Tiger’s Eye

Properties:  Used historically for bringing more luck into your life. This stone is most recognized for attracting money, psychic protection, courage, confidence, willpower, clear thinking and speaking to show us the personal power in life that we have. Very versatile for the Yellow/Solar Plexus ChakraThird Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra.

The root of our intuition is from our Solar Plexus. The “gut feeling” is what’s considered the root, while our Third Eye receives the vision. Tiger’s Eye works on our mental plane by amplifying thinking and manifesting what you think about. Helps separate thoughts from feelings, more centered, less emotional.

Tiger’s Eye allows us to recognize both our talents and our faults. It can reveal your true needs without our self-serving or rigid mental attitudes getting in the way. Use Tiger’s Eye with malachite or pearl to benefit from their synergy for mental/emotional balance and true understanding. This stone helps change anxiety, fear and obsessiveness into practicality and logic. Has the grounding energy of the earth, but is embellished with a glowing warmth.

A stone for people who need more confidence to accomplish their goals. Draws helpful people and material things to the wearer. Centers energy and mental focus. This stone helps us to find our closest version of perfectionism without obsessive behavior.

Folk Remedies: Known in ancient times for treating digestion and stomach disorders such as diverticulitis disease, anxiety and ulcers. Helps with the mending of broken bones and the alignment of bones in the spinal column. It has been used for disorders of the eyes such as night blindness. Rub with essential oil on front and bottom of stone before placing it at your solar plexus for detoxification.  The Chinese categorize this stone as a true balancer of Yin and Yang. Therefore, it balances both sides of the brain, bringing awareness to perception.

Feng Shui: Used in the Center area for balancing and grounding. The Chinese categorize this stone as a true balancer of Yin and Yang.

Crystal Cleansing: method 1 – 3 and method 5 – 8

History: A member of the Quartz family, (SiO2 + FeOOH) Tiger’s Eye is often confused with Cat’s Eye. The difference is in the fibers of crocidolite that have been replaced by silica in Tiger’s Eye, which are twisted. (The fibers in Cat’s Eye are straight). Tiger’s eye is mined in Western Australia, South Africa, USA, Canada, India, Namibia, and Burma. Roman soldiers wore tiger’s-eye for protection in battle. It was chosen by the Egyptians for the eyes in their deity statues to express divine vision, and was believed to provide the protection of the sun and earth combined. It was the stone used on warriors helmets and shields, and was buried with Pharaohs to help them to see into the Underworld. Tiger Eye was thought to be all seeing due to its appearance. The bands in Tiger’s Eye display chatoyancy, which resembles an eye of a tiger, receiving its name due to its similarity.

Hawk’s Eye

Blue tiger’s eye is called Hawk’s Eye or Falcon’s Eye. This stone helps us to gain perspective, to see (and face) situations fully. Hawk’s Eye is the stone of vision, insight and psychic awareness. It allows us to see the overview clearly and unflinchingly, as from a Hawk’s eyes. This stone is often used to balance pessimistic behavior and therefore dissolves negative energy and the thought patterns associated with it. This “all seeing stone” allows perspective on any situation and it can help gently attune the Third Eye and will enhance psychic abilities such as clairvoyance. It helps us to look at an emotional block that may be buried deep in our psyche. This versatile stone can be used to heal earth energy and helps us to become grounded when used at the Root Chakra. This stone should be used for those who want to blame others for their problems and are not able to look at their problems directly.

Hawk’s Eye can also be found in colors including:

Gray: is the color of individuality. It gives off the impression that you are self-sufficient and have good self-control and prefer to not  be involved. Gray is associated with independence, self-reliance, and acts as a shield from influence. However, gray gives off a negative feeling and can make a person who is around this color frequently, feel lonely and self-critical. Gray takes on many of the characteristics of black and white since it is a combination of the two.

Green:  (sometimes called Serpent Eye) helps strengthen the heart and our emotional connections between the Heart Chakra and our mind. This has a strong connection to nature. It can be used to cast forward feelings of love and attention. It is a stone that gives power to the instincts we all possess and when placed on the Third Eye, it can take us forward into the future thoughts of our psyche.

Folk Remedies: This crystal is recommended for improving circulation, bowel movements, legs and a psychosomatic feeling of a stiff neck, frozen shoulder or a feeling like a “pit in the throat” (Plum Pit Qi) ~ In Chinese medicine, “plum pit Qi” refers to the way we carry anxiety or stress in the throat and esophagus. .

