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Naked dreams have several interpretations. Sometimes shame or brazenness. Being naked in an inappropriately place is extremely common. In dreams, clothes can represent concealment and hiding, so being stripped of clothes can mean being left defenseless and exposed. The dream may be trying to tell you that you think you are hiding something, but that everyone else already knows about it.

In some naked dreams, the dreamer is completely unaware of his or her nakedness and not at all bothered by it. This has to do with your feelings about modesty.

In other cases, the dreamer is aware of his or her nakedness but no one else seems to notice and is a good indicator of your own personal fears that you worry may be uncovered. These fears are often unfounded, and that no one else is concerned about them.

On the other hand, dreams in which the dreamer suddenly becomes mortified at realizing he or she is naked often indicate vulnerability, fear or shame. In many cases, the dreamer is hiding a secret or hiding something that he or she is afraid will be found out. The nakedness in the dream indicates a fear that other people see through you and will discover your secrets.

Being naked in a dream can also indicate fear of being caught off guard. The dream of being suddenly naked in a classroom before taking a test is one of the most common and usually symbolizes fear of being unprepared.

Sometimes these dreams do not coincide with real events. They may be a more generalized fear of being caught off guard, unaware or unprepared. Being naked and standing in front of a crowd can symbolize a fear of being exposed, a fear of being unprepared, or a fear that those around you know things about you they are not telling you about. Since nakedness and public speaking are two of the most common fears in the world, this combination can be paralyzing in a dream.

One of the rarer types of dream nakedness is where the dreamer realizes he or she is naked but shows no fear, shame or embarrassment. This type of naked dream can be a symbol of freedom and unrestrained pride. To dream of a naked man where only the top part is visible foretells illness to a female member of your family but if the privates are exposed then the meaning is death. It is reversed if you dream of a naked female. Remember that a death omen does not always mean the physical death of the body. Other interpretations are associated with illicit love affairs and loss of prestige coupled with scandal. Interpret this in context with the rest of your dream symbols.


Namaste is the Indian gesture symbolizing the reconciliation of the duality in nature. See also the history of Namaste.


Dreams of nature are very telling. They represent how we choose to relate to the world around us. It shows us how we feel within our environment and how secure we feel about being alive. Nature, within us, represents the original state of our essential “inner being”. In Chinese Medicine, our internal nature tells us what may or may not be out of balance. Too dry, too damp, excess heat, deficient cold… this internal yin/yang balance is looked at through signs within the body. Landscapes set the mood in our dreams. Together with the weather, they give us clues to our dreams such as “where we are”, “what is affecting us” and our “emotional state of mind”. Here are many common themes when we dream of nature:


Air Aurora Borealis Avalanche
Breeze Earth Earthquake
Eclipse Elements Environment
Fire Flood Forest
Gale Garden Grass
Hail Ice Jungle
Lake Lightning Moon
Night Ocean Rain
Rainbow Sand Dunes Snow
Tornado Tree Valley
Water Wind Woods


Nautical Star

Considered a symbol of luck, it represents the North Star and was a sailor’s most trusted navigational tool in the sky. If you could find the North Star, you could find your way home. It became the tattoo sailors would often get, as as a reminder that they would always having a star with them. They are also used today as a symbol of independence and finding one’s own way in life, as well as a symbol of following your dreams or symbol of security.


Night dreams can be interpreted in many ways, based on its content. Dreaming of a very dark night can refer to your sense of feeling lost with no direction. To dream about the night is also associated with negative forces, the devil, or the darkest hours. It can refer to the shadowy or unrealized part of our dream which is mirrored in our waking life. Dreams of night can relate to feelings of depression or unfulfilled potential.


In numerology, each of the numbers 1 through 9 (plus Master numbers 11, 22, 33) have inherent meanings that are found within its vibrations. The meaning of each of the numbers is the basis of numerological analysis. You can find in depth numerology theory here. Let’s take a closer look at what each number symbolizes or represents to you.


