The Tower

The Tower: sudden shock, destruction, questioning beliefs, chaos or difficulties
Key Words: Change, Eruption, Upheaval, Exposure, Cataclysm, Blind-sided, Sudden Shift

The Tower Tarot card refers to upheaval, shock or chaos. It is about change; usually very sudden, not-so-pleasant change. The structures and systems you’ve built in your life, maybe now in question and undermining your belief system. When a sudden, cataclysmic change occurs, it is out of the ordinary. Such a drastic upheaval means the Universe is trying to wake us up.

This card can infer to us that because change can be sudden and fast, it is important to be strong as a rock (or a tower) and endure what the Universe can through your way. If we represent the tower, then there is movement all around us. Remember, it is how you choose to “react” to this movement or change that will make all the difference in your experience.

This card is also inferring that it maybe time to “shake up your own life, yourself”!  You may have deeply held “assumptions” that are preventing you from moving forward or blocking your progress. Do these beliefs still serve you?  

It looks like its time to make a move, try something new, travel outside yourself, discard old belongings, beliefs or baggage you no longer should be hanging on to.  Drastic changes are required in life.

Key Symbols:

Crown represents a relationship with the divine and the intersection of consciousness and spiritual communion.

Cloud: represent thoughts. If the clouds are white, they symbolize clear thought or a sudden realization. Grey clouds represent confusion or that emotions are getting in the way of you thinking clearly.

Mountains: as well as hills, represent challenges that will lead us to growth, once we over come that mountain (or mole hill). The steepness and size of the mountain indicates the challenge or degree of risk involved.

Falling: Falling is a befitting way to convey absolute loss of control. There is no railing and no net to save us. When we’re free-falling there’s not one thing that can be done but fall and hope for the best when we land. Most decks depict two figures falling: A male who represents conscious thought/action, and a female who represents unconscious thought/action. In this case, this is a symbol of duality and opposition. The two figures represent conflicting thoughts and actions, inevitably leading to an eruption. This concept is at the crux of all the Tower Tarot card meanings.

Fire: Fire is typically an aggressive symbol. It obliterates everything in its path, leaving little semblance of the original landscape. This is further indication that the Tower card means serious business, and when change comes it will significantly alter the landscape of our lives. It’s also worth mentioning that the fire in the card burns from the top down. This indicates that change is long overdue, and that we may be “at the top of our game” when a shift comes.

Lightning: Lightening has long been seen by ancient peoples to be a direct signal from God. Some Native Americans thought lightening was brought about by a wink from the Thunderbird who was considered the Great Creator. In India, lightening was considered a flash from the third eye of Shiva, symbolizing the light of truth and enlightenment. Lightening is a powerful message of truth emanating from our highest source forcing us to conduct a reality check.

Key Questions
When the Tower Tarot comes up:

What am I pretending about?
Have I built my life on false or unhealthy values?
Am I stuck in an unhealthy rut? What can I do to change it?
Am I lying to myself about something going on under my nose?
Am I living in an ivory tower of illusion? Living under false pretenses?
Am I ignoring some tell-tale signs that I’m not being treated with the respect and love I deserve?

The Tower:
Major Arcana
Chakra: Root Chakra, Third Eye Chakra
I Ching: Zhen
Runes: Thurisaz, Kenaz, Hagalaz
Number 16 (see number 7)
Element: Fire
Planet: Mars
Rules: Aries
Colors: Red, Yellow, Black
Crystal: Chrysocolla, Obsidian, Garnet, Ruby, Hematite, Magnetite

Characteristics: Ambitious, passionate, active, frank, aggressive, quick to anger. Sudden, unexpected change, past, downfall, bankruptcy, material loss, end of a relationship. The Tower represents the sudden turn of events that come into our lives, like the lightning bolt, shown on this card. Struck by divine intervention yet leaving the body of the Tower untouched. The crown of the tower often represent the bruising or knocking down of the ego. An important factor in the path of illumination, leap forward in consciousness and how the hand of fate sometimes need to be shaken in order to make right, that which is gone astray!


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