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Hard clumps of snow and ice are considered hail. These icy stones represent a force of nature that goes through an enduring process and persevere, emerging through the clouds as a result. Your dream can signify this same drive, determination and your ability to overcome many obstacles. This positive change often comes if you see the end of a hail storm. If you dream of being caught in one, it can signify jealousy. If you dream about enjoying this ice hitting your face, perhaps it is because you enjoy rising to a challenge in your life.


Hair is a tool of sexuality and sensuality. Hair on men, is a symbol of strength, virility and power. Hair on women is a symbol of sensuality and attraction. The health of hair represents the health of your inner self. When it is in poor condition, unkept or falling out, it means a neglect of your inner needs, low self esteem or self doubt. The strength, sheen and beauty of hair is symbolic of a nurtured inner self, vitality and good health. Sexual dreams involving hair also have to do with the presentation of a person you are dreaming of. If their hair is unkept, there could be some confusion or lack of commitment with them. If their hair is well-kept and well groomed there is an air of confidence and appeal. Dreams of tangled hair can represent the complexity of certain problems, which make for difficult situations. Dreams of combing hair relate to issues of managing certain aspects of our lives. This is a time of contemplation and problem solving. If you dream of cutting someone’s hair, consider paying attention to the details of their actions. When having your hair cut, it can signify change, successful ventures or new ideas. The scent of hair in your dreams can be a call to vanity, intrigue and a mysterious situation you do not know how to understand.

Hag Stone

Or otherwise known as a Witch StoneHol(e)y Stones or Adder Stone have occupied myth and magick for centuries. Used by farmers, people seeking protection and magickal minded people, Hag stones are stones that have a naturally occurring hole inside them. Often discovered in fields or along coastal beaches, lakes or streams. These holes occur from the elements beating down upon them over many years. These stones were believed to be able to protect cattle from witches who would take them out in the middle of the night, ride them relentlessly and return them, exhausted to the farmers in the morning. The belief in these stones where so strong that farmers would hold them in their hands while milking their cows, in fear that if they did not, their milk would instantly curdle. In some parts of Europe, even today, you can see hag stones hanging from a rope over doorways and milk houses.

A Hag Stone hangs in The Natural History Museum in London, which is believed to have been created around the 1800 – 1900’s. Another magical mystery about this stone is the hole. It was believed that by looking through it, you would be privy to another world, the spirit/fairy world, as the solid part of the stone represents the material world while the hole in the middle represents the spiritual void. This is also why the wreath is used in funerals. Hanging a hag stone from a cord around the bed post was believed to prevent night terrors associated with hags or witches afflicting the individual with her magickal powers or riding them. It considered extremely lucky to find a hag stone when you are out and about on a walk and even luckier if you have not set out intentionally to find one and just stumble upon it. These stones have been used for protection and fertility throughout the ages. Hang a hag stone around your neck for good luck and protection.


A hallway in our dreams is a connection between significant events in our lives. Are you walking down a hallway? What are you looking for? If it is a way out, it may mean that you are searching for a way out of a current situation you are in. Are you looking for a room? Which room is it? Each room can signify a different meaning. Often, each room is associated with ourselves. (think basement lower body, attic head and neck…) Hallways can be long and never-ending… have you been running down a long corridor? What are you running from…to? Take a look at your waking life, it maybe from a problem you do not want to face, or a problem you are seeking to rectify. What color is the hallway? See also colors. Is it a very short hallway? Does it lead to no-where or are you able to find a solution quickly? See also home or house (room by room).


Our hands distinguish us from most mammals and that has to do with our dexterity or our ability to pick up small, fine or tiny objects, hold chopsticks or tie our shoes. The metaphysical meaning of our hands are associated with justice, balance, choice and decision. In Chinese medicine the left hand is symbolic of yin energy (moon, darkness, shade, rest, feminine energy – “the female is always right”) and the right hand is symbolic of yang energy (sun, light, brightness, activity, male energy). The right side of our brain is in control of the left hand and has an association to passive behavior, receiving, our emotional mind, our unconscious mind, the thoughts of justice and our lunar aspects. The left side of the brain is in control of the right hand and has an association to assertive behavior, giving, our logical mind, our conscious mind, the thoughts of mercy and our solar aspects. Dreams of our hands can have many meanings, but in general, they are in regards to the equilibrium of our lives.

Did you change your dominant hand in your dream? You may be seeking change through from a more passive to a more aggressive approach to life. Are you hands young or old in your dream? Especially pay attention if they do not seem to match your age. This can imply the desire to want to think on a more mature or wiser level if you are young and your hands look old. Are your hands dirty? Try working on your bad behavior. Is there blood on your hands? You may feel guilt about a certain situation. Are your fingernails dirty? This can reveal a deeper problem that literally “gets under your skin”. The caring for your hands including grooming your nails, moisturizing your skin, kissing a hand or having yours kissed, are all signs of care, satisfaction, romance and love for your inner self.

