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Summer Home Spa

Since the skin is considered the largest organ, we look at the lungs and the large intestine, environmental factors and what we put in our mouths as the basic skin care principles. Therapies such as massage therapy, Chinese medicine, exercise, detoxing therapy and herbology are procedures that affects all systems of the body. Here you will find great products, tips and tricks to create a day of R&R 

Music for the Rising Sun

Music Therapy utilizes music and music related activities to modify ineffective learning patterns, help to promote emotional, mental, social and physical growth and to develop non-musical goals. Music is a magical medium and a very powerful tool. Music can delight all the senses and inspire every fiber of our being. Music has the power to soothe or stimulate, bring us comfort and embracing joy!

Urban Zen

Meditation ~ in the fast lane!  Living in a big city or busy community may not seem like the ideal places to find time or a location to get your meditation on…but over the years, more attention has been given to creating spaces for people to come and relax and city planners have discovered the need to create little places of “sanctuary” where one could find respite from their crazy day! 

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