by Andrew Pacholyk MS L.Ac
(from his newest book, Lead Us To A Place ~ your spiritual journey through life’s seasons)

Spring represents birth, renewal, and rebirth. Spring is our life’s beginning or introduction. Within our life cycle, Spring is associated with our first quadrant of development from birth through our 20’s.

Our teens and 20’s is our time of self-discovery. It is the vibrant, raw energy of an uncut diamond or impulsive expression of a wire of electricity that has been cut and is flailing in the air. In our teens and 20’s we have an open sense of willingness to explore, an immature sense of boundaries, and a raw sense of intuition.  We often fly with abandon, run without care, and do it now, pay for it later.

The season of Spring is much like this. It has been celebrated over the centuries as the beginning of the rebirth period. This season is one of the most embraced and most significant of the season changes, for it denotes the start of new life, regeneration of nature, creativity, and the renewal of the spirit.

With the new promise of Spring, the reset button has been pushed and we are now given another chance to change what we did not like last year. As the moon resets its cycle each 28-29 days, the new moon represents the beginning of the swing of the pendulum of time as does the promise of sunrise. Like any other cycle, it allows another opportunity for growth. Spring’s willingness and raw emotions not only mirror the early years of our lives when we notice everything but expresses our need to burst forth and explore everything – without care, reason, or awareness.

This reflects the intuitive thought of ‘doing’ and not thinking too much about it. Although raw and unrefined, it is the action of ‘doing’, which represents Spring. When conscious mind, meets conscious thought, we are living in the moment, or in the NOW.  This awareness encourages our act of accomplishment and drive. It stimulates our impulsive need to move fast and move forward.

Consciousness and Awareness

Limited views and opinions are stifling. They detach us from reality, decrease our awareness and shut down our mind. We all have a limited view of some areas in our lives. Gaining a broader perspective is self-awareness. Being able to open up your mind and allow for the free flow of thoughts and ideas can be liberating. Spring can give us this feeling and opportunity to do so.

Welcoming a new opinion or way of doing something can bring new meaning to your life. If you release these closed thoughts and make room for a different opinion, you may be surprised at the outcome.

Striving to meet difficult goals has pushed us to stretch the horizons of what we think is possible. We share the ways in which obstacles and challenges have made us stronger and given us confidence to continue setting goals and dreams in our adventures, our business, and in our day to day lives.

This is conscious living. To start living in consciousness, we must start to experience the fourfold principle of intuition, feeling, sensation and thought.

“The routine without meaning is the empty life”
~ Edward J. Lavin

How meaningless is a life without goals?  Become conscious of your goals. Get in touch with the life your desire. You are the one who can make this happen. Only you.  Become aware of how you can make this happen. It’s Spring, after all…

An O’ To Spring

“I’ve waited through the Winter’s freeze,
for some type of warmer breeze,
to Spring upon us, all at once,
and take away that awful crunch,
of snow that lurks beneath my boots.
It’s time to let a change take root.
But now it’s rain that beats me down,
and wind that whips us all around.
I see how much it mirrors life,
and realize we all have strife.
So no more struggles, let it go,
I must “allow”, and let it flow.
O’ Spring, I will ~ honor the new…
transitions make us stronger too.
~ Andrew Pacholyk MS. L.Ac

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