Gemini Twins: The Chamelion (May 22 – June 21)

The Twins are curious, communicative, dual-natured and extremely versatile. They can juggle many things at once and do them all well. They are open minded, tolerant, superficial and often easily bored. They need constant intellectual stimulation or can be completely the opposite; laid back and care free, given their chameleon-like nature.

Geminis are logical, smart, inquisitive, honest, clever, whimsical, nimble, quick witted, articulate, lively, active, curious, capable of multi-tasking, talkative, sociable, and mercurial. Gemini was thought of as a fortunate sign, and its subjects were considered to possess the qualities of intense devotion, genius, largeness of mind, goodness, and liberality.

Who You Are

Greatest Gift: Clarity, Peace
Birthstone: Agate, Alexandrite, Moonstone, Pearl
Gemstone: Emerald, Alexandrite, Beryl
Colors: Yellow, Red, White
Metal: Gold, Silver
Flower: Lily of the Valley, Rose
Zodiac Symbol: Twins
Zodiac Element: Air
Zodiac Quality: Mutable Signs
Planet: Mercury
Astro Medical: Arms
House: 3rd House
Chakra Energies: For Today
Yin-Yang Quality: Yang Energy
Chinese equivalent is the Horse

Sub-divisions of Gemini

Decanate is a subdivision of a sun sign. Every sun sign in divided into three parts. Your decanate individualizes the characteristics of your particular time of birth.

First Subdivision / Decanate of Gemini (0 degrees to 10 degrees)
From May 21st to May 31st :
Ruler: Mercury
Attributes: Clever, influential, compelling, balanced, smart

Second Subdivision / Decanate of Gemini (10 degrees to 20 degrees)
From June 1st to June 10th:
Ruler: Mercury
Sub Ruler: Venus
Attributes: Social flair, unreserved, people lover, traveler, passionate & committed lover

Third Subdivision / Decanate of Gemini (20 degrees to 30 degrees)
From June 11th to June 21st:
Ruler: Mercury
Sub Ruler: Saturn
Attributes: Analytical, learned, garrulous, humorous, practical, uses mind more than the heart.

Air Element

(Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius) possess the virtue of knowledge. This does not mean they are more intelligent than anyone else but are generally well rounded and informed. They are good communicators. Most have a good grasp of the language and generally know a little something about everything. They have good personalities.

Mutable Sign

Mutable signs experience the sense of multiple selves, and sometimes struggle to feel real and solid in themselves. Their sense of identity is loose, and like a kaleidoscope,  always changing. But over time, a core sense of self emerges, based on this changeability, but transcending it, too.    

Astrological House

The houses of the horoscope represent different areas of life, described in terms of physical surroundings as well as personal life experiences. The placement of a planet or zodiac sign in a house will determine, to a large degree, the area of life in which it acts, and the goals and activities on which its drive or impulse will be focused.

Your Planet Mercury

To ancient astrologers, the planets represented the will of the Gods and their influence on human affairs. To modern astrologers, the planets represent basic drives and impulses within the human psyche. These drives express themselves as different qualities throughout the twelve signs of the zodiac and in different circles of life through the twelve houses.    

Medical Astrology

Medical astrology, traditionally known as Iatromathematics, is an ancient medical system of healing connecting the body and disease with the twelve astrological signs. Each astrological sign, along with the sun, moon, and planets are associated with different parts of the human body that correlate to disorders of its associated muscles, nerve systems and organs.

The system of medical astrology has been used to codify the associations of the signs of the zodiac with the parts of the body as follows:  Gemini – arms, lungs, shoulders, hands, nervous system, brain.

The planets are also associated with certain portions and functions within the body:  Mercury – brain, central nervous system, thyroid gland, five senses, hands.

In medical astrology, Gemini is ruled by the arms, lungs, shoulders, hands, nervous system, brain.

You are constantly running, both mind and body, so the best advise for you is to make time for a balanced lifestyle. Your nervous, restless energy needs exercise as an outlet, more sleep than most of the signs of the zodiac and time to sit down to enjoy a meal.

Your arms and shoulders are your inherent weakness. Keeping them strong and not overworking them, will make a great difference.

If you work with your hands, it is important to take care of them, as they are also your tools of the trade.

Keep your mind sharp and keep it rested. It is important to turn off that Gemini mind in order to rest and recharge the battery.

Your healing color is yellow.

Gemini is yang in natureYang energy is more masculine, is related to light, sun, brightness, heaven, time, south, east and left. Yang signs are the odd numbered ones. Those belonging to yang energy have a tendency to be more assertive and self-expressive.

Crystals that help Gemini


A Gemini birthstone, agates are grounding stones. Agates are one of the oldest good luck stones. They help obtain a better physical/emotional balance. They work to raise consciousness. Builds self-confidence. Agate enables the person wearing it to choose their friends carefully.


This helpful gemstone can help women (and men) to be more comfortable with their gentler feminine/yin receiving side. This stone is also an excellent remedy for overly aggressive females or for men who need to connect to their more feminine/emotional side.