Hand of Fatima: (see also, Symbols)

also known as the Hamsa hand, has been traced to ancient Mesopotamia. A universal sign of protection, the image of the open right hand is seen in Mesopotamian artifacts in the amulets of the Qat Istar and the Qat Inana and in the Buddha gesture or mudra of teaching and protection. Other symbols of divine protection based around the hand include the Hand of Venus or Aphrodite and the Hand of Mary that was used to protect women from the evil eye, boost fertility and lactation, promote healthy pregnancies, and strengthen the weak.

One theory postulates a connection between the Hamsa and the Mano Pantea (or Hand-of-the-All-Goddess), an amulet known to ancient Egyptians as the Two Fingers. In this amulet, the Two Fingers represent Isis and Osiris and the thumb, their child Horus and it was used to invoke the protective spirits of parents over their child.

Another theory traces the origins of the Hamsa to Carthage where the hand (or in some cases, vulva) of the supreme deity Tanit was used to ward off the evil eye.

With the advent of Islam, the Hamsa came to be known as the hand of Fatima to commemorate Fatima Zahra, the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad, who also named the famous town in Portugal after her. Sources indicate that it is known to Europeans as the hand of Fatima.


Symbolic of the messenger or spiritual guidance, this totem animal represents clear judgment and taking action, honor, respect, for its keen vision, speed of flight, and precision of movement. Hawks have the gift of mental speed, focus and intent and sprite and agility. They represent the spirit of the natural born leader. The hawk is stealth like in its approach to life and offers us guidance through dreams relating to spiritual intentions, questions and guidance. The have been shown to often be the smaller powerhouse to the eagle, who is usually larger in size and wing span. Nonetheless, a dream about this totem animal brings more questions about our sacred journey and purpose of living. See also eagle.


Our home is a representation of us and who we are! Discover the significance of your home, room by room. Each room can signify a different meaning. Often, each room is associated with ourselves (think basement – lower body, attic – head and neck…) Rooms are the journey of self-discovery. Finding a new room for the first time could represent learning about an aspect of your personality you did not know about. The furniture and accessories in each room signifies the dreamer’s management of certain issues in their waking life. Is the house in your dream young or old? This is how we see ourselves. Childhood home or a new home? This is unresolved issues from the past or a brand new start. Good or bad memories?

This is a reflection of our current emotional state, as we reach back to find a suitable expression of how we feel and why. Clutter or good flow? This can represent the amount of “stuff” or “emotional clutter” in our current waking life. Upstairs or downstairs? This is how we feel, health wise, where a problem is located or if we feel grounded or not. Main floor or basement? This can tell you if you are financially stable or overwhelmed, a dream of logic and intellect or are you fearful, afraid or insecure by the dark places in your mind?

Horizontal Line: (see also, Symbols)

Opposite of the vertical line, this symbol represents the forward and backward movement of time along with the representation of matter, the horizon and man’s place on Earth. One of the natural sacred symbols that is the basis for all symbols.


The horse is a strong symbol that has been along for millennia, due to it amazing connections to man and the cosmos. The horse is related to the Sun and the element of fire. The horse drew the chariot of the Sun God and is also related to the moon and the element of water, since he carries on his back, the God of the Ocean. If you dream of a herd of wild horses roaming wild and free it could be a fantasy wish fulfillment for your waking daydreams of freedom from cares and responsibility. The Greek mythological creature, Pegasus, the Winged Horse was known to have created the Hipporcene or Horse Well. This sacred well, located in Greece, is shaped like a horseshoe and is dedicated to the winged creature. If your dream is of white, or light colored horses then your fortune or your love is assured. The horse symbolizes life and death, light and dark. To dream of riding a dark horse shows that you will be successful in your business but use shady dealings to get where you are. The horse is a symbol of freedom. So grateful to Columbus for bringing horses to America, the Native American Indians praised and honored the horse, fashioning many a warrior after him. So honored among the Chinese, the Horse was made one of the 12 Celestial Creatures in the Chinese Zodiac.


This symbol of luck has gained fame due to its shape, which is like the arc or vault of heaven and when upside down, it is the shape of the Greek letter for Omega. Right side up and the horseshoe resembles the crescent moon and therefore, invoking the protection of the moon Goddess. It also resembles yoni. Further strengthening the powerful connection to the female Goddess. The metal it is made from is iron. One of the most noted for protection, iron has been used for centuries to ward of evil.

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