~ The Power of Numbers

1.The Number One: The first of all numbers, the Number One is also the Leader of all numbers. One represents unity, independence, creation, assertiveness and the self. People with the number one in their charts are creative, energetic, independent, and intuitive. These are the people that exude self-confidence from their every pore and silently beckon us to follow them. But even though number ones tend to be very generous, they can also become self-obsessed and insolent, deluding themselves into believing they are almighty and all-knowing. The number 1 essentially denotes leadership. As an individual you are most likely drawn towards leadership roles and you find yourself happier at the head of the group instead of being a follower. Ones are also highly intelligent individuals. Other positive traits for people with a 1 in their profile include: pride, courage, independence, positive, individualistic, authoritative, inventive, ambitious, daring, dynamic, and a visionary. Inversely, Ones can be stubborn, domineering, selfish, didactic, demanding, depressed, cold, hypersensitive, and tactless. One – Vibrates to the sun – the ruler of Leo (the sun is conscious, the ego, self, masculine energy – the father). The beginning – new beginnings – inspiration – ideas and confidence – instinct.

The Number Two: Almost the complete opposite of the number one, The Number Two represents synergy and diplomacy. The number 2 represents duality, compromise, emergence, and discourse. Not interested in becoming great leaders, people with the number two in their charts are content to work behind the scenes supporting and encouraging others. Gentle, sweet, supportive and loving, number twos have a tendency to allow others to walk all over them and influence their already fragile self-confidence and self-esteem. Depression and low self-confidence may become a problem for the number two. People with number 2s in their numerology profile, especially in their Life Path numbers are known as the quiet and spiritual ones. Cooperation is also Key for 2s and they are described as ideal friends and partners in life. 2s are known for being gentle, artistic, tolerant, quiet, agreeable, reliable, friendly, graceful, understanding, self-sufficient, and forgiving. 2s can also come off as shy, ambition less, depressed, insipid, listless, and malleable. Two – Vibrates to the moon – ruler of cancer (the moon is the unconscious, feelings and emotions, nurturing, habits, instinctual response – the mother). Reaching out – caring and sharing – imagination – parenthood – conception – childbirth – dreams. Two crystals joined together represent partnership and sharing.

The Number Three: This is exuberance incarnate. Happy-go-lucky and full of life, people with a number three in their charts are the consummate “life of the party!” In Celtic symbolism, 3 is a sacred number, which you find repeated throughout it’s sacred places, symbols and religion. Number 3 represents power, force, generative and creative self-expression. Hence, lucky. This number is very extroverted. Number threes love the finer things in life, spending money as quickly as they receive it. A flirt with his or her head in the clouds, the three person has the negative tendency to become overly critical and sharp-tongued. Their moods are also known to fluctuate. This is the number of self-expression. Threes are often happier when they are in an environment that allows them to express themselves. This number often denotes the creative soul. If you have always been drawn towards artistic endeavors, chances are that you have a 3 in your numerology profile. Some of Threes positive characteristics include being friendly, popular, versatile, passionate, talented, witty, romantic, and charming. Some negative traits for Threes include vain, wasteful, gaudy, domineering, critical, fickle, and egotistical. Three – Vibrates to the planet Jupiter – ruler of Sagittarius. (Jupiter is expansion, amplification, higher learning and education) Number of communication, expression and creativity. The threefold aspect of mother, father and child. The Trinity (father, son, holy ghost): mind, body, spirit, maiden, mother, crone, and wisdom, will, love. Crystals with a small triangle etched on a facet has a Divine message from the Gods.

The Number Four: represents pragmatism, security and stability.This number represents solidity, persistence and determination, A hard worker with a practical mind geared toward the future, a person with the number four in their chart is the quintessential “head of the family” who looks after those he or she cares about. The number four’s strengths are its steadfastness and tenacity; its weaknesses, rigidity and lifelessness. Along with that streak of practicality comes the tendency to be a bit of a bore. This is the numerical representation of steadfastness and reliability. People who are 4s are known for being a solid person who is reliable and constant. Some of the top traits for a 4 include being firm, steady, hardworking, constant, practical, logical, loyal and permanent. Fours can also exude some negative traits, which include stubbornness, jealousy, didactic ism, and they can also be argumentative. Four – Vibrates to Uranus – ruler of Aquarius (Uranus is unconventionality, flashes of inspiration, awakening, disruption, independence). Mastering the laws of the earth and often involves hard work. Number of wholeness (as in a square). Many crystals have an extra four-sided facet, often diamond shaped, on their main termination face. Meditate or concentrate upon this four-sided facet and you will be able to find out about a particular lesson or goal in your life and how to accomplish it.

