“Anoint myself for healing sake,
to release the binds and make the break
from illness, ill will, broken ties,
O’ show me honest, good allies.
Let health and wellness show and tell,
my soul where rainbow colors dwell.
And bring a path for those to heal,
With open arms and heart gentil.”


Self-empowerment; Insight, Awareness

Color: Blue, Green
Stone: Apache Tears, Emerald, Fluorite, Labradorite, Rhodochrosite
Essential Oil: Lavender, Frankincense
Incense: Mother Earth, Terra-cotta Hymn, Shaman Circle
Tea: D-Tox, Arthritis, Brain, Bright Eye, Calm, Cold Comfort, Heart
Herb: Goldenseal, Echinacea, Chamomile, Lavender
Guiding Principle: “Staying Healthy”, “Overcome Depression”, “Find Mental Strength”

The Metaphysics of Self-Healing

Traditionally, metaphysics refers to the branch of philosophy that attempts to understand the fundamental nature of all reality, whether visible or invisible. It seeks a description so basic, so essentially simple, so all-inclusive that it applies to everything, whether divine or human or anything else. It attempts to tell what anything must be like in order to be at all.

Our health is a balancing act! A balancing act between a fit, physical body, an open, Universal spirit and a mentally strong mind. We are in charge of our health and how we choose to live makes all the difference between being on point or being off balance.

Whatever your idea of good health, here you can learn how to transform your health, discover your healing journey and learn that health is built on the the building blocks of change. Get tips on how to improve your health right now. Our metaphysical healing journey can utilize the power of essential oils, meditation, crystals and gemstones, the insight of our own self awareness and our featured products.

Our Health is a Balancing Act!

Our health. It is our greatest gift and is often the one thing we often take for granted. Our health is always changing. The basis of our health is a combination of genetics, lifestyle and environmental choices. We tend to only be aware of our health after we are ill. The issue of prevention is often neglected due to the fact that we take our good health as something we will always have.

Combining awareness of all three levels of our mind, body and spirit health can make the person you seek in yourself, a better one. It will allow you to love, honor and enjoy who you are. It will help you to understand what makes YOU tick! Embracing all three aspects really creates an energy or vibration that resonates to your higher self. You will feel different. You honor yourself more and know why.

Improve Your Health NOW

You can be the most powerful, successful and happiest. You deserve all that you desire and should honor all that you are. Find the complete and satisfied soul inside yourself. You are without a doubt, an amazing person. Take time to honor that. Would you like to improve your health? Better your life? Be who you are suppose to be? We sometimes stray from these very simple facts…

Non Compliant With Your Health

“I want to get better/exercise/eat right… I just don’t have the time/money/energy”. “I can’t remember to take my herbs or supplements!”
“I just can’t afford the treatments”. Translates to: I don’t love myself enough. I am not worthy. I don’t deserve to feel better. I choose to neglect myself. I don’t really want to get better. How will I get sympathy and attention if I am not sick? What’s your resistance to healing?

Change: The Building Blocks We Need

Our lives are made up of the building blocks of change. Change creates the person we must grow to be. Change happens for a reason. That reason is to allow us possibilities we may not have seen in the first place. This can be traumatic or it can be less so. The single most important point you can make about change is that it’s not what faces you that’s the problem, it’s how you react to it.

The Remedy Most Forgotten

Mind medicine imparts the healing power on the entire body. This “trickle-down effect” can be seen repeatedly in many forms of Eastern medicine. The psychological root-cause of each person’s belief system, which becomes the texture of how we live our lives, can be expressed in the subtle energies of the body as well as in the expression of disease.

Healing Essential Oils

The essences from plants and flowers are some of the most healing nectar on the planet!  Extracted through methods of steam distillation or cold pressing, nature releases the most potent and fragrant oils for the sake of health and healing!  Experience a vast and varied amount of pure essential oils from common herbs such as basil or peppermint, or something more exotic like patchouli or roses!

Crystals for Awareness

Crystals can be used as a tool for self-awareness, healing and meditation. Historically, crystals have been used as remedies as far back as antiquities. Worn and adorned for stature and wealth, carried and embraced for its powers of self-conscious thought and healing, as well as, bathed with and used in remedies to bring about change, empowerment and meditative peace.

