Drew and the Detectives

In Miami’s vibrant oasis, seven dancers from around the world collide on its shimmering shores.  The fitness instructor, the singer, the puzzler, the wiz kid, the movie star, the petite ballerina, and the fashionista, come together as friends navigating the rhythms of Miami’s lifestyle.

But their connection is put to the ultimate test when they’re inadvertently ensnared in a nefarious scheme. It’s a plot that challenges their collective ingenuity and their varied talents in ways they never imagined. Thrust into a labyrinth of danger and false accusations, they must exonerate themselves, transforming into a cohesive unit to unravel one of Miami’s most enigmatic cases.

As they attempt to navigate their way out of their predicament, their distinctive flair for investigation captures the world’s attention. Dubbed “Drew and the Detectives,” by the hyperbolic press, their reputation for unraveling mysteries brings them unexpected fame, making them sought-after figures in the realm of detective lore.

Lie. Betray. Murder. Repeat.

Drew and his talented dancer friends are the toast of the town in Miami, captivating crowds with their electrifying performances. However, their carefree lives are shattered when a wealthy shipping tycoon is brutally murdered, sending shockwaves throughout the city.

Suspicion falls on several family members, including Drew and his crew, when they discover incriminating evidence in their possession while being seen with the tycoon’s daughter shortly after the murder takes place. Now, unwittingly tangled in the web of this sinister plot, the dancers are on a race against time to prove their innocence and catch the real killer.

They embark on a thrilling quest that takes them across Miami, revealing a conspiracy more twisted than they ever imagined. Drew and his friends must uncover the truth and clear their names before the killer strikes again. Every second counts in The Rhythm of Betrayal.

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The Rhythm of Betrayal arrives on 49 different audiobook platforms, including Audible, Scribd, Kobo, Hoopla, Google, and more!  The Extreme Spy Edition is wonderfully narrated by Marshall Treat, taking you on an incredible, fast paced mystery adventure through Miami’s darker side.

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Meet the Cast of Drew and the Detectives

Curious, inquisitive, and down right nosy, these dancers, dubbed the Sexy Seven by the Miami press, due to their spectacular performances, edgy choreography, and amazing synchronicity…are the toast of the coast. When they are set up for a murder they had nothing to do with, they become targets of a vengeful murderer.  Forced to try and solve the mystery and clear their names, Drew and the Detectives are sent on a wild, twisted, and unbelievable adventure through the wonderland of Miami!


  • Consummate New Yorker/dancer/gifted puzzler
  • He can interpret body language and read other’s emotions like a barometer
  • Connected to the case through a friend of the famous family
  • His fierce curiosity about human decision-making adds to his skillful detective work


  •  Classic Italian beauty and Miami’s top fitness star
  • Fierce drive and determination
  • Her history with a suspect puts her at the center of the scandal
  • She pushes the team through their toughest challenges 


  • Sexy, street-smart New Yorker
  • Talented singer/dancer/rocker
  • She unwittingly becomes the infatuation of a suspect
  • She is the one who keeps everyone in check


  • A sultry African beauty with moves to match
  • She is empathetic and the caregiver of the group
  • She is the team’s instigator 
  • Her detective skills find merit from her nosy, yet innocent inquiries 


  •  The Argentinian heiress, fashonista, and “petite ballerina”
  • She is the fiancee to Miami’s famous shipping tycoon
  • Her strong will and matter-of-fact way of looking at life gives her a suave detective’s edge
  • With a heart of gold, she is the enlightened guardian of the group


  • Actor/dancer, tech savvy, multi-tasking wiz kid
  • His inquisitive mind is always two steps ahead of the game
  • He often expresses out loud what he’s thinking in silence
  • his adventurous spirit moves the team in the direction they need to go


  • Known as Spain’s most beloved movie star
  • She has an eye for intrigue and mystery
  • Singer/dancer/action star…her detective skills are better than a Bond girl and as sleek as a smoothie
  • She looks at life as an adventure you meet head-on

“Great intrigue. The concept and plot of this whodunit is refreshing. I loved the dancer-turned-detective-out-of-necessity idea. It is also accompanied by a geographic and descriptive guide of Miami (which I found to be something new and different). I thought this was intelligently written. The story moves quickly and takes the reader along for the adventure.” 

Matthew Bellis

Founder, Under Cover Mysteries Inc

“A fun, stylish mystery. This was attention grabbing from the start. I liked the fame, show business angle. The detective characters are cool, enchanting, and every one an interesting personality. They feel like real people to me and I love how Drew works with each one of them differently, appearing to encourage their strengths. The mystery kept me guessing till the end. This cosy mystery is now one of my new favorites”

Connie Tia-Lee

avid mystery buff

“A great murder mystery. Loved the fact that the chapters were named after famous locations in Miami. It gave the story an adventurous feeling. Each one of the characters are strong and likable,  I can definitely relate to Debra. She’s my personality exactly. Drew leads his group through a psychological thrill ride.”

Stephanie Willis

Vise-President, Technie Industries


In the vibrant and exhilarating days of sun-soaked South Beach, a fusion of the famous and ambitious seamlessly intertwine with beach-lovers and enthusiastic party-goers.

 As unsuspecting visitors meander past the 1930’s Art Deco hotels on Ocean Drive and stroll down along Lincoln Road, hordes of tourists mingle amidst the captivating street art in Wynwood or sway to Latin rhythms along Collins Avenue…they remain oblivious to the malevolence that casts its ominous shadow over the beach.

Opportunity and temptation abound…



Suddenly, South Beach’s biggest scandal is slowly unraveling like a tangled web.

From the stage to the crime scene, Miami’s hottest dance crew are unwittingly thrown into unwanted chaos.

The scandal only becomes bigger when they are accused of being involved in a much bigger plot.



What if you were accused of murder… not once….but twice?  What would YOU do?

Now forced to clear their names, the dancers are led through twists, turns, and unsuspecting outcomes that no one sees coming. They must uncover Miami’s most gruesome murders… or die trying!

“A slick who*dun*it!  The story takes you on a roller coaster ride. Miami is the real star here. Beautiful locations that enhance the murderous thrill ride. The finale is grand and opulent. Just what you would expect from an author with a showbiz past. He shows us how fun a great mystery book can be.”

New York Newsline Podcast

“Ohhh this was different. A wonderfully descriptive, intriguing murder mystery which gives us a peek into the Miami shipping industry, the rich and famous of Miami’s South Beach. Great twists and turns. The premise of Miami’s famous dance group getting pulled into this eerie case and somehow wind up being accused, makes for a super story. Highly recommended.”

Invitation Murder Inc

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Ocean Drive

Chapter 2. Bayside

Chapter 3. Downtown

Chapter 4. Washington Ave.

Chapter 5. Coconut Grove 

Chapter 6. Bal Harbour 

Chapter 7.  Port of Miami

Chapter 8. Lincoln Road

Chapter 9. Wynwood

Chapter 10. Miami City Cemetery

Chapter 11. Star Island

Chapter 12. Vizcaya



  “Different. Unique, Great Premise.  I loved this mystery. It was like Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys rolled into one exciting read. This would appeal to adults as well as young audiences who love trying to figure out who the murderer is. I loved the cast of characters.  I’ve seen several reviews where readers compare themselves to these characters.  I would say I’m a combination of Aisha’s movie star qualities and Grace’s empathic nature. This is a great book. I can’t wait for the second one.”

Ninetta Cole

Corporate Designer, Calling All Girls, Inc.

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