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Spring and the Seasons of Life

Spring and the Seasons of Life

Spring represents renewal, and rebirth. Spring is our life’s introduction. Within our life cycle, Spring is associated with our first quadrant from birth through our 20’s.

The Priorities of Life Mantra

The Priorities of Life Mantra

Each day we are given, is an opportunity to learn to live to capacity. A peaceful mind comes from letting ourselves know that everything,…

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Honor the Goddess

~ Connect to your inner Goddess… Honor the ones in your life.

She'll love you for it!

P.P.E (personal protective equipment)

~ For the mind, body, & spirit

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Daily Horoscopes, Love Scopes, Astrological Gifts

~ Astrology Psychology – discover more about who you are and where you’re going!

Today's forecast

Priorities of Life

~ Learn more about the metaphysics of money, happiness, love and more!

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Powered by Reiki

~ Soothe heart, calm spirit

Energetic healing

Yoga Therapy

Yoga As A Lifestyle ~ find more about the healing power of yoga

Your sense of self

Balance Your True Colors

~ Color Therapy – learn more about yourself by the colors that attract you!

What's your color?

Connect To Your Higher Self

~ Connect to the power of your Chakra, lighten your Aura and find solutions for your spiritual needs…

Tune In

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Andrew Pacholyk MS, L.Ac. has developed many of these products or has had them created to his specifications for his practice. The products represented here are some of the best in the categories of aromatherapy, herbal medicine, massage therapy, Chinese Medicine and the field of energy medicine.

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