Feng Shui: Hawk’s Eye is used primarily in the Southeast (Wealth) corner as it attracts abundance.

Crystal Cleansing: method 1 -3 and method 5 – 8

History: Hawk’s Eye is a variation of the quartz family, (SiO2). When quartz becomes imbedded between the fibers of crocidolite, the process results in two crystals; blue, green, gray crystals called Hawks Eye or the golden brown crystal called Tigers Eye. Found primarily in mines in South Africa, it has recently been more and more difficult to get tiger’s eye here. Alternative mines include those from Griqualand West. Hawk’s Eye (and its variations) where used by Roman soldiers in battle for protection. It’s appearance was thought to be all seeing due to its appearance as the “eyes of a hawk or falcon”.

Tiger Iron

Tiger’s Iron is the red version of tiger’s eye. This stone is an amalgamation of the yellow, brown textures of tiger’s eye, combined with the iron from hematite, and the color from red jasper.

This is a stone for empaths. Those people who have the capacity to understand or feel what another person is experiencing from within the other person’s frame of reference is considered an empath. This stone is helpful with protecting the empath from other’s strong emotions or fears that are expressed.

Tiger Iron connects you to the Root Chakra. It strengthens your body’s force and energy, grounding and stabilizing your aura. Tiger Iron is a helpful assistant to those who feel emotionally, mentally or physically exhausted and burned out. The black and red elements in this stone, draw in and protect, help discover secure solutions to difficult problems and endures like the tiger itself.

When your energy is feeling scattered or fuzzy, having tiger’s iron with you, can bring you back down to earth. It’s centering and balancing aspects enhance emotional integrity and rooting the self in a more precise and focused manner.

Tiger Iron performs as a wonderful healing stone, by helping us to feel familiar, fearless and more secure of  our surroundings, situations that make us uneasy or when we physically have a reaction to chemicals or are sensitivity to noise. It can be used to relieve stress and assist in calming cramps and muscle aches.

With Strength & Willpower

A stone for people who need more confidence to accomplish their goals. Draws helpful people and material things to the wearer. Centers energy and mental focus. This stone helps us to find our closest version of perfectionism without obsessive behavior.

This is a crystal to boost our willpower and our ability for self-power and awareness.

This stone helps change anxiety, fear and obsessiveness into practicality and logic. Has the grounding energy of the earth, but is embellished with a glowing warmth.


Angels: Uriel, Zadkiel
Associated Crystal: Quartz family
Birthstone: alternate stone for Gemini
Color: Yellow, brown, red, blue
Chakra: Root Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Third Eye Chakra
Element: Earth
Flowers: Tiger lilly,  cat nip, lilium tigrinum, devil lily, kentan, lilium lancifolium, leopard lily
Gods/Goddesses: Durga, Ra, Sekhmet, Tiger General, Vahanas
Planet: Sun
Zodiac: Gemini
Sabbat: Litha
Tarot: The High Priestess, The Magician, Strength, The Sun

Crystal Elixir

crystal elixir or gem essence combines the energy of your crystal that is infused in either water or oil. It is often placed in the sun in order for the crystal to imbue the water or oil with the crystal’s energy or Qi and then the decoction is used for healing and anointing.

Tiger’s Eye can be used for strength and will power, Hawk’s Eye can be used for psychic vision and insight and Tiger’s Iron can be used for stability, security and protection. Here is what you need: A glass container filled with about 12 ounces of water. If you are going to be placing your essence outside, be sure to cover it.
Read more here

Cleansing & Charging Tiger’s Eye, Hawk’s Eye, Tiger’s Iron

~ Cleansing a crystal is always a good idea to rid it of energies (negative or otherwise) that it may have picked up during handling and excessive use.

~ Charging a crystal is bringing its energy levels back up, after use and cleansing. Like re-charging a battery after it has lost its energy.  A great way to do this (and remind you that it is time to do so) is during a full moon.

Crystal Cleansing: method 1 – 3 and method 5 – 8

The Power of Color

Color plays a major role in determining how your crystal can help you.  A crystal’s color is due to its combination of minerals, which give it it’s own personality.  It contributes in what attracts you to it.  The psychological aspects of color determine how a crystal’s healing properties work.

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