The Number Five: symbolizes change, rebellion, and freedom. The number 5 represents gregariousness. It is the number of sensuality and pleasure. People with the number five in their charts value freedom above all else, oftentimes rebelling against the status quo, going where no one has dared go before, and refusing to allow others to dictate any control over them. Number fives often have trouble with commitment and can be talented at many things, but specialized in none. Because of this lack of commitment, people with the number five in their charts can begin to feel overwhelmed, having started many projects but finishing none. Change is a hallmark of a life lived in the numerological number 5. If you have 5 in your numerological profile then there is a good chances that your life if full of changes. Fives also value their freedom above all else and are often restless and unhappy in an environment that boxes them in. 5s are also known to be literary, adventurous, dramatic, flamboyant, passionate, dramatic, intelligent, free-thinking, free spirited, creative, humorous, probing, and versatile. On the other hand, Fives can also be fickle, unreliable, depressed, impulsive, jealous, envious, inconsistent, sarcastic, and moody. Five – Vibrates to Mercury – ruler of Gemini and Virgo (Mercury is of the mind, intellect, short journeys, siblings). Freedom, versatility, expansion, the number of the perfected man with his feet on the earth and arms reaching for the stars. A five-faceted stone will help you to move beyond restrictions.

The Number Six: represents the home, family, love, beauty and romance. This number represents perfection, harmony, balance and domesticity. People with the number six in their charts are very loving, kind, and gentle. They are affectionate and tender and are natural born parents. And yet, since most of their decisions come from their heart it may be impossible to reach these soul creatures with reason. Add to this their unrelenting and fixed natures, and they can become difficult to live with, possibly even leaving the nest if they feel the love is no longer deep enough to sustain them. People with sixs in their numerology profile are known as the peacemakers in life. Aside from being peacemakers, 6s are also known for being charming, sympathetic, home loving, unselfish, just, intelligent, artistic, persuasive, creative, angelic, truthful, caring, and honorable. On the flip side, sixs can also come off as vain, meddling, picky, intrusive, nagging, self-righteous, stifling, and underhanded. Six – Most crystals possess six facets. Vibrates to Venus – ruler of Taurus and Libra (Venus is sexual female receptivity, attraction, art, culture, beauty, money, harmony). The number of love and romance. The Number of balance, harmony. A six crystal will help you bring into balance your relationship with yourself and therefore with others. Opening your heart to unconditional love.

The Number Seven: is often seen as the most eccentric of all the numbers. Mystical, analytically deep, wise, psychic, magical and intuitive, people with the number seven in their chart are the quintessential loners who seemingly abandon society in exchange for their own personal quests of knowledge and wisdom. But the number seven has many gifts and talents to share with the world and often makes a wonderful teacher. The number seven can become a bit out of touch with the needs of others if they withdraw too much; a balance should be sought. This number represents intellect and mental pursuits. People with a 7 on their numerology profile are known to be intellectuals. They are also spiritual, mystical, probing, quiet, pensive, discreet, intuitive, artistic, and reserved. Being intensely mental individuals, Sevens can also come off as cold, devious, stand-offish, moody, shy, calculating, critical, withdrawn, lonely, depressed, and slow. Seven – Vibrates to Neptune – ruler of Pisces (Neptune is mystical, transcending the material world, music, art, etc). The number of the mystic. This will enable you to discover spiritual truths and find out about all the mysteries of life. Spirituality. Sensitivity. Mystery. Illusion and Delusion. Healing. Miracles. Faith and Dreams that come true.

The Number Eight: is one of the most powerful numbers in numerology. 8 represents ambition, materialism, success and justice. People with the number eight in their charts are born for achievement, success and leadership. They thrive on rising through a hierarchical organization and manipulating those working alongside of them to become part of their own vessel. They love money and grandeur and may stop at nothing to achieve their desired success. Their life lesson is how to hold onto this money they earn. They also play with people from all walks of life and cannot always blend them together in one room. This is the number many people wish that they had in their numerology profiles. Why? It’s because 8 is the number of money and everything that goes with it. 8s are destined for fame, power, and fortune. Eights are also known for being charitable, wise, successful, sincere, reliable, spiritual, and considerate, a leader, courageous, ambitious, kind, and understanding. This number’s drive towards wealth can also lead them to become power-hungry, egotistical, dictatorial, power mad, depressed, and vain. Eight – Vibrates to Saturn – ruler of Capricorn (Saturn is vulnerability, lessons to be learned in life. Restriction, limitation, fear, structure. Number of Power. An 8 crystal will stimulate the power to assert and express yourself. Wisdom. Learning through experience. Stability. Patience and responsibility. Financial security. Caution. Restriction. Self-Discipline and self-control.

