Dreams of Rainbows, Rabbits and Roses

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The rabbit (or hare) has made his appearance throughout history and literature over the centuries. Hares were the familiar associates of  witches. The Norse Goddess, Freyja seemed to have much in common with the rabbit and it is here that we find connections between the rabbit and the Goddess Ostara (Eostre), the Goddess of Fertility, Spring and Easter! Aphrodite, satyrs and cupids’ were all Goddesses, mystical creatures and angels associated with the rabbit. Found in dream author, Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, in Richard Adams’ Watership Down and Aesop’s Fable the Tortoise and the Hare, rabbits have hopped through our cultural history, leaving their indelible mark. A dream of rabbits can indicate luck in your life. A dream of white rabbits refers to the traits of faithfulness, trust and love. The rabbit represents re-productivity, ambition and grace. The Rabbit is one of the 12 major animals in the Chinese Zodiac.

Rabbit’s Foot

Considered a symbol of luck, this Southern superstition, specifically one of African-American origin, was considered a source of protective magic in addition to bringing good fortune. It was also only the left hind foot of the rabbit that was considered lucky and the bearer had to rub it to activate the luck.


The raccoon has stood for deception, mischief, and thievery down through the ages because of his mask and his nocturnal ways. To dream of a raccoon warns you to be on your guard and the dream should be studied carefully in context with the rest of your symbols. To dream you see a raccoon in your dream shows that people are presenting false faces to you in your everyday life. To be chased by a raccoon shows that a person you thought a friend has turned on you and now works behind your back for your downfall.


Rain is simply water. As water is a pure representation of our emotions, rain is symbolic of emotional tears. Any rain can be clearing and cleansing. Rain has a rejuvenating effect. When rain fills your dreams and storm clouds roll in, it can represent the doldrums of depression. Gentle summer rains are often warm and welcoming and can mean tears that clear the air and make you feel good. Rain can also be unexpected, cold and invigorating creating sudden dampness or a “flooding of our emotions”. If you dream of rain, is there someone you are crying for? Are you crying tears of happiness and joy or tears of sorrow and sadness?


Rainbows are considered a sign of hope. A symbol for bridging the gap between your ego-self and your true self or your unconscious. It is a symbol of happiness. The world is full of color and happiness, if you choose to open your eyes and find it. If you want to see the rainbow, you have to tolerate the rain as the world is a myriad of color. It is seen as an omen of good luck, whether there was a pot of gold at the end or not. Rainbows are also a symbol of inner peace and harmony of body, mind and spirit. It represent the bridge between heaven and earth. Seeing a rainbow is an omen indicating that good fortune may also be an illusion. In spiritual terms, however the colorful arc of rainbow shows that you are at peace with God and the world. It is always a sign that an important reconciliation is possible.

To see a rainbow in your dreams signifies much hope, success and good fortune in the form of money, prestige, or fame. It is a bridge between your earthly, grounded self and the higher, spiritual self. For lovers to see a rainbow, symbolizes overwhelming happiness from their union. Affairs of the heart will assume a more promising countenance.

To see the rainbow hanging low over green trees, signifies unconditional success in any undertaking. Also, crops will give promise of a plentiful yield.

The rainbow healing method of the Chakra system is regarded as one of the most important energy medicine theories.

A rainbow is an optical and meteorological phenomenon that causes a nearly continuous spectrum of light to appear in the sky when the sun shines onto falling rain. It is a multicolored arc with red on the outside and violet on the inside. The full sequence of colors is most commonly seen as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet (ROY G. BIV)


Rams are male sheep. A “buck” is a slang term for ram. See sheep also aries


This is a dream of immediate warning which could involve yourself or your resources. To dream that you are being raped, or even if you dream you see someone else being raped, then avoid loose companions and the seamier side of life’s highways and byways for safeties sake. Also be sure that you check everything on any financial agreement, or any deal so whatever, involving your finances, as the chance of having your bank account ‘raped’, or your business, is very high.


A rat, or rats, in your dream points out the fact that someone is very jealous of you and/or your accomplishments and will work against you in any way possible, it is a dream of warning to be on the alert for enemy attack, (the backbiting kind). If you see a white rat it means the same but you will have help from unknown forces. Always known throughout history as harbingers of doom, they are the first to leave a sinking ship and are considerd immoral, dispicable and dishonorable, hence the nickname “rat”. Although intelligent, they are often mistaken for “cunning” instead of being able to use their tiny brain in very smart ways. To hear rats running, or gnawing in the walls, shows that you have been wasting your time and should move on to greener pastures. So honored among the Chinese, the Rat was made one of the 12 Celestial Creatures in the Chinese Zodiac.


Red being the color of anger could be a warning to stay cool and keep your temper under control. A deep, blood red is usually a portent of good news to come. It is also the color of passion and the entire dream should be analyzed to get the true meaning.


A road is something you travel on to get somewhere, so a broad road with pleasing scenery and few if any bumps will represent your steady progress towards your station in life and you will see your wealth build gradually over the years. A narrow winding road with lots of bumps and potholes show that your progress towards your goals will be fraught with hardships and setbacks unless you change certain existing conditions in your life.


A rooster (often called a cockerel or cock) is a male bird. To dream of a rooster, suggests success and rise to prominence, Cock, of course, is the general name for the male phalus and is in general used as the name for a male of other species of bird, for example Cock sparrowRoosting is the action of perching aloft to sleep at night. A cockfight is a contest held in a ring called a cockpit between two gamecocks. Cockfighting or more accurately secular cockfighting is considered a traditional sporting event by some, and an example of animal cruelty by others and is therefore outlawed in most countries. To see roosters fighting, foretells altercations and rivals. Since antiquity the rooster has been, and still is, a sacred animal in some cultures and deeply embedded within various religious belief systems and religious worship. The term Persian bird for the cock would appear to been given by the Greeks after Persian contact “because of his great importance and his religious use among the Persians”, but even long before that time, in Iran, during the Kianian Period, from about 2000 B.C. to about 700 B.C., the cock was the most sacred. So honored among the Chinese, the Rooster was made one of the 12 Celestial Creatures in the Chinese Zodiac.


Roses are the universal flower of love and romance. There are hundreds of varieties of roses, each more beautiful than the next. Roses in dreams represent love, romance, beauty and perfection. See also: The Psychological Aspects of Rose.

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