by Andrew Pacholyk MS L.Ac ~

Music is a great catalyst for empowering dreams, boosting motivation and invigorating life itself! Whether you seek better insight or the need for inspiration, the right music takes you to the level you need most.

Here to inspire you are special songs that encourage, empower and entrain you to feel lucky. These melodies cross several genre, yet they ring true for me as a connection to a Universal life force and the amazing way we can find hope through song. I call this list:

The “Feeling Lucky” Playlist

1. Luck Be A Lady , Frank Sinatra
2. With A Little Luck, Paul McCartney
3. Some Guys Have All the Luck , Rod Stewart
4. Good Luck Charm, Elvis Presley
5. Good Luck & True Love, Start Station
6. Lucky One , Amy Grant
7. With a Little Bit of Luck , My Fair Lady
8. Lucky , Britney Spears
9. Lucky, Jason Mraz
10. Lucky Now , Ryan Adams
11.Lucky Strike , Maroon 5
12. Lucky That Way, Joe Walsh
13. Lucky Man , Emerson, Lake & Palmer
14. I Feel Lucky, Mary Chapin Carpenter
15. How Lucky I Am, Brian White
16. Lucky Star , Madonna
17. God Luck and Good Speed , Season of Mist
18. Third Time Lucky , Basia
19. Just Your Luck – Guided Imagery for Personal Development , Coach Michael J. Emery
20. The Luck of the Irish, Blarney Music
Special Mention: Fortuosity, Tommy Steele

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