by Andrew Pacholyk MS L.Ac ~

A group meditation is a wonderful tool for streaming one thought or “one consciousness”.  It is usually a purpose driven or one intention meditation geared toward a single purpose for a desired outcome.  You can sometimes experience this at the end of a meditation class or yoga class. This can also be experienced in a prayer group or even before a game or performance!  Its aim is to honor yours (and others)  highest spiritual hopes by bringing together the power of unity through conscious thought.

Another way of adding to this, is by using crystals.  I find that using a crystal cluster is a beneficial tool.  ~ Crystals in rough form, have a raw energy in their untouched state. Clusters of crystals bring a “group” energy to it’s surrounding area. These stones are great to foster protection, cooperation, purification, harmony, friendship, intimacy and to break up negative energy in the environment.

Choose a stone that has a purpose matching your desires. Place this stone in front of yourself or a group of people. Choose to use a stone to enhance higher spiritual powers and bring into your conscious mind, the thoughts of Universal energy, humility and selflessness.

A quartz cluster is the single most important stone you can use. It was “built” for this. Quartz is the Master Healer and the “stone of power”! Probably the most versatile multipurpose healing stone. Easy to cleanse, store information/energy in, program or amplify energy and is used as a healing instrument. The natural tendency for quartz is for harmony. Quartz can both draw and send energy therefore it is effective for sending/receiving guidance.

Other cluster stones such as geodes, thunderstones, tourmaline, conglomerate stones or apophyllite, azeztulite or auralite are conscientious group stones, Try working with a raw cluster of barite or any of its variations (barite rose, celestite, anglesite or angelite).

One will lead the meditation. Choose a higher purpose to meditate on.  This is often a loaded question, since we may not even understand what our higher purpose is!  For a group, a general approach can be taken, for it will be the strength of the group’s intention that will reinforce the purpose….therefore, it is a great way to help “bring awareness” to your own individual growth. Consider a group meditation for growing and evolving, more compassionate moments of insight, more loving ways to give back, more appreciation of our loved ones, or for creating a more joyful life.

Close your eyes. Take several long, deep inhales, with twice as slow exhales.  Try this 3 times together as a group. Then repeat it 3 more times. The purpose is to get everyone breathing together in the beginning in order to connect to one another’s presence around you.

Then allow each person to move their focus behind their eyelids. Then slowly, have them, move that focus to the Third Eye. It is here that one can connect with the crystal in front of them. Allow yourself to slowly start feeling the crystal’s pulsating energy. Slowly feel it’s crystalline towers reaching out to impart wisdom on your “eye”.

Sense the tip of the crystal’s point, then, with your mind’s eye, travel all the way down the crystal tip or crown ~ down its smooth glossy surface to the bed of stone it is rooted in.  Sense how the towering spike spreads out as it reaches the base and then aligns itself with it’s roots, reaching deep into its matrix.

As you gather strength at the crystal’s base, sense its energy start to rise again, as it begins transmitting energy back upward, in a cycle, through the crystal’s perfect structure. Sense again the message or purpose you wish to exude and manifest. Use the stone to help you do this. Feel the message as it transmits upward and outward through Universal energy and “one thought” or prayer…rising above the physical structures of the crystal, our bodies, the room or circle you are in. Follow its light or message through the sky into the heavens.  As it gets out of mental and visual reach….let the message go.

It is on its way to do its job. All thanks to the power of one thought, transmuted by so many!  Slowly bring the focus back to the Third Eye. Sense your presence back in the room. When ready, move your focus to back behind your eyes, and then….

slowly open those eyes.

I always suggest journaling about your experience, so that you can come back to it and perhaps find an even deeper meaning!

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