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Rich in remedies, and home treatments, Andrew has gathered some of his most favorite healing therapies for all kinds of problems. From seasonal remedies to quick fixer uppers, here you will find herbal and essential oil solutions, food recipes & curatives and your best natural medicine cabinet must-haves!

Tips for Treating a Hangover

 try these simple, natural ways to avoid the pain, or to decrease headaches, nausea, and general malaise the day after:
  1. Drink plenty of water or other hydrating fluids while consuming alcohol. Alcohol is dehydrating. Drink one glass of water with every alcoholic drink consumed..
  2. Fill up the morning after with good carbohydrates such as whole grains or whole wheat toast and an egg.
  3. Eat ginger. Ginger is very good for soothing the stomach and for helping with nausea.
  4. Prickly pear cactus is fantastic for a hangover.
  5. Go back to bed.

How about…

Lemon:  can get rid of the after-effects of excessive drinking like queasiness, dizziness, sensitivity to light and sound, and muscle pain. Lemon helps re-balance the body by controlling the blood sugar level and altering pH level. Add two teaspoons of fresh lemon juice and one teaspoon of honey to a glass of warm water. Stir well and drink it slowly. Do this as soon as you wake up, and two or three times throughout the day. Also consider a tea made from one or two of these herbs: chamomile, dandelion, fennel, peppermint or rosemary. Try 500 mg of milk thistle, twice a day. Squeeze a lime in a glass of water and drink it twice a day.  

Honey: Another excellent cure for hangover symptoms is honey. Being rich in potassium, honey helps counteract the effects of drinking too much alcohol. In addition, honey contains fructose, a type of sugar that helps metabolize the extra alcohol in the body, in turn reducing hangover symptoms.

Add a tablespoon of honey into a glass of warm milk.  The milk fat soothes the stomach and absorbs the alcohol, while the honey works to gentle coat the stomach lining and counteracts the symptoms a hangover can produce.

Herb of the Month

Each month, we feature a seasonal herb. Learn more about each herb by clicking on it’s name. You will find great information about the herb’s properties, uses and functions. We always include additional ways to use these herbs as remedies, in recipes along with creative ways you can benefit from them. You will learn how to use them in raw form, as an oil, herbal tea, poultice and much more!

New Year Clearing

Many people often do a cleansing of their homes or business on the eve of the New Year or New Year’s day to release the old and ring in the new. Another wonderful tradition is to wait until after the day of the Three Kings, before getting things into motion.  These are beautiful traditions that I always love to see people undertake.

Winter Medicine Chest

Several herbs are effective for treating not only the symptoms of too much winter, but the causes of colds and flu Impaired immunity to virus/bacteria, maintaining blood circulation and warmth, ensuring vitality of the lungs and reducing the build up of congestion in the body. Start here with our best Winter herbal remedies…

Winter Foods

When eating along with the seasons, there are two elements that should be taken into account. The “nature” of the food and the “flavor” of the food. The nature of the food refers to the foods innate temperature ie: cold, hot, warm, cool or neutral. Eating a moderate amount of all flavors sweet, salty, pungent, bitter and sour can help to keep your body balanced and regulated.

Treating Costochondritis

Costochondritis is an inflammation in the cartilages where the ribs join the breastbone. Since we have to take breaths in and out of our lungs, there cannot be a direct rigid attachment of the ribs to the breastbone.

Natural Cleansing Products

In celebration of our planet, I thought it appropriate to take a look back at some of the contributions in our archives from my free, 10,000 member community, Alternative AnswersHere are many, many natural cleansing product ideas.

Best Trauma Remedies

Chinese Medicine is that of trauma remedies. Cuts, bruises, lacerations, sprained joints and pain are just some of the daily problems, which can pop up unexpectedly.

Healing Remedies with Sea Salt

Salt is one of the easiest most effective remedies on the planet! Sea salt, a salt obtained by evaporating seawater, is used in cooking and cosmetics. Its mineral content gives it a different taste from table salt, which is…

Treating Ulcers

Peptic ulcers are a group of ulceration disorders that occur in the area of the upper GI tract that are exposed to acid-pepsin secretion. There are mainly two groups: Gastric ulcers – gnawing, burning pain present,…

Natural Antibiotic Herbs

There are hundreds of plants used all over the world, which are used in herbal medicine as treatments for bacterial infections. Here are some of the most accessible and reliable.

Essential Oils for the Heart

by Andrew Pacholyk MS L.Ac ~ Essential oils are the nectar of nature and can bring joy and great memories with the simply accent of an oil touched to the inner palm, diffused into the room or sprayed over any intimate or healing place. As always...

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Fall Harvest Bounty

When the Autumn air hits my face I have a tendency to discover all the new bounty of the season right here in our local Farmer’s Market in New York City.

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Crystals for Happiness

Any crystal could make me happy…but actually, on a metaphysical level some of the best crystals for happiness include Amber, Calcite, Citrine, Gold, Moonstone, Quartz, Sunstone.

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Top 20 Tips for Heartburn

Heartburn occurs when a muscular valve, called the lower espophageal sphincter functions improperly, which allows stomach acid to back up into the esophagus. Find natural remedies for cooling heartburn!

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Top 5 Essential Oils for Soul Healing

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Essential Oils for the Heart

by Andrew Pacholyk MS L.Ac ~ Essential oils are the nectar of nature and can bring joy and great memories with the simply accent of an oil touched to the inner palm, diffused into the room or sprayed over any intimate or healing place. As always...

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Emotional Detox

We often hear of detoxing our physical bodies to rid itself of toxins and impurities but, how often do we think about doing an emotional detox? Learn more

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