by Andrew Pacholyk MS L.Ac

Creating intention in our life is the first step to changing our reality. The next step is to act. Sometimes, the act of “doing” moves us into a more positive state of mind. If you want to be lucky you have to think like that “lucky person”

1. The old adage “energy follows thought” plays a big role in how you choose to see what is lucky and what is not. When you program thought to stay positive, the energy around that intention, changes the way you see your situation.

2. The expression of self-confidence is a definite component of luck. Confidence can best be classified as a subset of optimism. The confidence your your beliefs set you up for success. There is nothing more beautiful than a confident person. Gaining confidence is easy, when you put your mind to it. It is the most attractive and powerful trait we can have.

3. Self-discipline. Mastering your own life through discipline is essential for bringing luck into your life. Self discipline is committing to a task one day at a time. Self discipline brings awareness. Awareness brings change. Change helps us to understand fluidity. When you are more fluid with your thinking, you are more able to see the great luck you are given… daily.

4. Be prepared. Preparation in life is like creating a safety net. It gives you a head start or allows you to be aware of a current or future situations. Be ready for change to occur. When you are aware of your options, change does not seem so unfamiliar.

5. Putting fear aside is often essential to good fortune. Our bodies have a fight or flight response. A certain amount of fear/stress is normal and allows us to avoid dangerous situations. It also helps improve our performance and gets us motivated to act. Fear holds you back and locks you in a cage, if you allow it. What are your really afraid of?

An Herbal Notion

Throughout history, tools such as herbs, oils, crystals, talisman, and symbols have been used for encouraging good luck. They have been used as a “positive affirmation” to give us hope, amass courage, and keep our intention rooted in determination.

To change a streak of bad luck and attract good luck into your life, fill a jar with any combination of the following inspired herbs:

Buckthorn Bark, Chamomile, Clover, Dandelion, Frankincense, Honeysuckle, Huckleberry Leaves, Irish Moss, Job’s Tears, High John the Conqueror, Lotus, Lucky Hand root, Mistletoe, Mojo Wish Bean, Myrrh, Nutmeg, Peony Root, Peppermint, Queen of the Meadow, Rose Hips, Rosemary, Sacred Bark, Sandalwood, Star Anise, and Thyme.

Seal the jar tightly and keep it in your kitchen on a shelf or on a window sill. Place your hands upon the jar each morning after you wake up and say:

“Of nature’s sweet and greatest gifts,
I bring about a major shift,
to bless me, keep me, bring me luck,
from herbs and petals that I’ve plucked.
I shake this jar, then give a kiss,
to bring awareness to my wish.”

After reciting the incantation, gentle shake the jar a few times and then kiss it before putting it back.

Essential Oils for Good Luck

First and foremost, it is essential that you “state your intention”. Be specific. The ways to use these oils and herbs for good luck are only limited by your imagination. Consider the following:

Basil – Invigorates the body, spirit, helps refresh the mind. Also used for prosperity in business.

Bayberry – Brings money to the pockets and blessings to the home.

Blackberry – Apply to all seals, talismans, charms, jewelry and candles for good luck.

Bergamot – Brings success and more money.

Cedarwood – In your wallet will draw money and prosperity to you.

Chamomile – Attracts good luck and money

Cinnamon – Used for good luck, money drawing, love

Ginger – Sprinkle it wherever you want money to come to you as it increases bio-electric energy. It is used for prosperity, wealth and abundance.

Hyacinth – Attracts love and luck when used in the bath water daily

Patchouli – Is associated with all the abundance and prosperity that the nature has to offer.

Pine – A cleansing, purifying scent herb and essential oil, use in the bath to banish past mistakes. Helps one start over.

Vanilla – Brings happiness to your surroundings and encourages good fortune.

The following are different ways of using the essential oils for luck:

– Anoint crystals, charms, talisman or amulets that you use to manifest money.

– Anoint a green candle and burn it. Ask for luck, prosperity and good fortune in your home and business.

– Anoint lottery tickets.

– Place a drop of oil inside your wallet to draw in more money while imagining your wallet filling up with more bills.

– Anoint money as you spend it, to encourage its return.

– Anoint your pay check to help increase it and bring promotions.

Lucky Perfume Blend

11 drops ginger
9 drops patchouli
7 drops cinnamon
2 ounces carrier oil (such as jojoba, sunflower, safflower…)

Blend drops into carrier oil and use as a perfume oil, anointing oil, or massage blend.

Money Draw Oil

9 drops Basil
7 drops Cedarwood
5 drops Pine
2 ounces carrier oil (such as jojoba, sunflower, safflower…)

Blend drops into carrier oil and anoint your wallet, dollars, lottery tickets. A great grounding and meditation perfume blend as well.

Sweet Success

9 drops Bayberry
7 drops Blackberry
3 drops Bergamot
2 drops Vanilla
2 ounces carrier oil (such as jojoba, sunflower, safflower…)

Diffuse this blend in an electric diffuser or water diffuser. Wear as a “reminder perfume” or take a soothing bath in this delicious fragrance.


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