by Andrew Pacholyk MS L. Ac ~

Kundalini, according to various teachings is believed to be a type of “corporeal energy”.[1] Kundalini in Sanskrit literally means either “coiled up” or “coiling like a snake.” There are a number of English renderings of the term, such as ‘serpent power’. Kundalini is envisioned as a serpent coiled at the base of the spine

In Hinduism, kundalini is a part of the subtle body along with chakras and nadis. A number of models of this esoteric anatomy occur in the class of texts known as Āgamas or Tantras. This is a large body of scripture, which is rejected by many orthodox brahmins.[3]

Over time one system of six or seven chakras along the body’s axis became the dominant model, adopted by most schools of yoga. This particular system may have originated in about the 11th century AD, and rapidly became widely popular.[5] It is in this model where Kundalini is said to “rise” upward, piercing the various centers until reaching the crown of the head, resulting in union with the Divine.

In Western traditions, Kundalini is often indicated with the term of Igneous Power, and sometimes with the name of Serpentine Fire. Kundalini is a popular concept that is widely quoted among various disciplines of yoga and New Age discourse. the concept of Kundalini comes from yogic philosophy of ancient India and refers to the mothering intelligence behind yogic awakening and spiritual maturation. In this perspective Kundalini is understood as as a maturing energy that expresses the individual’s desire for salvation.

Kundalini energy is energized by “pranic awakening”, where Prana is interpreted as the vital, life-sustaining force in the body. Uplifted, or intensified life-energy is called pranotthana and is supposed to originate from an apparent reservoir of subtle bio-energy at the base of the spine. This energy is also interpreted as a vibrational phenomena that initiates a period, or a process of vibrational spiritual development.

According to yogic writings and oral tradition, the force of Kundalini is raised through specific meditative exercises.
Kundalini-experiences are understood using the structure of the Hindu chakra system, the psycho-spiritual energy centers along the spine. According to Hindu tradition Kundalini rises from the root chakra up through the spinal channel, (called sushumna), and it is believed to activate each chakra it goes through. Each chakra is said to contain special characteristics.
Kundalini uses the polarity of both the male and female energies to increase the rise of energy up through the spinal column and therefore the energy centers.

It is believed that kundalini can be raised through a yogic or spiritual practice, enhances by meditation, yet it cannot be increased through sheer will or force.

One of my best mentors, teacher and friend was Zachary Selig. Known as an American artist, author, interior designer and celebrity spiritist, Zachary co-wrote the bestselling,  Kundalini Awakening: A Gentle Guide to Chakra Activation and Spiritual Growth

I recall our daily trips to the gym in Miami, where we would go through our morning yoga routine and then Zachary would teach me about how to meditate and get in touch with our Kundalini or primal “shakti” energy.  This was our meditation practice:

Kundalini Meditation

Sit comfortably holding one of your favorite stones in your dominant hand. Several crystals that are used to help “raise the energy” would include, serpentine, infinite, hypersthene, kyanite, selenite and tourmaline, to name a few.

Close your eyes and take several deep breaths. Allow an inhale that is deep and fills your organs and spine with life-giving oxygen and then slowly… exhale. Squeezing all the air from your abdomen.

Allow your hands to sense your crystal. Feel the energy active both your Root and Sacral Chakra centers, from your lower sacrum to below your navel. Feel the warmth and attraction to these areas on each inhale in and each LONG exhale outward.

Feel your root connection to the earth as you let go each time you exhale.

You can use this energy to rise all the way up through to the Solar Plexus, warming this central nerve complex. When you are ready, take your next inhale to the Heart center. Feel the energy surround the heart and wrap a loving sense of attention around it.

From the Heart center, move the kundalini energy upward to the Throat Chakra. Here, this energy will allow you to speak your mind, communicate in a way that is efficient and well thought out and allow you to say what you feel. Kundalini can rise then, to the Third Eye center. This energy opens up the “eye” of our intuition allowing us to gather our thought and apply the courage to go with our intention.

With each inhale, prepare yourself to move upward and when you are ready, on an exhale, sense the movement up to the top of the Crown Chakra by summoning the (kundalini) energy up your spine to reach the apex! It is here, where we feel a connection to the sky and Universe above us, like a pillar of light exchanging energy from the top of our head to the heavens above. This pillar of light radiates from the earth, upward through your physical being, engaging with the sun above your head.

You can actually feel a sensation of warmth as it raises upward.

Remember: this takes practice to feel and understand. But once you are aware of it, it will give you a sense of extreme conscious thought when you get there.

When you are finished, add your stone(s) to a pouch, either with additional crystals, with herbs and oils that you are attracted to and carry it with you, creating your own “medicine pouch”. Or carry your stone in the pouch by itself!


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