by Andrew Pacholyk MS L.Ac ~

A symbolic object is a term used for the representation of a piece of jewelry or charm that is utilized as a mental focus for creating positive change. The very same object may work as a talisman, amulet or good luck charm depending on how it is used. Hailed as folk terminology, they may have differing definitions from place to place and person to person- but here are some basics:

This is a term usually given to a piece of jewelry or decoration, which is intended to keep away negative influences. These objects are usually displayed openly and are often given as gifts. Talismans are perfect gifts for new home owners, children, newlyweds and others experiencing a major change in life. You might notice that sometimes a Talisman is said to have an attractive or positive quality, such as “for wealth”. This typically works by dispelling the opposite. So, for example a “for wealth” talismans would actually work by keeping away poverty or financial difficulties. Remember that what makes a talisman is the intent and how it is used not the actual object. A necklace that works as a talisman to one person might be a good luck charm to another.

Amulet is a term given to a symbolic object, which is meant to attract energies. Amulets are often kept hidden or displayed very discreetly and without drawing attention to their true function. (For example, many people wear “decorative” necklaces or earrings which are in fact amulets.) Amulets work by helping to focus our sub-conscious minds on what we wish to create so that we may more effectively draw those things toward us. Traditionally amulets are both given to those in need of them, and acquired independently by those wishing to use them. Amulets are terrific for those about to undertake difficult tasks, make major changes or take risks in their lives.

Good Luck Charms
Good luck charms are personal symbols we choose for ourselves. These are symbols which connect us to our deeper spiritual knowledge or which make us feel positive about ourselves and the world we live in. Good luck charms can be any symbol or object at all which inspires us and are often displayed and used quite publicly. Images of animal totems, angels, fairies and leprechauns are common good luck charms as are favorite pieces of jewelry, key chains and “lucky coins.” A good luck charm is appropriate any time you run across a symbol or object that makes you feel good and which you want to have as part of your daily life.

Scrying (Mirrors, crystal balls…)
Scrying is the ancient art of clairvoyance achieved by concentrating on an object – usually one with a reflective or semi-reflective surface (mirror, crystal ball, water, etc.) – until visions appear. The term scrying comes from the English word descry, which means ‘to make out dimly’ or ‘to reveal.’ The services of the scryer typically are sought for predictions of the future, answers to questions and tracking down criminals, just to name a few. Can be used to enhance your ability to read a blocked mind. Or one with a shield.

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