People born in the month of May tend to be very fickle, wanting one thing yesterday, and something totally different today. They express themselves well, and love talking to people and being active socially. May is the time of the Celtic and English holiday, May Day (Beltane) along with the Mexican holiday of Cinco de Mayo and the unofficial start of summer with Memorial Day.

Born in May? You are either the sign of Taurus or Gemini. You have the gift of being strong-willed and highly motivated. This trait attracts others to you and therefore, you can admire this attention. Your mind is a pool of sharp thoughts and deep feelings. You often take a firm point of view and those who don’t see eye to eye with you can easily anger you or upset your frame of mind. Therefore, you can also be very stubborn and hard-hearted.

Beautiful, physically and mentally, it is really your personality that affirms this. Your love for literature and the arts and love for traveling not only fulfills your needs, but also make you attractive and worldly to others.

Ideally, you are a systematic (left brain) thinker, which gives you a love for dreams, but also a very strong clairvoyance scenes. This allows you a good understanding, a good imagination, and hard work ethics. Your restless nature can keep you away from home (although you need home to regulate yourself, keeps you spend thrifty and in good physical condition.

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