by Andrew Pacholyk MS L.Ac ~

Foot and hand reflexology is based on the premise that there are zones and reflex areas in the feet and hands, which correspond to all body parts.

The physical act of applying specific pressure using thumb, finger and hand techniques, performed without oils, lotions or creams result in stress reduction causing a physiological change in the body.

Using a smooth tumbled massage wand, worry stone, or rounded smooth stone will allow you great benefits!

Rubbing warm oil into the bottom of the foot and over and around each toe feels extremely soothing. I suggest you explore the feet
and discover what your client or friend is feeling. Utilize your massage crystal and begin to work in different areas that are
tender. Start with light pressure and work up to an intensity that is deep. Many people will let you know when you are in a tender spot.

Working slowly and with different degrees of depth will allow you to explore every angle of the foot map.

Self Massage

Depending on how flexible you are, it may be easier to massage your hands rather than your feet in a self-help reflexology treatment.
Exercise your feet and hands by stretching out your toes and fingers as widely as possible, curling them in and out, twisting ankles and wrists, and finishing with an overall shake.

Walk around on your bare foot as much as possible, which stimulates the sensory output from the feet to the brain. If you or your client are experiencing foot pain, problems or issues with the arches, specialty footware includes contoured wooden shoes, stimulating or comfort pads and plastic arche support. You could also try rolling a golf ball or a rolling pin around the sole of your foot against the floor or between the palms of your hands.

Treatments for several disorders

Allergy sufferers can relieve their sneezing, runny nose, and watery eyes by rubbing the top of the first segment of the big toe with the thumb, in an upward movement toward the nail.

For abdominal bloating and digestive difficulties, rub and press under the metatarso-phalangeal joint of the big toe, the ball of the
foot or the entire digestive zone area (the middle section of the foot) where the digestive reflexes lie.

Women with menstrual pain or irregularity, other pelvic area difficulties, or lower back pain, should rub and press the area
between the anklebone and the heel of the inner foot. Doing this regularly can significantly reduce the intensity and duration of
menstrual cramping.

Stress cannot be avoided. We live with it every day. A day’s work, playing sports or giving a dinner party on your feet all night can be stressful. Stress becomes a problem when we fail to manage it well, especially the stress that results from frustrations, overworking and worry. Use your crystal to Work deep into the center of the foot for stress. Try the tip of the big toe for
headaches. Draw the crystal along the sides of the bottom of the feet. Reflexology reduces stress by generating deep, tranquil relaxation.

We all know how important it is for blood to flow freely through the body carrying oxygen and nutrients to all the cells and removing waste products and toxins. Stress and tension tighten up the cardiovascular system and restrict blood flow. Circulation becomes sluggish. By reducing stress and tension, reflexology allows the cardiovascular vessels to conduct the flow of blood naturally and with better ease.

In Ayurveda, the Marma points gather in the feet and hands. In Traditional Chinese medicine, some of the most powerful healing acu-points culminate in the meridians at the ends of the extremities. Much of the entire body is represented in the bottoms of the feet, while the major organs are also reflected through the hands.

A reflexology treatment is one of the most relaxing ways to spend an hour on yourself. It involves deep pressure on the soles of the feet – a very intense foot massage. The pressure stimulates the nerve connections that extend from the feet to the rest of the body. It’s almost like having an all over body massage and only exposing your feet!

Crystals for the feet and hands

Crystal shapes that are round, smooth, tumbled or cylindrical, work well for reflexology. Double terminated or single terminated stones with a rounded point can fit in spaces between the interphalangeal joints.

Hematite is a favorite for feet and hands. It is grounding and is associated with the Root Chakra. Hematite, especially magnetized hematite is a great tool for increasing blood circulation and relieving pain.

Jasper is another stone associated with the Root Chakra. Jasper works in a slow, meticulous approach for improving circulation and improves inflammation.

Copper is my stone of choice for moving blood and relieving areas of blood stagnation. Consider using copper nuggets or wands for hand and foot care.

Smoky Quartz is known for treating both osteo and rheumatic arthritic disorders. This exceptional stone can also increase blood circulation and help relieve cramping.

Quartz is one of the most common stones in Earth’s mantel and can be used in any form to help regulate and improve circulation and overall function to feet and hands.

Boji Stones, Mochi Balls, Thundereggs or Menalite pebbles are all extraordinary stones for reflexology. These stones have male (L) and female (R) pairings and work on the right and left brain, the giving and receiving of energy and the functions of Yin and Yang energy. I encourage you to explore these stones and their metaphysical properties.

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