Seasonal Healing

Seasonal Healing is one of the best ways to remind ourselves that it is time to evaluate our health. Our moods and bodies change as the seasons change. Regulated by cycles of light and dark, climate changes and our circadian rhythm, we can focus on staying healthy with food, exercise, sleep and a smart seasonal detox.


We are controlled by the seasons and the rising and setting of the sun. This powerful energy source dictates all we do on earth!  From seasonal allergies to “seasons of our lives” we follow the rhythm of nature and our own Circadian rhythm. Our hearts beat to the tempo of the seasons and follow the cycles of light and dark from how we work to how we harvest. How we sleep to how we rise. Discover the many influences and variables that connect us to Mother Earth!

Environmental Health

The environment is no longer “someone else’s problem” as we are now feeling the affects of overtaxed surroundings such as worldwide pollution, garbage landfills, and toxic waste seeping into the ground and our water supply. Along with polluting our air and warming our climate, the exploration, extraction, and use of fossil fuels are causing incredible damage to resources and ultimately a major factor in determining our own health and healing. There are many things we can do about it!


From seasonal allergies to seasonal colds and flu, the weather brings its own set of challenges. With hot, sunny days comes overexposure to sun causing sunburn and melenoma. Lack of sunny days bring SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and lack of Vitamin D synthesis. The Chinese proverb states that “wind is the carrier of 1,000 diseases” While a German proverb reminds us, “When the bones squeak, it’s of rain they speak.” Here, you will find dozens of ailments with dozens of natural remedies that work!

Body Skin Care

The skin is the largest organ of the body! Keeping skin healthy throughout the seaons, takes year round care and maintenance. The body also changes it needs during the cycle of seasons, which calls for adjustments in diet, exercise and sleep patterns!  Here, you will learn your skin type, body type and treating the body from the inside as well as the outside through time-honored and researched remedies. No matter what your skin problems or time of year, you will find solutions that keep you glowing!


Exercise is what your body instinctively wants to do especially under stress and it works. It burns off some of the stress chemicals which tension produces. Therefore, a tired muscle is a relaxed muscle. Exercise gives you energy. Study after study supports these words. Regular exercise builds stamina that can help maintain a healthy heart, improve wieght loss and help you sleep better. Our bodies where built to move and stretch and exercise is even more important as we age. The key to longevity is to move!

Acupuncture/Chinese Medicine

 (TCM) is the oldest, continually practiced, and professionally administered health care system in the world! It is a documented medical system spanning over 2,500 years based on comprehensive philosophies, rational theories, clinically testing and empirically verified by over 100 generations of highly educated practitioners. Chinese Medicine is a total system of internal medicine, which is comprised of a diagnostic procedure based on signs, symptoms and treatment styles including acupuncture, herbal medicine, exercise, diet and meditation. It’s foundation is based on the principles of balance.

Anti-Aging Therapy

or the “Art of Aging Gracefully”, is just that…. an art!  Here you will understand how we age. Learn about free radicals, which cause oxidative stress, damaging cell membranes and causing inflammation.  Learn more about sugar and inflammation. Take a look at the blood test panels for aging males and females.  Discover the anti-aging supplements, we call the major players and those anti-aging enemies. We offer the Top 10 secrets for graceful aging, the power behind natural skin care treatments, how to eat to stay young, how to work with vitamin therapy, the secrets to exercise and anti-aging and the best treatments to enhance any healthcare regime!


The principle medical system of India is known as Ayurveda and is over 5,000 years old. This “Science of Life” is considered the art of living in harmony with nature. In Ayurvedic philosophy, people, their health, and the universe are all thought to be related. It is believed that health problems can result when these relationships are out of balance. The goal of Ayurveda is to integrate and balance the body, mind, and spirit. This is believed to help prevent illness and promote wellness.

Celtic Healing

First and foremost, The Celts were and are a remarkable, inventive and long-enduring people, versed in rituals and protocols of nature, a strong connection to the earth and sea and a reputation for mystery, myth and magic. It is from these elements that we can learn, understand and incorporate each facet into our everyday healing practices! This page honors the healing aspects of this fascinating culture, by tying together several themes we can relate to and find value in today.

Feng Shui

(pronounced Fung Shway) is the ancient Chinese art of placement to enhance the flow of “vital life energy” known as Qi. Practitioners believe that rooms, buildings and all environments can be arranged and decorated in a way that maximizes the flow of Qi and results in improvements to health and happiness of those who live in that environment. Discover how to declutter your life, fix your feng shui problems and improve your health. Learn how your Chinese horoscope can influence your life.

Food As Medicine

Food used as a preventative to dis-ease and as an essential part of medicine has been established for over 4,000 years by physicians of natural medicine. Food is a major determinant of health that is directly under our control. We cannot always control pollution, hereditary factors, noise, environment, and the social and emotional behaviors of others, but we can certainly choose what and what not to eat.

Holistic Healing

Living a holistic lifestyle is any lifestyle which makes you feel like a whole person. This includes any way of living or being that allows someone to feel as if they are being nurtured and are given the freedom to grow. For most people there are key areas we all want to improve; these being our health, our relationships, financial and spiritual connections, as well as our ability to create. Discover how to become a better, stronger and fulfilled individual!

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