The Hanged Man

 The Hanged Man: card of patience, contemplation, sacrifice
Key Words: New Perspective, Waiting, Sacrifice, Release, Surrender

This is the power of “letting go”. While you are waiting…..

the greatest benefits can be learned, when you are able to let go. We all think we have control over most situations, when in fact, we have control over almost no situations.  Allow the present moment to happen. It is going to happen regardless as to how much you try to alter the outcome.  Of course, it is good to try your best and have the courage to change the things you can, but also to understand the things you cannot change.

Use the power of observation. While you are “hanging around”, take a look at your situation from a different or new perspective. Review what you have dealt with in the past. Be conscious of the “blessings” which come from your hardship. Sacrifice may be required to move forward.

Consider the spiritual aspect of your life. This can help with a new found light or situation you did not know existed. (1), (2), (4)

Key Symbols:

 Cross: The cross represents the union between the material and the spiritual. It is the crossroads or divergence of the two coming together. The cross is a sign of protection. The 4 points and 4 quadrants represent both the elements and four directions.

Leaves: are the representation of growth and vitality.

Ropes: Ropes have long been a symbol of binding or imprisonment. The more we struggle and rage against our circumstances, the tighter our knots will become.  Allowing time and patience to discover how to unravel these knots is the key to any release.

Key Questions
When the Hanged Man card comes up:

Are you investing time to relax?
Are you willing to sacrifice your expectations?
Are you struggling with a decision or problem? Can you let it go?
Are you over-extending yourself and need to take a “time-out” break?
Should you wait a bit to make that decision you’ve been worried about?
What activities in your life can you give up in order to allow more benefits?
What beliefs and thoughts do have that hinder your progress? Can you give them up?
Are there things/people in your life you are trying to control? Can you let go of that need to control?

The Hanged Man:
Major Arcana
Chakra: Crown Chakra
I Ching: Pi
Runes: Isa, Eihwaz, Berkano
Number 12 (see number 3)
Element: Water
Planet: Neptune
Rules: Pisces
Colors: Blue, Red, Grey
Crystal: Amethyst, AmetrineAquamarine, Beryl,  Iolite, Sodalite

Characteristics: mystical, creative, empathetic, dreamy, addictive, self absorbed, magical, loving, feeling, artistic. Change, reversals, boredom, abandoning, rebirth, sacrifice. The Hanged Man is hanging from his foot, not his neck. This position (called baffling) was done to someone in the Middle Ages to humiliate them. The word for this today means “frustrate or confuse”. The idea comes from his positioning with hands behind the back and one leg crossed, as if he is contemplating the difficulties in life in order to become more enlightened. The frustration comes from not being able to help himself down and so he must wait for an intervening force to release him from his fate.


4. Rider Waite Centennial Edition

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