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~”Virtues are acquired through endeavor, which rests wholly upon yourself. So, to praise others for their virtues can but encourage one’s own efforts.”  Thomas Paine

Regina Birch
Regina Birch
17:23 17 Mar 22
I had the great pleasure of taking the Chakracology training course and I truly enjoyed it. The course is well organized and very informative. The self-paced structure was exactly what I needed to feel successful and develop a greater appreciation for the life force energy that flows through us all. Thank you!
Stacey Doiron
Stacey Doiron
17:47 07 Mar 22
My maypole candle is absolutely gorgeous, it looks even better in person and smells divine!
April Youmans
April Youmans
15:16 28 Feb 22
Ordered Chakra Massage Oil:Smells amazing! Not greasy after rubbing in. Quick shipping/ packed well due to being liquid! Very good quality product!
Nicole Vitale
Nicole Vitale
01:35 07 Feb 22
I think I just found the best spray energy water! It happens to be quite strong at keeping your space protected from unwelcome energy coming in. My space feels much lighter. Thank you for making this incredible product!
LilyJewl Honey
LilyJewl Honey
14:37 28 Jan 22
This set is so beautiful and exactly what I needed! I love the idea of decorating my altar for each holiday and this has more than I could have wished for Ostara! beautifully made items and wonderfully picked stones.
Vladimir Gontar
Vladimir Gontar
18:45 04 Dec 21
The tea is very nice and it tastes great. It helps with relaxation and reduces the stress level after a long day.Thank you!
Lori Sand
Lori Sand
14:49 06 Aug 21
Thank you for your communications. Perfect. Love it. Thank you so much.
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I liked “Lead Us to A Place: Your Spiritual Journey Through Life’s Seasons” by Andrew Pacholyk. This is a brilliant book about finding peace in life and this highly intelligent author ingeniously shows you the similarities of our lives to Nature’s Seasons. As I read this very interesting book, I could feel “Aha” moments which created changes in my thinking about life which made sense to me. It is a beautiful book and very well organized. ~ Team Golfwell

Team Golfwell


Hi yogiguruji/Andrew, this is your customer Denise Baptiste, thanking you very much for your packages. I received it on my birthday yesterday and as always I am very thankful to you for all your lovely and meaningful products. Looking forward to near future purchases. Have a wonderful weekend.

Denise Baptiste

Dear Andrew:

I just visited your website at www.peacefulmind.com. I found your home page to be very impressive, what a tremendous amount of information! You have a very extensive product line! WELCOME TO THE 21ST MODE OF WELLNESS PRACTITIONERS!!!  I can see that you are one of the many wellness practitioners learning the value of the internet to grow your business and to become an authority in your field. Thanks for all the good work!

Timothy Rice Alton

CEO, Federation of Wellness Teachers & Communicators

I absolutely loved the course. I have a Bachelor of Science in Earth Science with an emphasis on Geology. Since it has been a long time since college, I thoroughly enjoyed learning some of the same things again, but I learned even more than I did in all of my college classes with the Crystal Light class.

This certification is a great compliment to my Reiki Master, and Healing Touch (level 2 student) certification. I look forward to taking additional course from you.

Laura Vorndam

Reiki Teacher

Dear Peacefulmind

Thank you so much for the beautiful Chakra necklace you sent to me. I received it on Saturday, just in time for a special event. It is quite beautiful and it is clear you put a lot of love into it. I like that Andrew wears this necklace all the time. It is gorgeous.

Thank you for sending me the chakra chip bracelet. It was very thoughtful of you.

Ellen Durnham


“Andrew: Thank you for always lifting my spirits, enlightening with your wisdom, and adding a spring to my step. I walked in your office this evening feeling sluggish and, yes, blah. While I know your needle work gives my the extra zing physically, your effervescent, calm demeanor always sets me straight all around. Also, I particularly enjoy your dry, sarcastic humor. It’s always a winner with me. Lastly, thank you for “understanding me.” Not many do.”  Hugs,


“Hello Andrew, Thank you for providing such high quality metaphysical products. You always have such timely and positive articles on Peacefulmind. It often hits a chord in me and this is why it brings me back every day!!

I am looking forward to receiving my package!”

Michelle Durrenberger

“I absolutely adore the information I have been getting from you ( for a long time now) and I have found so many interesting and wonderful articles that I can use …it really is amazing the knowledge I can get from all the info you share…So thank you… I felt I should let you know how much you are appreciated.   I have saved so much /learned so much from your words”


Elena Constance

“Hello! thank you for the opportunity to take this (Crystal Medicine) course; it was very informative, and very hands on.  I plan on taking more courses in the future.”


