“I like to fly upon the air
let breezes blow, without a care.
To reach new heights and journey through,
adventures far and wide and new.
To float as if without directions,
minding all of earth’s perfections,
streams and mountains, valleys too,
they show their better self to you.
Let gentle winds blow through your hair,
Oh, travel swift, upon the air!”


Alignment, Harmony, Safe Traveling

Color: Green
Stone: Obsidian, Moonstone, Moldavite, Phenakite
Essential Oil: Musk, Jasmine
Incense: Full Moon, Shaman Circle
Tea: Energy, Balance
Herb: Bilberry, Alfalfa, Dandelion, Ginkgo Biloba
Guiding Principle: Alignment and Harmony”, “Safe Trip”

The Metaphysics of Journeys

Traditionally, metaphysics refers to the branch of philosophy that attempts to understand the fundamental nature of all reality, whether visible or invisible. It seeks a description so basic, so essentially simple, so all-inclusive that it applies to everything, whether divine or human or anything else. It attempts to tell what anything must be like in order to be at all.

Trip the light fantastic! Whether you are traveling for business, taking a family vacation, going on retreat or taking a trip through your mind’s eye… here is a guide to keep you safe, healthy and aware.

Whatever your idea of travel, here you can learn how to take a soul satisfying journey, discover how to create a travel journal, experience the lucid state of astral travel and get tips on what to take on your journeys. For any journey, utilize the power of essential oils, the metaphysical properties of crystals and gemstones and our featured products.

Soul Satisfying Journeys

Our journeys are about making choices. Whether it is a choice about where to go, how to go or when to go, the choice determines our outcome. Soul satisfying journeys are mindful trips that include self-awareness and a look within ourselves. This pertains to any journey, be it from place to place, action to action or decision to decision.

The sum of our choices constitutes our life. The journey we take from start to finish. We may not always make the proper choices, but we are always allowed the ability to make another. No matter how far down the “wrong” road we may be, this road we chose, we chose for a reason.

Here in lies life’s lessons.
Learn the lesson, then make your next choice. This is how we discover the daily journeys in a span of time that is ours and ours alone. Your journey in life always begins with a single step.

This accumulation of steps over time is what brings you to your life’s path. So make the decision to live YOUR life and follow the path you desire.  You have the ability and right to change that path, whenever you are ready.

“Life is designed by our soul and spirit as our moment-by-moment opportunity to expand our consciousness.” 

Travel Tips for Any Journey

1. Balance is the cornerstone of any journey. Find things you enjoy doing. Do a variety of things, but in moderation.

2. Allow things in your life, which make your heart sing, feed your soul or nourish you on a daily basis.

3. Get organized. Plan ahead and make provisions for your trip. Keep your travel plans, including accommodation details, to yourself.

4. Allow yourself to work with the “flow of nature” and change as your situation changes.

5. Be flexible as the old willow survives in a hurricane, where the brittle, stubborn oak does not.

6. The number one rule is don’t drink the water, and that includes ice. Only use water from containers with a serrated seal – not tops or corks. The simplest way of purifying water is to boil it thoroughly.

7. Keep your hands clean. Washing your hands after being outside, after shaking hands, after every trip to the restroom and before eating. It is the number one way to avoid germs, bacteria and the common cold.

8. Thoughts on food. If you can cook it, boil it or peel it you can eat it…otherwise forget it. Make sure you have a well-balanced diet.

9. Keep safe. Be aware of your surroundings. Don’t take risks or venture into areas you are not familiar with. Travel with someone or be around others.

10. First aid checklist includes: thermometer bandages, gauze, cotton, adhesive tape, Ace bandage, tweezers and needle (for splinters). Insect repellent such as meat tenderizer (mix with water to make a paste for bug bites), Aloe vera gel (for sunburns and skin irritations) Hydrogen peroxide, and 70% rubbing alcohol Bring eye drops, lip balm, remedy for upset stomachs, diarrhea, Dramamine, children and adult’s decongestant and antihistamine, Acetaminophen (children’s and adult’s pain reliever), Calamine lotion (to soothe sunburns, bug bites, poison ivy). Take along a triple antibiotic cream, sun block, syrup of Ipecac (to induce vomiting in case of poisoning). Also include any prescription medications, prescriptions and telephone numbers for your doctors.

