by Andrew Pacholyk, MS L.Ac

India has offered the world a collection of music, instruments and soundscapes, like no other.

The geographic, language, and cultural diversity of India contributes to a broad range of musical styles. Based on ancient folklore and traditions, Indian music offers its own unique bravado. Common elements of Indian music include ragas, drones, improvisation, and even the commercial magic of Bollywood.

Indian music typically contains no harmony, and can be completely improvised. It is rarely written down. Rhythmic patterns called “taal”, keep music unique to certain communities and even times of the year. Please enjoy these wonderful selections from my own collections of music from India!

1. Traditional: The Spirit of India

2. The Sounds Of India

3. The Sounds of India (Remastered 2016)

4. Goddess: Divine Energy, Music from India

5. Kashi: Songs from the India Within

6. Discover Music from India

7. Namaste (Relaxing Music from Asia)

8. Healing Music from India, Vol. 1 (feat. Ancient Indian Raagas)

9. Yoga Grooves : Rhythmic Yoga Music from India

10. Traditional Indian Meditation Music – Classical Songs from India for Relaxation

Enjoy more of India’s mystical landscape, history and gifts…

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