Dawn Hauswirth

owner, Down to Earth

Dear friends, my name is Lauren from United States, I have to give this miraculous testimony, which is so unbelievable until now. I had a problem with my husband 2 years ago, which lead to our break up. When he broke up with me, i was not my self again. I felt so empty inside me.  My love and financial situation became worst, until a close friend of mine, Allen, told me about Dr Andrew, who helped him in the same problem. I emailed Dr Andrew and I told him my problem and he recommended his Love Course!  He explained to me how it would give me a better outlook on love and my relationship to it.  To cut the long story short. before I knew what was happening my husband gave me a call and told me that he was coming back to me in just 2 days. I was so happy to have him back to me, especially because we also have two kids together. Thanks to Dr Andrew for saving my relationship and for also saving others own too. continue your good work.

Mrs Lauren

Task and Assignments Manager, Corrico

“Hi Andrew,
I have never worn any gemstone/crystals for healing purposes, so when I browsed your website I got overwhelmed by the vast amount of information and did not know where to begin. So Since working with your site, it has helps with the following struggles : not relying on others validation for approval on my self-worth, able to say ‘no’; set my own boundaries; sticking to my own guns; believe in, trust and express my true self.  Thank you so much! Your help was greatly appreciated.”


Dear Andrew and my friends at Peacefulmind.com

“Thank you! I am so happy I passed the course and want to thank you for the wealth of information! I can’t wait to get my degree, and hopefully in the future I;ll have the chance to take more courses with you. I would recommend this course (Crystal Medicine) to anyone seeking more in depth healing and further crystal study. I really enjoyed it so much!”

Best regards,

Dimitra Paraschou

“Good evening Andrew,

I hope you are well. I would like to say thank you for all the amazing work you have been doing with regards to healing, its really inspirational. It is even more amazing that I am able to do your courses all the way from South Africa. There are so many wonderful aspects in your course. I am so proud to be a student of yours, as you have so much to teach and give to the world. Please continue to love and inspire!”

Dayleen Vikors

Dear Andrew,

This is Kamran Bahalim (Mr.) from Karachi, Pakistan. I am a businessman. A Reiki Healer and a spiritual music therapist.

I am deeply thankful to you for making such a complete holistic website. This work is ideal for everyone. You have done a marvelous job. I use music as a healing tool and your music therapy was just great for me. How could i be more thankful to you; I have no words. Salutes! May people be able to utilize the wisdom you have provided all at one place.

Respects and regards, Bless you.

Kamran Bahalim

Reiki Healer and spiritual music therapist, Karuna Reiki

Your site TOTALLY rocks!!!!!
I completely love the kit and thank you so much for letting me know who sent this lovely bday gift my way!!
I hope you I well also. Thank you for all you offer. Your article, “Soul Connecting with Crystals” is FANTASTIC.
I’m using amythest, amber, rose quartz, rhodonite, quartz and citrine. I do look forward to some of your courses. I never heard of color therapy so that one definitely peaks my interest.

Your products give me GREAT peace.

Cindi Salina

Line Supervisor, Tessy Plastics

“I don’t think I’ve ever posted on your Alternative Answer community group, but I am a big fan!  I just wanted to thank Andrew for all of his knowledge and experience that he shares with everyone. I’ve been reading and collecting them for a couple of years now, and just recently bought two items from the Peacefulmind webpage, and I’m very impressed with them.

So many thanks for all your beautiful wisdom, kind spirit and the work (and love) of your products. They really shine through!”

Elrina Sung-White

Telecommunications, Big Step

“Andrew, There are times when “Thank You” doesn’t say it all. I received the pendant today. I have purchased products from your site and love them, but this pendant is special…. given to me but not chosen by me, for me. Thank You. You sent it to me because an order was, to me, not correct. You explained the labeling error. Your site name is so fitting to your personality… Peaceful Mind. Your mind must be at peace because you treat your customers as you would want to be treated. Thought I’d also let you know I, too, believe in holistic health.

Thank You. Bless You.

Marlene Louden

Teacher, Compton High School

“Good afternoon Andrew

I loved your Crystal Light course and am glad I passed thanks once again. It was an honor working with you and I am soo pleased to be a part of the Energy medicine community.

Take Care Blessings , love and light”


“Hi Andrew,
I just wanted to tell you that I brought theYule candle out on Christmas eve and it smelled so nice and was so beautiful and everyone really liked it.

