The Chariot


The Chariot: Victory, momentum, competence, determination, control, self-discipline
Key Words: Tact, Skill, Action, Control, Focused, Driven, Motion, Balance, Physicality

This card is about taking control over your life. Stay focused on your goals.

This is the idea of harnessing your resources and staying focused and driven.

The Chariot represents the possibilities to accomplish the goal and win the battle. Often, the Chariot card shows up when there is an obsession about work, a question about goals, or an issue of over-achieving.  Do not be thrown off course by your emotions and do not  allow short term gratification over reaching long term goals.

The Chariot can also be a sign of transportation or travel.

Key Symbols:

Castle: Representing material wealth and the manifestation of goals. They are symbols of protection, civilization and society.

Crown: The crown represents a relationship with the divine. It is the intersection of consciousness and spiritual communion

Horse: The horse is another symbol of physicality and vitality. The horse is linked with elemental and instinctual powers. They symbolize speed of thought, speed of deed, and speed of action. This horse symbol brings further attention on aspects of motion, transportation, and “reaching the destination” to the Tarot card meanings of the Chariot.

Laurel: The laurel is seen as a wreath and is often placed on the head of victors! It represents victory is resembles the Crown.

Moon: Moons also deal with motion, influence and development. This card depicts slivered moons on the Charioteer’s shoulder and at that top of his staff. These are symbols that indicate we are often driven by unseen forces in matters of obtaining goals or striving for success. Although the Charioteer is very aware of elemental matters and matters of the soul – these moons indicate that more investigation must be made on his motives.

Staff: This is the symbol of the triple cross and is one of the symbols used in the office of the Pope, who is the global head of the Roman Catholic church. Each mark is symbolic level of devotion – meaning: 1)the Father, 2)the Son, 3)the Holy Ghost. This staff is another sign of the Hierophant’s authority and his supreme status. This symbol reinforces the Hierophant’s responsibility of the spiritual well-being of the people. The staff, (as well as the keys, and the hand blessing) are all external signs that the Hierophant is more than qualified to give spiritual advice and leadership to the people.

Sphinx: In Egyptian mythology, this creature was a guardian of the mysteries of life. The black sphinx represents the mysteries of darkness, while the white sphinx represents the mysteries of light. This common theme between the pull of lightness and darkness is often an ongoing one in our lives.

Star: A symbol of hope and wishes, guidance and illumination.

River: This is a pathway. Streams (smaller) and rivers (larger) represent flow, changing emotions and the ability to replenish ourselves both spiritually and emotionally. This water symbol indicates the size of the matter.

Key Questions:
When the Chariot card comes up:

What drives you?
What is your motivation?
Are your goals reasonable? Obtainable?
What are you trying to control, and why?
Do you have the skills you need to succeed? |
Can you try a different approach to reaching your goals?
What would you do if you had a sudden change in direction or location?

The Chariot:
Major Arcana
Chakra: Solar Plexus Chakra
I Ching: Meng
Runes: Raidho, Tiwaz, Ehwaz
Number 7
Element: Water
Planet: Moon
Rules: Cancer
Colors: Yellow, Blue
Crystal: Leopard Skin Agate, Tiger’s Eye, Amber, Chalcedony, Fairy’s Cross, Howlite

Characteristics: Emotional, defensive, dependent, caring, psychic, kind, jealous. Embarking on a journey, hurried decision, vengeance, turmoil, perseverance. The Chariot is the number of the Divine. Although my calm, intuitive and sacred, the journey there is always rich with turmoil and drama. The gold crown represents this as the outcome of transcendence and finally enlightenment.

The Chariot is master of his destiny.  He is driving the chariot, yet he holds no reins. He holds a staff or septre in one hand with his wrist on his waist. He is represented as secure due to the four-post canopy above his head. He pulls two horses – one black, one white – representing the harmony and balance between two opposing forces facing in opposite directions. The Chariot itself represents the vehicle or tool used to bring us to where we have to go… a more spiritual path. The Chariot is the body which transports the soul to a higher place.


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