An alternative birthstone for Gemini, it is in tune with emotions, water, and women, especially pregnant women, pearls are a symbol of pure heart and mind; innocence and faith. Because it is from the sea, it has watery and lunar elements, therefore it is used for balancing emotions.


Emerald is a symbol of love and good fortune. This stone is used for abundance, growth, peace, harmony, patience, love, fidelity and honesty. It used against negative energy and has been used in many forms of divination. Most effective on the Heart Chakra perhaps because it access desires held deep within.


Aquamarine belongs to the Beryl family of stones. They assist its possessor in learning how to filter out distractions and unnecessary stimulation. Good for relieving stress, calming the mind. This stone works with Throat Chakra center. Especially good for those signs on the cusp.

Clear Quartz

This gem is thought to amplify both body energy and thoughts. It can assist in the creation of power, clarity of thinking, meditation, cleansing, clearing the aura, spiritual development and healing. Clear Quartz is considered the “stone of power”.  Works well on the Crown Chakra.


This stone is most famous as an amazing over all healer for illnesses in the physical body and mental/emotional issues. Turquoise is known as a stone of protection and communication on every level. Use turquoise at the Throat Chakra, to encouraging communication.

Rose Quartz

This stone represents love, beauty, peacefulness, forgiving, loving, self-love and emotional balance! Rose Quartz works with the Heart Chakra. It is a soft, gentle, soothing stone that warms the heart center. Its value as a nurturing friend cannot be overstated. Neither can it’s soothing influence.

The Lucky Gemini

Luck. What exactly is luck? Is luck being at the right place at the right time? Finding that lucky penny? Always landing on your feet? Finding a four leaf clover? Discovering bird droppings on your shoulder? What ever your idea of luck, research has found that people are divided.

Geminis are lucky people. You’re ruled by the planet Mercury and Wednesday is a good day for you as it facilitates communication. Five is your lucky number. Five – Vibrates to Mercury – ruler of Gemini and Virgo (Mercury is of the mind, intellect, short journeys, siblings).Freedom, versatility, expansion, the number of the perfected man with his feet on the earth and arms reaching for the stars. A five-faceted stone will help you to move beyond restrictions. Since agate is your birthstone, look to agate for good luck.

Remember, agate comes in many shapes, types and colors. Find which agate works just for you. Use other stones to facilitate what you need at the time. Emerald is a good stone for those born on the cusp of Gemini and Cancer.  Yellow is your lucky color as it allows clarity of thought. It gives good ideas and awareness. Yellow has a powerful effect on the nervous system and assists the left brain in operation.   Now get lucky!

Money and Gemini

Money is your reward for hard work. Some important values about money include giving, sharing, accepting compliments and recognizing new beginnings.

Geminis are frivolous people. Your whimsy air sign qualities can allow you to be carefree with your money. But, with that said, since you are the chameleons of change, you can make money out of thin air! You are a wheeler dealer. You rarely worry about where the next dollar will come from.

This optimistic and charismatic personality will certainly lead to something great and you thrive on that way of thinking. It has to be good, because that is your mind set and your mantra. So the most money stable Gemini, with your dual persona, has one foot on the ground for stability and the other in the air for free wheeling and channeling your money making magic!  Now get money!

Gemini and Career

Abundance is a long lasting, enduring enjoyment of life. It is being in love with living. Your career should be something you absolutely love doing. Since we spend the majority of our lives working, why would you ever just do something to get by. Life is much too short to not be doing something that brings you joy and happiness, reward and fulfillment, pride and satisfaction!

Geminis are communicators. You are most fulfilled in careers that are creative and expressive. Geminis are able to adapt easily to changing environments and often actively pursue new experiences and adventures. Geminis can also be easily bored, so a career that is both intellectually stimulating and creative is extremely important in order to keep the Gemini mind and heart moving in a productive direction.

Some great careers for Gemini include any type of communication such as journalism, linguistics, literature, broadcasting, writing, speaking, radio, acting, engineer, television, publishing, printing, transportation, reporting, office manager, commercial travel or travel agent.  Now find success!

Happiness and Gemini

Happiness is an expression of gratitude. Research has found that a great deal of unhappiness stems from negative thoughts. Happiness is not just a life lived by accumulating moments of pleasure. Happiness is a rhythm, an order, a balance. We choose to be happy.

Geminis can be happy people. You love to let your imagination run wild and love finding a creative stimulus either by roaming through bookstores, buying toys for children, or talking with friends and family. Geminis need constant growth. Your dual nature can be running two business, having many projects, or having a full social agenda. You are mentally active and intelligent.

You are a smart thinker and love being ahead of the curve. This brings you happiness, as you love being quick, positive, outgoing and versatile. Geminis can also run hot and cold, depending on their two faced, Jekyll and Hyde persona. So not only can you confuse others, but you can become very unbalanced in the process. Keeping that left and right brain balanced can make you a very stable and happy person.  Now find happiness!

