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“I have never taken such amazing home study courses as I have with your Crystal Therapy course and your Crystal Medicine course. I have just finished your Chakracology course and it blew me away! You are gifted, Andrew, beyond belief. My clients really love your techniques” Thank you, Anna Kessler

“”I just wanted you to know that I “live” on your web-site. I am very much into crystals and reiki and hope one day to open my own vibrational healing retreat in Trinidad, W.I. I always find something useful on your web-site for my own growth. I get an awesome feel from you and your work, ” ~ Helen Wyckowski

“I have to say that in all of my years of researching health and energy wellness information, yours is the best web site I have visited! I understand how much effort goes into creating such a work and I feel pressed to tell you that your time, energy and devotion to your ‘path’ is valued and appreciated.”  Best, Dr. Jeffrey Chase

“Hello, I have researched the Internet for many topics and needs and I must say, your site is so complete, informativel and enjoyable. Add to that your great products and I find yours to be more than a 5 star site!! I visit often and enjoy it. Many thanks for your wonderful site!” I tell everyone about it!  Best Regards, Mary Aston-Travares

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Andrew Pacholyk MS, L.Ac. has developed many of these products or has had them created to his specifications for his practice. The products represented here are some of the best in the categories of aromatherapy, herbal medicine, massage therapy, Chinese Medicine and the field of energy medicine.