by Andrew Pacholyk MS L.Ac

Take a minute. Find your center. Close your eyes. Allow a deep breath. Now… listen to your subconscious mind as you reach back to find that which gives you pleasure, makes your heart sing and moves you to do what really brings forth your happiness!

Sense the sea air gently blowing over your body. Let it tossle your hair as the warming sun, slowly kisses your face. Feel the warmth.

Smell the rich flora scented flowers and the ripe smell of sunbaked fruit as the salty air fills your lungs with each breath.

Give your whole body up to the support of the sand you are sitting in, beneath you. Let the sand take all your weight. The deeper you breath the sea air, the more your body releases and let’s go of its tensions.

Feel the gentle air wisp up from your bare toes as it glides up over your body, massaging each Chakra center of energy. Slowly it flows up and over you. Time and time again.

You now feel the gently lapping of the warm Caribbean sea at your feet. You see in your mind’s eye, the beautiful blue green color of the water as you allow your mind to clear and seem as vast as the sea before you.

Sense your toes at the water’s edge by gently wiggling them. Let the sand fall slowly through your fingers as you move them.

Your subconscious mind is the key to dreams. It holds, locked away, the desires and inspirations that you seek to find. What do you see? With each exhale, what is brought to the surface? Like the deep sea, we hold on to our treasures, only to be brought up by a gentle stirring….

Expand the breath in your lungs as you press deeper into the supporting sand. Exhale and realize. Exhale and discover what is rising to the surface.

Now, relax and breathe. Relax and let go.


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