“The mind can experience more distance than the body could ever journey.” 

The Path Less Taken

What is the path less taken?  This is often referred to as the path to our dreams!  There are more paths not taken than there are those who stumble down it.  The sheer number of people who dare not to venture down the road of their desires, is much more than those who do. But why? Is it fear, insecurity, poor self-esteem?

Tips for your Journey

Whatever your idea of travel, here you can learn how to take a soul satisfying journey. Traveling is not always easy. The more you travel with, the more decisions need to be made. Think hope not hopelessness. Think goodness, not evil. Think joy not despair. Energy follows thought. Program thought to be positive and your energy will reflect it! Keep your thoughts to positive, uplifting ones.

How to Write a Travel Journal

This travel journal or life journal, is a great way to bring the power of your thoughts, good energy and a generous outlook along with you for the ride! A Travel Journal can be used for writing down memorable events you have experienced during the day or a life checklist! These journals are good places to record your events you experienced and your goals for achieving your path.

Experiencing Astral Travel

We have all heard of those people who have had near-death experiences. Their spirit or aura is separated from their physical body while their soul travels somewhere to see or learn a lesson. Astral projection (or astral travel) is an interpretation of out-of-body experiences (OBEs) achieved either awake or via lucid dreaming or deep meditation.

Crystals for Journeys

The power behind Earth’s minerals can be felt the minute you put a crystal in your hands or near your physical body. These stones are filled with energy to be used. Some of the best crystals for journeys include angelite, calcite, celestite, hematite, moonstone, obsidian, peridot, quartz, sapphire and staurolite. Used then for awareness, communication, good fortune, grounding, protection and safe travel.

Essential Oils for Travel

Vacation usually means more time outside in the sun. Always use a good sunblock, but if you find you have gotten a sunburn, apply lavender all over your burned area. You can make your own natural bug repellent ahead of time to take with you. Often while traveling  food and water may not be not as clean as you may have it at home. A couple of drops of lemon oil will purify one liter of water.

Natural Travel Kit

As a practitioner of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, I have treated a great deal of cuts, scrapes, breaks and bruises! One of the strongest areas in Chinese Medicine is that of trauma remedies. Cuts, bruises, lacerations, sprained joints and pain are just some of the daily problems, which can pop up unexpectedly.

My Personal Life Journeys

I have been fortunate enough to be able to travel the world. Either through my work or by means of my own, I have been able to see some of the most amazing and sacred places on earth. In each location I have learned more about the cultures, local traditions and even more about myself!  Here you can read about some of my most personal life journeys.

Life on the Beach

This sacred jewel situated between the mainland and the sea, is a strip of beach that is kissed by the warm Gulf Stream. It rises up to meet the sand along Miami Beach. The most healing color combinations in the light spectrum, along with turquoise waters, hold a magical spell over me. In the summer months, the water is also so incredibly warm, it is like slipping into a soothing blanket.

Miracles at Medjugorje

Medjugorje is a small mountain town located in western Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the Herzegovina region, close to the border of Croatia. Since June 24, 1981, it has become a popular religious pilgrimage due to reports of apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary to six local children. This entire journey was a miracle from the start…

In The Footsteps of Mozart

This entire journey unfolded from two little pictures that were given to us over 15 years ago. The apartment we moved into was occupied by a woman for over 50 years. Upon her death, she had no family or friends left to leave her worldly possessions to. So we inherited two beautiful pictures of Mozart in Salzburg…

Sensational Sunsets

You can certainly call me a sun worshiper.  Being born on the Summer Solstice, I have always been attracted to the warmth, power and glow of the sun! Here are a few of my favorite experiences with the “setting sun”. These occurred on my first trip to Arizona, my visit to the island of Santorini and my subsequent return to Los Angeles after living and working there as a dancer and choreographer.

