Andrew Pacholyk, MS L.Ac

Kanaka maoli lapa’au, is the Traditional Hawaiian medicine practice based on holistic healing. Like ancient healing that has come before it in other parts of the world, this medicine focuses on healing the whole body – mind, and soul, together as one with the cosmos and its elements. As in Asian, Ayurvedic, and Tibetan medicine theory, Traditional Hawaiian medicine (Kanaka maoli lapa’au) includes:

La’au Lapa’au (herbal medicine): are local and traditional medicinal herbs used to treat common ailments, as well as chronic conditions. Herbs are used individually or as a compound to help the body heal itself.

Lomilomi (Hawaiian massage therapy): is a spiritual laying of hands which are beneficial for many chronic conditions. Both physical movement and traditonal spirituality can play a role in this healing art.

Laau Kahea (spiritual healing): Spiritual or faith healing through prayers and chanting. This ritualistic process opens the mind and heart to emotional blocks and brings awareness to patterns one may be stuck in.

Ho’oponopono (forgiveness or conflict resolution): is spiritual counseling/conflict resolution providing positive solutions to problems of substance abuse, physical abuse, and other interpersonal issues. This problem solving regime is about making things “right” with the family and the Universe.

Traditionally practiced by Kahuna, these teachers, healers, and health practitioners are still considered a vital part of the healing fabric of the Hawaiian people today. They carry with them the knowledge of their ancestors and the secrets handed down through folklore and oral history.

The unique aspect of this healing art is the connection that is made to love and spirituality. Each method, no matter if its herbal therapy, lomilomi massage, talk therapy, or the inclusion of prayer… the spirit of love (or aloha), and the ritual of opening your heart, is an important part for both the healer and the patient.  The healer asks the Universe to be open and accepting of their path to help heal the patient. The patient is introduced to the possibility that forgiveness, acceptance, and the realigning of their journey with the energy of the cosmos, be an essential part of their healing process.

This opening of inclusion and connecting to a higher power can be the missing key to someone’s healing transformation. Since there is always some emotional connection to an illness, the inclusion of love and the willingness to overcome a psychological attachment brings an additional tool to assist in mitigating the patient’s journey.

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