Musical Landscape

Whether we know it or not, our lives are mapped out by the important moments we encounter. And most often, there is a song associated with it. Quite often, when we hear a familiar tune, it can take us back to the exact time and place, along with the experience that went with it!  This “musical landscape” is the map of our lives!

From celebrations and ceremonies to proclamations and processions! Music marks the empirical reference we associated with time and place. Music is a magical medium that has always been a metaphor for our spirit!

Music As Therapy

Music Therapy is the prescribed use of music and music related techniques to assist and motivate a person towards specific, non-musical goals. Music therapists use their training to effect changes in the cognitive, physical, communication, social, and emotional skills.

Music Therapy utilizes music and music related activities to modify ineffective learning patterns, help to promote emotional, mental, social and physical growth and to develop non-musical goals. Music Therapy works as a creative, flexible and sometimes spontaneous means of utilizing the appeal of music to help people of all ages and abilities.

Music Therapy is an established health care profession that uses music and “techniques” in order to address physical, psychological, cognitive and social behavioral patterns. Music Therapy can positively affect children and adults alike.

Therapeutic Characteristics of Music

Music can be characterized by how it heals. The way music fires the neurons in the brain to the tempo it is played, helps bring into play the characteristics that bring the biggest healing benefits to an individual. Although the power, range and effectiveness of music as a healing tool has many variables, there are certain traits that are Universal.

Music Therapy can make the difference between isolation and interaction and has been proven in situations such as: depression, anger, pain, autism, stress, grief, loss, time management, motivation, happiness, change and improving confidence.

1. Music captivates and maintains attention, stimulating and utilizing many parts of the brain.
2. Music is adapted to, and can be reflective of, a person’s ability.
3. Music structures time in a way that we can understand.
4. Music provides a meaningful, enjoyable context for repetition.
5. Music sets up a social context by setting up a safe, structured setting for verbal and nonverbal communication.
6. Music is an effective memory aid.
7. Music supports and encourages movement.
8. Music taps into memories and emotions.
9. Music and its related silence, provide nonverbal, immediate feedback.
10. Music is success oriented. People of all ability levels can participate.


There is a rhythm to life! From the beat of our hearts to the beat of the streets, everything around us is set to it’s own timing. There is a natural tendency in nature towards harmony. When something is not in sync, has dissonance or dischord, we know it and can sense or feel it. When our energies are in sync, this resonance is very apparent This is the theory or entrainment.

Music’s Healing Power

Music is a magical medium and a very powerful tool. Music can delight all the senses and inspire every fiber of our being. Music has the power to soothe and relax, bring us comfort and embracing joy! Music Therapy has been shown to have influences on the immune system, blood pressure, heart and respiratory rates, and pain perception. It is used to treat a host of disorders…

The Tao of Music

The “tao” or “path” of music is the way. The way we hear music, our approach to making music, our understanding of the rhythm and rhymes of music are the conditions in which we understand its message!  This is known as vibrational tuning or vibrational medicine, which is called resonance. Discover “the way” music, rhythm, time and rhymes bring you such great healing…

Create Your Entrainment Music

First, find several songs, about 10-15 minutes worth, which matches your “present” mood (anxiety, stress, depression).

Second, find several other musical selections, 10-15 minutes, which is between your present internal state and the state you wish to achieve.

Third, find several songs, about 10-15 minutes worth, which match the desired mood state you wish to finally achieve (joy, relaxation, communication…). Download these songs on to an MP3 player or CD. This tool can be used over and over as needed.

Andrew has made it easy for you to order the kind of music and create an “entrainment” tool that will benefit any situation or disorder!

Musical Playlists for Life’s Journeys

Spring Songs

“Like breath of fresh and fragrant air, the songs of Spring are everywhere. To brighten up and fill our days, with new beginnings ~ come our way. A sense of creativity abound, with motivation to be found…”

Summer Shakes

“From bop and shake, to rattle and roll. summer music lends us soul, to be just who we need to be, today~  in almost every way. It brings us joy, light-heartiness, and “rules”, by motivating us!

Fall Moods

“When Fall comes round, we change our mood, it’s reflected in the somber tunes, we listen to and seem to hear, round every corner, now Autumn’s near. So come along and listen in, we’ll lift your spirits, make you grin…”

Winter Play

“Oh winter blush, can blow in strong, with hush of dark and night’s so long ~ so here’s a soundtrack just for you, to play on days when winter’s blue, when cold and harsh come down your way, just buffer it with songs you play…”

Angelic Music

“The lilt of soft angelic airs, bring joy and truth and songs of care, to honor those etheric lights, who protect and guard throughout the night. Now listen well, they’ll let you know, when they are close, you’ll feel their glow…”

Christmas Eventide

“Of joy and peace does Christmas bring, so share the love and come and sing, along with all those voices, chime ~ with music bright at sweet bedtime, when He comes to change our lives, this pure and precious Christmas time…”

Melodies of Love

“Oh song so sweet, I hear your call, when music brings the memories all ~ from heartache, flirting, precious love, to certain times I rose above ~ so here’s a list of songs most true, to offer up a special few ….”

Songs of Luck

“Of Irish brogue or positive lilt, the songs of Spring bring a world that tilts, in our direction, filled with light, for good intentions, make it bright, with songs of luck and good will bring, by way of wind or bird that sings….”

Desert Oasis

“Against the winds and sands of time, stand ancient lands of God’s design, Where sacred tools of nature come, to those who seek the rising sun, so listen now and find your peace, where light and sky will never cease…”

Sacred Memorium

“When times so bleak and hard to know, there’s often room for us to grow, To try and understand the “why”, at times when hope seems far and wide, yet there can always be some light, in dark corners, glimpse so bright…”

Reiki Energy

“Oh lift me up, so I can see, there is a greater part of me, when I am down or feeling low, my spirit rise to meet the glow, of energy that I do have, remind me who I really am. So here’s some songs to bring new change, and help to broaden my full range…”

Musical Massage

“Our touch is most inspiring, to feel and know a side of me, that I am not familiar with, yet touch can help to bring me in… to myself and feel my best ~ with new connections, I am blessed, so sense and know the power and such, by learning more about your touch  ….”

Fairy Tale Weddings

“A union of two is sacred time, when we are shown the great divine, the best we wish to be as one, we strive to keep this spell we’ve spun. So honor, love and cherish thee, for all and all, eternity…”

Sun Salutation

“Oh rise of sun please come my way, with light and love and carefree days…I reach and fold and bend to you, like leaves and flowers, worship you. As you are truly nature’s force, I find the best through your great source…”

Patriotic Force

“In honor of our service, done ~ who guide and guard our country from, those who wish for freedom’s ring, we find inspired songs to sing, to show our pride and consciousness, by celebrating timelessness…”

In Mozart’s Footsteps

“To write and bring such masterpiece, of songs and rhythms that we keep, so dear to us we know them well, these melodies most famous then, and now we celebrate his life, this genius known, his magic light….”

Light as Air

“The lift and lilt of gentle breeze, can show its other face, you see, when wind begins to whip and blow, from hurricane to icy snow,
that hits or smoothly rushes by, these many personalities a stride, we just accept and let it pass, this ever changing, rich air mass.”

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