Your Healing Journey

What shift does it take for someone to find that road to feeling well again? The path to wellness must include a sense of freedom and enjoyment within that journey, and we have to be true to ourselves. We have to believe in the recovery process

Which ever form of therapy you are working with, these practices should reinforce the belief in the recovery and the transformation to wellness and balance.  What stops us from getting better?.

“Life is designed by our soul and spirit as our moment-by-moment opportunity to expand our consciousness.”

We get sick for a reason. There is the germ and virus explanation that is the basis of Western medicine. There is also another way of looking at it. When we catch a cold, it is because our immune system is low and makes us more vulnerable to these bacteria or viral infections. When we are stressed and the adrenal glands are working over time, we set ourselves up for a bigger fall. We leave the door open, when we do not take care of ourselves. There are also the metaphysical reasons behind illness and that is due to the lack of love and honor we give ourselves.

Once we are ill, this becomes another mind set. We become more aware, more sensitive to our bodies, to our emotions, to our mortality. Our perceptions create our reality. When we realize that we are ill, we can become overwhelmed. I have seen it with myself and I have seen this with my patients.

There is a mind medicine that must be taken along with all your other treatments. That is to reprogram your consciousness to create the perception that you are on the road to recovery. I have seen this work with someone who has had a cold, as well as those who have been terminally ill. When a transformation is focused along side with other forms to fight the illness, the healing process accelerates. Your belief in your recovery is the first and foremost therapy that should be applied.

Again it is our mindset. There are those who actually enjoy being in their illness. They get the love and attention they may not have. They may find this a great excuse to miss work, step out of life for a bit, or simply to slow down. Perhaps, it is a sign their bodies are telling them that it is time to slow down. Some people are just not ready or willing to be on the recovery path. Even if they say they are. If they have not made the conscious effort to truly believe in their recovery, they are only half way there. Your belief in your recovery is the first and foremost therapy that should be applied.



Study Energy Medicine at Home

The Homestudy Courses make it possible for anyone to study energy medicine at home, on your time!  These certifications programs are offered by the National Association of Holistic Wellness

*Transitions: The Transformational Guide and Workbook for Creating Great Health This is the culmination of years of Andrew Pacholyk, MS, L.Ac. clinical work. This is a manual you can use, whether you are healthy or ill or somewhere in between and you want to re-balance your mind, body and spirit to become the whole person you can be! This workbook gives you a plan to take care of yourself. It can be used over and over to find balance and keep yourself as healthy as possible. It gives you “tools” to use when and where you need them. It helps to evaluate where you are in your journey and offers ways to get you exactly where you want to be! Want to know more?

*The “Color Elite” Color Therapy Certification Course Andrew Pacholyk, MS, L.Ac. has finally published his most complete healing course using the power of color and light therapy. This ultimate guide to chromotherapy teaches you about color and every aspect of it, how it is used in different therapeutic settings and how it has become such a great healing modality, no matter what profession you are in you will learn how to incorporate color into your daily life! Want to know more?

*The Crystal Light Crystal Therapy Course This incredible course is our biggest and most popular course on the internet! This is the study of crystals and how to heal with earth’s precious gems! Want to know more?

*Chakracology – A Workbook and Manual This workbook format allows you to look at the energy of the Chakra and how they affect us on a daily basis. The book allows you to work through each center on a mental, spiritual, as well as a physical level and then find ways to re-align, balance and manage your energy in a positive way! Want to know more?

*The Healing Art of Touch – Massage Therapy Homestudy Learn the art of touch and massage therapy through Andrew’s very extensive course. Complete anatomy lessons, varied techniques and amazing information is offered in this course. Also learn the business aspects of massage, how to cope with clients that are difficult and energy transference are just a few of the many topics covered! Want to know more?

*What’s Your Heart Telling You? Finding Love and Romance – The Workbook and Journal Andrew Pacholyk, MS, L.Ac. has now published his newest work based on years of personal intimacy, clinical experience, counseling and client research on the ways to navigate love, sex, romance and relationships in a modern day world. Andrew has devised this very thorough workbook and journal with questionnaires, exercises, quotes, tips, meditations, feng shui, aromatherapy, massage and herbal applications for creating the perfect scenario for finding, coping and keeping love in your life! Want to know more?

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