Sex and Gemini

Our “sexual-esteem” or positive reverence for and confidence in our capability to experience our sexuality in a satisfying and enjoyable way are all a part of our sexual health and a very important part of our well being. Our most sexual organ is the brain! Our minds can create the most perfect fantasies or sexual relationship. It is the power of our minds that can enhance the desired sexual experiences and is what realizes our sexual pleasure.

Geminis are sexual beings. You are sexually adventurous and will consider trying anything that is exciting, new, and keeps your mind stimulated. You can obtain any sexual height, as long as it does not become too habitual. Ruled by Mercury, you are not averse to multiple partners of either sex, as long as they fit into your needs of the moment and encourage intrigue for your often dual personality, contradictory nature.

You are not opposed to routine as long as it is spontanous (and you’re in the mood). You will try anything (at least once) in the pursuit of your desires.  Now get sex!

On the Edge: Born on the Cusp

If you were born within a few days of the Sun’s movement from one zodiac sign to the next, this means you were born “on the cusp,” and you’ll feel the influence from both zodiac signs.  This combination creates a “personality type” that makes you unique!

Cusp of Gemini and Taurus
May 17 to May 23

Known as the cusp of Energy, you are a consummate blend of physical strength and mental sharpness, which makes you a stable, yet driven force of nature, blending both earth and air to create a tornado of power and great resource!  You are a smart and communicative tool, which helps you get your point across, brilliantly.

A whirlwind of kinetic charging and chatting, you utilize the bull’s driving ability and desire to do it all with the twin’s adaptability to people and situations, non-stop to great advantage.

This burning of the candle at both ends, is what often gets you, Tauro-inis in hot water!  You can have it all, by learning to stop and listen once in a while.  Your success comes at these crossroads.

Meanwhile, utilize your famous combination of pleasure and loving traits by expanding your sensitivity towards others as you try understanding their feelings. It is this balance of yin energy and yang energy that will always make you admired!

Cusp of Gemini and Cancer
June 18 and June 23

This is considered the cusp of Magic!  The mix of communicating Gemini and home-body Cancer creates a personality that inspires others! You find inspiration in ordinary things and bring out the magic from within them. Once you create this joy, you must then share what you’ve learned with others. The effect can be truly inspiring.

You attract others to your brand of magic and, like static cling, pick up all those who want your love, kindness and energy. This combination of flirting (air) and wisdom (water), brings you Universal knowledge that you often need to share. Especially with your caring, sensitive side. You need someone to express it on, such as close family, friends and lovers.

Emotionally charged, your natural Gemini blend of quick thinking, creative genius and ethereal way of thinking is balanced out with your Cancer caring, reclusive and inward contemplation. This contradiction works beautifully for you and gives you the distinction of being unbelievably magical!

Today’s Your Birthday

Happy Birthday!!

A birthday is a day or anniversary when we celebrate our special date of birth. Birthdays are a big deal. Monumental. Sacred. What could be bigger in your life than the day you were born?  Birthdays are celebrated in numerous cultures, often with a gift, party or rite of passage.

At, we are all about the rituals of honoring, empowering and enlightening your life.  You will find specific information that is JUST FOR YOU!

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Your Personal Birth Chart

A birth chart, also called natal chart, shows the positions of the stars in a chart drawn for the exact time of your birth at a particular place on Earth for the purposes of gaining more insight as to who you are. Because the sun, moon, planets, and primary angles in the sky are constantly in motion relative to the earth, as each second passes the natal/astrological birth chart is changing and a new chart is created for every moment at each location. A natal chart is extremely personal and unique, depending on the specific date, exact time, and precise location of the birth.

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Your Relationship Charts

Now, you can take it one step further and calculate the astrological compatibility between yourself and another person. Tonio will compareyour birth chart to the birth chart of your love and provide an in-depth analysis.

Tonio’s unique method is based on the psychology of each sign. We all know that each sign has their specific traits. We also know that each sign is influenced by their associated planets, moon and sun signs. Sun sign compatibility takes into account only one of hundreds of compatibility factors. Many other factors are involved when evaluating the compatibility of two people.

Are you both compatible?

Private Reading w/Tonio!

As one of the most renowned, astrological intuitives on love relationships, Tonio has, for over 20 years, become most noted for his “Celestial Relationships“(tm) and finding the right astrological combination for YOU!

With “Celestial Relationships“(tm), there is no judgement when it comes to the astrological sciences. Tonio works on the energetic relationships between two people! By planning your life around your celestial connections, it can be so easy to create a harmonic work environment, a wonderful companion and even a good association with your family!

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Study Energy Medicine at Home

The Homestudy Courses make it possible for anyone to study energy medicine at home, on your time!  These certifications programs are offered by the National Association of Holistic Wellness

*The Crystal Astrologer Course – Sourcing Astrological Answers Through Crystals, is the culmination of years of research and clinical study that Andrew has done in his NYC practice with his own patients. In this study course we will use crystals for astrological exploration, divination, crystal remedies and many other uses. Crystals have been used for astrological divination throughout the centuries for their subtle vibrational nature, which is thought to be linked to the vibrational powers of the cosmos. Crystals open a path to self-discovery, wisdom and inner knowledge, as well as tuning us into our own intuition. Want to know more?

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