by Andrew Pacholyk MS L.Ac

This meditation exercise involves going into the very center of your being.

You are always welcome to use a tool for your meditation. A brown, black or dark blue candle can be lit.

Stones and crystals can be used such as basalt, ammonite, andesite, lava stone, dolomite, hematite, obsidian. Using any stone that comes deep from within the Earth, (volcanic stones, fossils, mountain stones, fault stones), will help you connect on an outer level. Crystals from deep within the earth that journey to the surface, have the same process as our inner thoughts, which manifest outward.

A personal object that represents who you are or what you wish to aspire to, can be held in your hand or placed before you.

Incense or essential oils which represent the earth, mountains or nature can be lit. Scents such as patchouli, cedarwood, sandalwood, myrrh, pine or sage can be utilized.

Sit in a comfortable, sacred space. A space you have created for meditation, yoga, as an altar or relaxation room.

Close your eyes, breathe deeply and regularly. Imagine that you are going deep, deep into a well within your center. Visualize that this beautiful, deep well goes infinitely down and down. Breathe in as you descend, and absorb all the cool, soothing, healing energy that is buried deep in this bountiful space. Breathe out as you descend, and expel all the negative thoughts and energy which you have accumulated during your day.

At this deep level you can access the communicative forces of your inner-intelligence or intuition.

Allow yourself to locate “that which has been misplaced” in your life. Perhaps it is your sense of pride or your self-worth. It could be your well-being or the way you feel about yourself. In discovering and understanding previously unidentified messages from within, you can use this “revelation” in the way you are feeling on the outside.

The goal is not to judge yourself or blame what is happening on “whatever reason” you think…but to heal, emotionally. This meditation is to help you to get a deeper perspective on your dis-ease or dis-comfort, in order to know the exact reason and purpose of the distress you are undergoing. It is to realize that you are here to face this for a reason. Discover what that means to you.

Through each exhale, allow yourself the opportunity to help connect and eliminate the stressors associated with this.

Your deep inner world has its own essence, its own reality, its own light. Feel the silence, peace, and calm; no noise can reach you here, no words, no sound. Breathe deeply and slowly, experiencing your deepest, most serene essence in the silence of your unending healing capacity.

At the end of your time, when you are ready to come back, bring your focus back to the space behind your eyes. Slowly open them, when ready.

I always recommend journaling about your experience afterwards, so that you may gain another perspective or realization once you have finished.

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