by Andrew Pacholyk, MS L.Ac ~

Desert climates around the world have a powerful and charismatic persona! My allure towards the desert has grown over the years as I discover more and more their illustrious beauty, as well as their treasures. The desert expresses its beauty through the rising and setting sun, painting the desert floor and sky with a multitude of fascinating colors. The air is dry, yet crisp and gives me a sense of empowerment as I associate it through music. I have had the opportunity to visit some of the world’s greatest deserts and through these travels I have found music that tells the stories the natural surroundings can offer. These melodies cross different times and genres in music, yet ring so true in their accuracy. I call this playlist:

Andrew’s Desert Melodies

1. Desert Symphony, Del Rio
2. Overture (From “The Desert Song”), Constantine Callinicos
3. Sunrise at Sindhu, Desert Dwellers
4. Crystal Desert, Fiona Joy Hawkins
5. Sahara Sunset, Karunesh
6. Walking Through the Desert Near Palpa, The Smiling Buddhas
7. Navajo Skip Dance Song, Fernando Cellicion
8. Painted Desert, Grand Canyon Suite
9. Palm Desert, Ray Kelley Band
10. Las Vegas, Underground Lovers
11. Midnight In The Desert, Crystal Gayle
12. Desert Sand, Inc. Palms Down
13. Praise To The Desert, Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra
14. Desert Air, Gary Burton
15. Sonoran Desert Holiday, US Air Force Air
16. Desert Serenity, Karim Azedia
17. Tunisia: Winds from the Desert), Layali de Tunis
18. Desert Grooves 2, Various Artists
19. Desert Wind, Radiophonic
20. Desert Rose, Sting