The Feast of Guadalupe

We started our journey to Mexico City in the early morning at 6 am of December 12, 2013. We walked two blocks from our apartment and down into the subway. The first serendipitous moment occurred right there underground. Just two blocks away, on 14 street (in New York City) is a huge church dedicated to the Virgin of Guadalupe! The subway was filled with pilgrims and roses for the Virgin Mary.

Middle of the World

Approximately 16 miles north of Quito, Ecuador marks the exact Middle of the World (Mitad del Mundo), latitude 0 ° where you can stand with a foot on each hemisphere. The Equatorial Monument is a statuesque block of iron and concrete covered with cut and polished andesite stone with a globe perched at the top. Follow this shaman ceremony for the 2012 Solstice and planetary alignment…

Breakfast with Alice

On the upper east corner of East 74th Street, located just north of the Conservatory Water, there is an eleven foot tall statue of Alice in Wonderland. Made in bronze, it is surrounded by the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit and Cheshire Cat along with the Dormouse and Alice’s cat, Dinah. Publisher and philanthropist George Delacorte commissioned the sculpture as a tribute to his late wife Margarita…

Lunch with Allan Kardec

 I love Paris. Perhaps it is because of it’s air of romanticism, amazing architecture or incredible history. It is a city that keeps me in awe, every time I revisit. This trip was extra special, as we had a purpose and that was to have lunch with Allan Kardec. He is known today as the man who arranged Spiritism according to a system and therefore, laid the foundation for the fundamental tenets of Spiritism…

Eclipse over Mont Saint Michel

Mont Saint Michel is an island in Normandy, France located at the mouth of the Couesnon River. Breathtaking and fascinating this sacred structure was built after the bishop of Avranches was believed to be visited in a dream by Saint Michael. The most spectacular gift we were afforded by St. Michael was the full moon and the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse!

My Pilgrimage To Lourdes

Since the time I was 14 and saw the movie, The Song of Bernadette on television, I was always enamored by the incredible life of Saint Bernadette Soubirous, who, from February to July 1858 in Lourdes, France, reported 18 visions of the Blessed Virgin MaryNow, 34 years later, on the eve of my birthday, June 21st, 2010, the summer solstice, we arrived in Lourdes…

Full Moon Over Ojai

This was a surprising journey initiated by my dear friend and mentor Zachary Selig, one of the foremost theosophist and metaphysical painters of the Chakra Codex. We took the day and headed for the mystical town of Ojai. Ojai, California is a vibrant place with so much natural beauty, it gained fame when the area was photographed to represent Shangri-La in the 1939 movie, The Lost Horizon.

Easter and the World Trade Center

I walked up Warren Street and turned the corner trying to get my bearings and recognize anything I could remember from before that day. Landmarks I knew, seemed to be either shadows of their former selves or gone entirely. At that exact moment on my IPod, the song, Night On Bald Mountain started playing. I listened with great intent as I walked through the stone canyons…

Yoga In Time Square

Although this journey was not a long one, just a subway ride from 14 street to 50 street, the experience of this journey is one I will not quickly forget! It is 6:30 in the morning, on the Summer Solstice, June 21, 2011 and I am standing on line in the middle of Times Square, New York City waiting for the Summer Solstice Yoga event to start.

Pilgrimage to Fatima

It took no small miracle to make it to the 100th Anniversary of the visions at Fatima!  With a road paved with obstacles, the greatest miracle was our belief that we would get there, despite the fact that the room we booked a year in advanced ,was cancelled weeks before our trip, the airfare reservations were cancelled due to a technical issue, yet we were there to witness miracles we never imagined…

July 4th on the Beach

At 9pm the fireworks started as the radio station 89.7 FM, provided the musical soundtrack to the display. I was probably standing less than 100 yards from the fireworks as they cascaded up and over the dunes to explode above me. I truly felt as if I were standing in a kaleidoscope! As the first song swelled up behind me, I could feel the tears well up in my eyes from such auditory and visual pleasure!


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