(T: Tyr, the Sky God Justice, Sacrifice.) Honor, justice, leadership and authority. Analysis, rationality. Knowing where one’s true strengths lie. Willingness to self-sacrifice. Victory and success in any competition or in legal matters. 

Alternate Names: Tiwaz, Teiwaz, Tiewaz, Tys, Tyr, Tir, Tiw, Ty
Ancient Meaning: The Original Gods
Keywords: Justice, order, victory, support, self-sacrifice, faith, loyalty
Tiwaz is the Warrior Rune. It represents pure, masculine power and the ability to successfully fight to meet your goals. However, you must be careful that costs of attaining your goals overshadow their values. It stands for victory and leadership. It means authority, loyalty, self-sacrifice, and dedication. It means rational and analysis of a situation. It can mean obtaining success and achievements through real accomplishments. In the realm of a relationship, this stone may signify that you are about to find a new friend and/or lover or simply stengthen an existing connection.

Reversed Description:
You may be in a period of stagnation. Your goals may be unattainable or unrealistic at this time. Fortunately these times pass. Take stock of yourself and your goals. Do not fight battles you know you cannot win. Be patient. Tiwaz reversed shows one’s energy and creative flow are blocked. Mental paralysis, over-analysis, over-sacrifice, injustice, imbalance. Strife, war, conflict, failure in competition. Dwindling passion, difficulties in communication, and possibly separation.

Astrological Correspondence: Libra
Tarot Correspondence: Justice, The Chariot
Gods/Goddesses: Tyr
Color: Bright Red
Tree: Oak
Herb: Sage
Stones: Ruby, Garnet, Jasper, Bloodstone, Golden Topaz, Citrine
Animals: Wolf, falcon, hawk, hound, owl, bear
Element: Air
Magic Influences:
Increases trust in the universe
Interpretation of what needs to be done
Successful completion of patterns
Increases spiritual energy
Teaches positive use of order