Thank you.”

Jennifer Gee

“Hey Andrew,
I am located in Waterford and Cork, Ireland . Thank you so much, I’m delighted with my result and very excited at the prospect of becoming a colour therapist!

Thanks for a great course. Also a big thank you for listing me in the directory, that’s a wonderful bonus!”

Emer O’Neill

“Thank you so much for the rose quarts candle I was so delighted when I opened it.  It smells so delicious I don’t even want to use it because I’m so in love with it I definitely made the right choice it is so charming it made me so excited that I can’t wait to order more from your collection of crystal candles I am so in love with them I can feel the positive love vibration even without lighting it I’ve been busy but I know when the right time is to enjoy such a beautiful gift on the next full moon. Your wonderful products are made with love,,, thank you so much and have a peaceful day
I’m always hungry for love and knowledge xoxoxo✌”

Sandra Lee

Feng Shui Consultant, Feng Shui Right Way

Thank you for the wonderful Crystal Medicine Wheel. I can tell it has wonderful energy just by looking at it!
I could tell you picked it out with care and kindness….I could feel it when I opened it up…..I worked with the wheel Mondaynight and am already feeling what is left inside on its way out.(as usual but there is an extra kick) I have been working with a shaman for 4 +years and others before that. Everything is right on time. Thanks Again… and also for the special gift you included.
PS: if you ever find your way to Philly let me know. ”


Hi Andrew,

Thanks, your comments helped greatly!!Red had been such a great help for me. I feel so much better. I used to be SO cold all the time and now I find I’m not, so obviously my circulation has improved. I can think of lots of ways that red has helped. I do feel more motivated and have noticed that I have been finishing projects, unlike before. Color therapy has been amazing me in so many ways. I love it!!  You sound like such a calm, caring person. I’m such an Aries and never portray that calmness about me.
Your color course is EXCELLENT!!

Have a wonderful day,”


“I found Andrew through the BEST OF CITYSEARCH rewards! A well deserved award, as he accomplished what no doctor could do for me. I have been trying to get pregnant for such a long time. My problem was that I had an off the charts reading of 24 for my FSH. Andrew explained how acupuncture works and gave me suggestions to improve my diet, supplements and of course acupuncture. My FSH has dropped to 8 now! I was utterly in shock and amazed by this! He kept telling me, be patient, be patient. As I am a high level, stressful person, patients is not one of my virtues. If you are coping with high FSH, get to Andrew and be under his care. He is a true listener and a wonderful care giver.

Carrie Rowen

“I have to say that in all of my years of researching health and energy wellness information, yours is the best web site I have visited! I understand how much effort goes into creating such a work and I feel pressed to tell you that your time, energy and devotion to your ‘path’ is valued and appreciated.”

All the Best

Dr, Jeffery Chase

Med-Kilne Center

“I would like to just say thank you for such a wonderful site. It is so informative and I just love it!!!

ps. I love your crystal section the best, then aromatherapy. Two things I work into both of my career paths)”

Beth Jacobs

Cosmetologist and licensed massage therapist

“Thank you for your recent post on heartbreak. This post comes @ a time when I am experiencing many of the types of grief to which you have listed. I knew I was feeling a little heartache over all these recent events in my life. It helps to know that many people experience grief over what might seem like minute losses. I now have a few new ways to deal with my feelings of loss. Thanks again!”

Julia Thyme

Wonderful article on Kidney Massage. I wish I lived back east in order to make an appointment!  By any chance, might you be able to suggest a colleague or someone out here in the Los Angeles area whose work you respect, capable of the sort of kidney massage you described?

Thanks very much! ”

Robert Jaffe

Massage Therapist

Hi Andrew,

I’m returning from a stroll through part of your web-site. And, I am a better me from my stroll. You are a wealth of knowledge and willing to share it. What a gift!! Thank you for all you bring to many lives. I hope one day we cross paths.

Blessings and joy,

Kathleen T. Egan,

CCMP, CECP, RMTP, Rev., The Energy Practitioner

Re: Our wholesale order

Thank you so much for the incense. What a nice surprise! Also wanted you to know that I think the emerald city pendant is gorgeous!

Will be emailing you again soon.

Thank you,

Barb Dragovich

Marketing Specialist/Exec. Asst. to John Henry, EVP/Chief Marketing Officer, Caron Treatment Centers


Your Crystal Light course was great and had so much information. I sent in my final exam. The next decision I will need to make is which course to take next. Thank you for offering your knowledge to the rest of us.


Bill Binaxas