored to offer the Feng Shui Journal for beginner to advanced Feng Shui practitioners. This journal covers an extensive background on Feng Shui techniques history, usage, clearing, cleansing, manifesting and helpful information in order to bring balance back into your life! Want to know more?

*The Crystal Astrologer Course – Sourcing Astrological Answers Through Crystals, is the culmination of years of research and clinical study that Andrew has done in his NYC practice with his own patients. In this study course we will use crystals for astrological exploration, divination, crystal remedies and many other uses. Crystals have been used for astrological divination throughout the centuries for their subtle vibrational nature, which is thought to be linked to the vibrational powers of the cosmos. Crystals open a path to self-discovery, wisdom and inner knowledge, as well as tuning us into our own intuition. Want to know more?

*The Crystal Divination Workbook: This is Andrew’s NEW workbook, which utilizes the power of crystals for divination purposes! Andrew includes in this workbook: crystal grids, pendulum work and techniques, metaphysical properties of crystals, his Crystal Oracle Cards…and much more! Want to know more?

*Transitions: The Transformational Guide and Workbook for Creating Great Health This is the culmination of years of Andrew Pacholyk, MS, L.Ac. clinical work. This is a manual you can use, whether you are healthy or ill or somewhere in between and you want to re-balance your mind, body and spirit to become the whole person you can be! This workbook gives you a plan to take care of yourself. It can be used over and over to find balance and keep yourself as healthy as possible. It gives you “tools” to use when and where you need them. It helps to evaluate where you are in your journey and offers ways to get you exactly where you want to be! Want to know more?

*The “Color Elite” Color Therapy Certification Course Andrew Pacholyk, MS, L.Ac. has finally published his most complete healing course using the power of color and light therapy. This ultimate guide to chromotherapy teaches you about color and every aspect of it, how it is used in different therapeutic settings and how it has become such a great healing modality, no matter what profession you are in you will learn how to incorporate color into your daily life! Want to know more?

*The Crystal Light Crystal Therapy Course This incredible course is our biggest and most popular course on the internet! This is the study of crystals and how to heal with earth’s precious gems! Want to know more?

*The Healing Art of Touch – Massage Therapy Homestudy Learn the art of touch and massage therapy through Andrew’s very extensive course. Complete anatomy lessons, varied techniques and amazing information is offered in this course. Also learn the business aspects of massage, how to cope with clients that are difficult and energy transference are just a few of the many topics covered! Want to know more?

*What’s Your Heart Telling You? Finding Love and Romance – The Workbook and Journal Andrew Pacholyk, MS, L.Ac. has now published his newest work based on years of personal intimacy, clinical experience, counseling and client research on the ways to navigate love, sex, romance and relationships in a modern day world. Andrew has devised this very thorough workbook and journal with questionnaires, exercises, quotes, tips, meditations, feng shui, aromatherapy, massage and herbal applications for creating the perfect scenario for finding, coping and keeping love in your life! Want to know more?

What are your experiences with hydrotherapy and skin care?

Sharing your own experiences often helps others. We’d love to know in the Peacefulmind Community.

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