The Number Nine: As the number one is the beginning of all things, the Number Nine is the end. It represents humanitarianism, compassion, tolerance and both spiritual and material success. Mental achievement, wisdom and spirituality are the most powerful aspects of 9. People with the number nine in their charts are idealistic mystics that long to leave the world a better place. They are blessed with more charm and compassion than all of the numbers added together. Unfortunately, they can become too idealistic, forcing their beliefs onto others and/or becoming prejudiced against those who do not follow the path they themselves have chosen. In learning the meaning of numbers, you will find out that the 9 is considered the culmination of all the numbers and all their traits. Nines are highly sensitive individuals, which makes them keen in responding to their environment. Nines are also known as intelligent, adventurous, intuitive, understanding, sensitive, peaceful, emotional, loving, leaders, talented, romantic, philosophical. Nines are also known to be lonely, depressed, over-emotional, prone to self-pity, and are also wasteful. Nine – Vibrates to Mars – ruler of Aries (Mars is male sexual drive. Energy. Assertiveness. Anger. How we get what we want!). Number of mastery over lessons of life. If life is a school, a Nine crystal will enable you to pass all your final exams. Overcome the challenges of illness. Loss of Job. Change on any level. Courage. Conflict.

The Number Ten (1 + 0 = 1) see Number 1:

The Number Eleven (11= 2): represents spiritual truth and communication. People with a number eleven in their charts are often highly intuitive and have a great message to share with the world. However, they may never be heard unless they can overcome their impulsive tendencies to transpose their faults onto others. It is the number of a women. This is due to the fact that women have 11 apertures. Culturally, some believe that the number 11 represents excess, extravagance and elaboration. As 10 is considered the number of wholeness and completion, 11 is just too much. The Eleventh hour conveys our sense of urgency with time running out. Unaware of your personal power, you are extremely sensitive, sensing you are different from others. You have the uncanny ability to act as a bridge between the unconscious and the conscious. This also instills worry in your own mind and in order to be emotionally and psychologically stable and at peace, you must learn to control this flow of energy. Your mission is to ground yourself with strength. The more you are able to summon up your own person power, the greater your capacity to take advantage of your uncanny awareness. The eleventh card in the Tarot is often confusing as it is not only the midpoint between the deck, but it is sometimes referred to as Justice and sometimes, Strength. Also because of the Fool card at the beginning, (which is 0), the eleventh card can make the total number of cards confusing. In Numerology, eleven is considered a “Master Number”, with a message it conveys to the world and should not be reduced down to a single number.

The Number Twenty-two (22 = 4): Whereas the master number eleven has a message to convey to the world, the Number Twenty-two has come back to build something. People with the number twenty-two in their charts long to leave something grand and everlasting behind them that will hopefully remain standing long after they have gone. They have an amazing ability to turn dreams into reality.There is no limit to what you are capable of and what you dream of doing. You have great leadership abilities, the capacity to create and inspire and the ability to perform lasting service to mankind. However, twenty-twos can be very sensitive, falling victim to the demands placed upon them by others and becoming generally overwhelmed, failing to complete their dream. Yet, taking great risks can cause frustration, because you feel called to even greater things. Regardless, your successes are great, even when you limit your efforts.

The Number Thirty-three (2 + 1 = 33): In Numerology, thirty-three is considered a “Master Number”, with a message it conveys to the world and should not be reduced down to a single number. This number represents the “Master Teacher,” of profound spirituality, enlightenment and ancient wisdom. Similar to the number 6, which represents perfection, harmony, balance and domesticity, 33 will emphasize all these qualities but influenced in a positive or negative way. Often, expectations and demands are so high with number 33, that very few people live up to the expectation. This number can negative affect others by actual emotional and/or physical damage to those around you. But positively, the ability to heal, comfort and care for others becomes a very prominent part of who you are. People can be attracted to you like moths to a flame.

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