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In general, birds are messengers and represent freedom and empowerment. They fly above and associate our connection between heaven and earth. In many cultures they are a symbol of the soul, as well as our conscious mind. Therefore, dreams of birds can show us our own personal connection between our conscious and unconscious mind. In flight, their outstretched wings show us the freedom we desire, as they glide over the earth expressing our unlimited possibilities we see in them. They have the ability to show us a “bird’s eye view” of things. What do you see? Is it clear sailing or is there trouble ahead. Dreams of an eagle represent their traits of strength, courage, wisdom, keen vision, swiftness, and illumination of Spirit. These are healing birds. As an eagle, one is able to “see” hidden spiritual truths. Representing the rise above the material to see the spiritual, eagle dreams give us the ability to see the overall pattern or big picture. Eagles are one of the most honored and respected birds in Native Indian culture, connection one to their spirit guides showing us our higher truths. Grace, power and balance are the result of their achieved through intuitive and creative spirit.


Ears are associated with the ability to listen. A dream about ears can be associated with the need to listen to yourself or others. Are you being heard? The ears in your dreams are yours or someone else? Did you like the information you heard? Or did it go “in one ear and out the other?”. Are the ears on your body? Are they on someone else? Do have the ears of an animal, this could be a fear of being deceived.


Earth represents traits of sensations, patience, stability, strength, health, grounding and centering of energies, promoting peace, fertility, money, business success, stability, warmth, comfort and physical labor. Earth is the element we are closest to home with, since it is our home. Earth doesn’t necessarily represent the physical earth, but that part of it which is stable, solid and dependable. In our dreams, earth is vast. It is important to look at how earth is represented in our dreams. Is it a barren desert? An indication that we need more nurturing (water, love, grounding). Is the earth fruitful, green with rich fields and gardens. Often this is an indication of your abundance, prosperity and fertility. Do you need to feel more grounded? Earth represents stability in your life. How are you being shown the earth? Is it solid ground or is it mud? Is it sprawling fields or mountain terrain? Dreams of eruption often mean turmoil in your waking life. Earth element is about the physical sense of things. It is about holding on, being rooted. Earth and members of our family also do with how connected we are to them. 1. Dreams of fields and farms often indicate our happiness, how settled or how relaxed we are. 2. Earth interacting with the other three elements is an ancient concept in Chinese medicine, called the the Five Phases. Earth is associated with the Root Chakra in Vedic traditions and found in the theories of Feng Shui. Being “brought back down to earth” is earth’s power over air. Air dries out earth and water turns earth to mud. Fire burns earth melting the metal. Working the earth in your dreams can indicate a need for control. How does earth affect your dream?


Dreaming of an eclipse of the sun shows a warning that continued excesses will cause some major health problems if the dreamer does not mend his ways. An eclipse of the moon has to do with the mentalities and should only be interpreted in context with the rest of the dream; it could also be your souls way of telling you to keep your head in tense situations. A lunar eclipse of the moon can help us to anticipate major changes that are forthcoming in our own lives. it is a moment when the effects of the full moon are very much amplified, while the South Node of the moon is getting enlightened by the Sun, and the North Node, brings forth our deepest aspirations and intuitions toward our spiritual meaning in this life. This energy brings issues and situations into clarity and brings forth sudden endings… all for our greatest good.

Often eclipse energy instigates pushes us forward and gives us warnings of what is ahead. Eclipses can be challenging energy to navigate but they also reveal truths to us which forces us to grow and become more conscious, as we move forward in areas where we have been stuck. Eclipses are a dramatic and effective tool that Universe uses to create change.


The egg is a very powerful tool, rich in history and symbolism, representing “new life” everywhere in the world. The “World Egg” is an ancient story about how the Universe “hatched” and the Hindu’s believe the yolk became heaven and the white became earth. The Shinto believed the entire Universe was contained in a huge egg, standing upright. In Alchemy, the Philosopher’s Egg represents the seed of spiritual life and a place where great change or transformation occurs. The pre-Christian fertility Goddess, Eostre, was celebrated for her life giving abilities through the power of the hormone, estrogen. A goddess in Germanic and Celtic tradition, Eostre is the namesake of the festival of Easter. In her various forms, she is a spring-like fertility goddess associated with dawn. In both the Celtic and Russian traditions, placing eggs on burial sites or burying their dead with eggs, reinforced the fact that the egg was a powerful symbol of immortality, resurrection and rebirth! The coloring of eggs has also been a long standing tradition representing the promise of joy, happiness and rebirth. The Christian concept of Easter connects the holiday of Easter with the renewal of life through the egg. It is a representative of the renewal, resurrection and rebirth of Christ.


Elements are archetypal energies that derive from a universal collective unconscious, which in metaphysics is called symbolism or that which creates our reality. Elements represent the natural forces of our Universe that shape and sustain our lives.


Air Earth Fire
Water Metal Wood
Ether Archetypes Seasonal



Although the mind/body connection has been acknowledged only relatively recently in Western medicine, the interaction of emotions with the physical body is an essential aspect of dream therapy. Learn how emotions in our dreams can teach us about our seven major states of mind and how it relates to our physical health by understanding them in our dream life.


Anger Joy Worry
Pensiveness Grief Fear
Shock (fright) Intuition Seven Emotions


Endless Knot : (see Symbols)

Any symbol in a dream, must be looked at within the context of that dream. As symbols have many different meanings, it is best to discern how to interpret your dream by trying to understanding the connection between the symbol and it’s dream meaning. The Endless Knot can be drawn from beginning to end without lifting the pen off the paper. This lends itself to its symbolizing eternity or infinity. The Celtic, Chinese and Tibetan cultures all wear this symbol for good luck and protection. It is one of the Eight Auspicious Symbols. The rope represents the matter of the Universe, while the space between the knot represents spirit. These two elements are considered the co-dependence of wisdom/compassion, male/female and night/day.

Enso: (see Symbols)

Any symbol in a dream, must be looked at within the context of that dream. As symbols have many different meanings, it is best to discern how to interpret your dream by trying to understanding the connection between the symbol and it’s dream meaning. The Enso symbol is a Japanese word meaning circle. It is symbolic of the cycle of life. It represents eternity. It is a tool for meditation representing “no-thing” and enlightenment. Belonging to Zen Buddhism, Enso symbolizes a moment when the mind is free to simply let the body/spirit create.

Evil Eye: (see Symbols)

Any symbol in a dream, must be looked at within the context of that dream. As symbols have many different meanings, it is best to discern how to interpret your dream by trying to understanding the connection between the symbol and it’s dream meaning. The Evil Eye is a stare or gaze that is believed to cause actual harm. In response to this, talisman amulets with the evil eye design at the center are still the most common evil eye protection jewelry today. The eye in the amulet’s center is not just there for design – it is a reminder that the untiring eye of God is watching over you. These amulets also contain inscriptions that are designed to ward off evil forces. The evil eye protection amulet, therefore, will keep its wearer safe and bring to him good luck and happiness.


Ewes are female sheep. “Yoe” is a slang term for ewe. A young female is called a ewe lamb. See sheep.


The eyes represent the “mirror to the soul”. When a person dies, the first thing that is done is to close their eyes. The eyes of the dead would be covered with coins in the past, in order for the spirit to pay the ferryman to cross the river to eternal sleep. The eye represents the God within and is related to our own intuition. It is the Third Eye that is considered the eye of wisdom, internal sight and the expression of our psychic senses.

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