by Liza Deane ~
Madness & Murder Magazine, July 2024

“The Rhythm of Betrayal” by Andrew Pacholyk is a psychological thriller set in Miami, revolving around a group of talented dancers who find themselves entangled in a murder mystery. These amateur detectives are forced to solve the crimes they have been pulled into in order to find the killer and salvage their names and reputations after being framed for not one, but two murders. Andrew’s seven main characters (dubbed the Sexy Seven by Miami’s hyperbolic press)  are explained in detail based on descriptions and reviews from Amazon and Barnes & Noble and my own interview with the author.”]

Drew is the central character and one of two friends who are transplants from New York in “The Rhythm of Betrayal.” He is a consummate New Yorker, a professional dancer, and at the start of the book, seems to be enjoy his new life in Miami. Drew’s character is multifaceted, combining his talents as a dancer with a keen sense of observation and an analytical mind, which makes him a gifted puzzler. He has a unique ability to interpret body language and read others’ emotions, which proves invaluable as he and his friends navigate the complexities of the murder investigation[2][5]. Drew’s move to Miami seems to be a transitional one after a successful career in New York. He appears to feel like it is time to follow an even more diverse pursuit.

Drew’s connection to the case is personal, as he is linked to the wealthy shipping tycoon through a friend of the tycoon’s family. This connection places him and his crew under suspicion when incriminating evidence is found in their possession. Drew’s fierce curiosity about human decision-making and his determination to uncover the truth drive the narrative forward along with the death of a past relative that was never solved. His leadership and detective skills are put to the test as he leads his friends on a quest across Miami to clear their names and catch the real killer before they strike again[1][7].
Aisha is a strong and resilient member of Drew’s dance crew. She is often seen as a leader within the group, providing support and guidance to her friends. Aisha’s determination to uncover the truth and clear their names is a central aspect of her character. Spain’s beloved movie star, she is also referred to as that country’s own Brigitte Bardot,  Her background and personal struggles add depth to her role in the story, making her a pivotal figure in the unfolding mystery. Aisha’s combat training as an action star on film and her ability to remain composed under pressure make her an essential part of the team’s efforts to solve the case[2][5].
Israel is the tech-savvy, multi-tasking whiz kid of the group. His inquisitive mind and analytical skills are crucial in piecing together the clues that lead them closer to the real killer. Israel’s background in technology and his ability to think two steps ahead make him an invaluable asset to the team. He often expresses his thoughts out loud, which helps the group stay on track and move in the right direction. Israel’s adventurous spirit and his knack for details contribute significantly to the group’s success in their investigation[5][7]. Israel’s sense of playfulness and naivete add to the endearing quality of his character.
Elena is a passionate and fiery dancer, known for her street-smart attitude and talent as a singer and rocker. Also a transplanted New Yorker like Drew, her character brings intensity and emotion to the group dynamics, often acting as the one who keeps everyone in check. Elena’s relationship with one of the suspects pushes her moral compass in a direction she is not sure she is comfortable with, yet plays along to see where it may lead. Her banter with each character, particularly Drew, adds complexity to the story. Her personal journey and the challenges she faces are integral to the plot, making her a compelling character in the narrative. Elena’s ability to navigate the dangerous and twisted conspiracy they uncover showcases her strength and resilience[5][7].
Grace is the nurturing and compassionate member of the crew. She is empathetic and often acts as the caregiver, providing emotional support to her friends. Grace’s character is essential in maintaining the group’s cohesion during the stressful and dangerous investigation. Her detective skills find merit from her nosy, yet innocent inquiries, which often lead to significant breakthroughs in the case. Grace’s background and personal experiences are woven into the story, highlighting her importance in the group’s dynamic and their efforts to solve the mystery[5][7]. Her charismatic and inquisitive remarks throughout the investigation add emotional depth and a great twist to her character.
Francy is a classic Italian beauty and Miami’s top fitness star. Her fierce drive and determination make her a standout character. Francy’s expertise in fitness and her disciplined approach to life contribute to the group’s efforts in solving the mystery. Her history with a suspect puts her at the center of the scandal, adding tension and intrigue to the plot. Francy’s ability to push the team through their toughest challenges and her unwavering determination to uncover the truth make her an essential part of the crew[5][7]. She is the kind of girl who thinks well on her feet and learns that life is never a straight line. She maneuvers the twists and turns of the plot with great empowerment and style.
Debra is a complex character with a mysterious aura. She is an Argentinian heiress, fashionista, and “petite ballerina,” – a moniker bestowed on her by Drew. Known for her strong will and matter-of-fact way of looking at life, Debra’s role in the story is pivotal as she holds key information that could either incriminate or exonerate the group. Her interactions with the other characters and her own personal agenda create tension and intrigue. Debra’s character development throughout the book is significant, revealing hidden depths and motivations. Her heart of gold and her role as the enlightened guardian of the group add a unique perspective to the story[5][7]. Debra endures the most tension and uneasiness throughout their investigation, finally coming to terms with her long-standing conflict as she reaches the other side with poise and grace.
“The Rhythm of Betrayal” features a diverse and dynamic cast of characters, each bringing their own strengths and complexities to the story. Each character seems to be at a crossroad in their lives. They each come face to face with their transitioning lives throughout the course of their investigation. As Drew and his friends’ journey to uncover the truth and clear their names there quest is filled with twists and turns, making it a compelling read for fans of psychological thrillers. The interplay between these characters, set against the vibrant backdrop of Miami, creates a captivating narrative that keeps readers engaged from start to finish.
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