Violet Energy

~ Violet is the most exalting, most spiritual of all the energy rays. An extremely balanced and refined space of unconditional enlightenment is found here. Embrace the color of Universal energy, the glow at twilight and this most healing color!



Violet is the highest frequency of vibrational speed and probably the most elusive to most people.

Associated with it’s ability to obtain a connection with everything that is divine, this energy has the most intense, electrochemical power. With this energy we have the gift and the possibilities that reach far beyond the physical plane.

Violet is a combination of blue and red and helps to balance spiritual growth, universal love, encourages the flow of imagination and the integration of ideas and allows openness to divine wisdom, selflessness and speeds up natural healing.

Violet in Healing

Violet energy is associated with the Crown Chakra and soothes mental and emotional stress. It is used for bouts of hysteria, delusions and addictions and brings spiritual insight and renewal of our higher selves. This cooling, calming color is the most advanced color of the visible light spectrum. This color governs the central nervous system (CNS), pineal gland, cerebral cortex, the right eye and upper brain function. It slows down an overactive heart and mind. This color is contraindicated for those suffering from depression or melancholia.

The Nature of Violet

Violet is the color of amethyst, lavender and beauty berries. It takes its name from the flower violets . Violet is the color at the end of the visible light spectrum, between blue and ultraviolet. Violet and purple look very similar; but violet is a true color, with its own set of wavelengths on the spectrum of visible light, while purple is a composite color. Violet is found in amethyst, charoite and lepidolite crystals, mauve, violets, lilacs and iris flowers, and the violet-backed starling, Imperial Amazon parrot, marine hatchetfish, purple sea urchin and the violet carpenter bee.

Sacred Violet

In almost every culture, violet represents royalty, spirituality and wisdom. Violet is the color most often associated with the papal colors, kings and queens and of priests and wizards. This long, purple haze is the color of twilight, known as crepuscular light or eventide, giving it a spiritual association. In Chinese Medicine theory, violet represents the harmony of the Universe because it is a combination of red and blue (Yin Energy and Yang Energy respectively). In Hinduism and Buddhism violet is associated with the Crown Chakra.

The Tao of Violet

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of placement to enhance the flow of “vital life energy” or Qi. Practitioners believe that environments can be arranged and decorated in a way that maximizes the flow of Qi, resulting in improvements to health and happiness of those who live in that environment. Violet is associated with the balance of Universal powers of Yin Energy and Yang Energy. It used in the southeast area of the bagua map of your home or office both in the Prosperity area and the southwest area for Marriage and Relationships. Use as an accent with yellow or gold to create a balance of the two colors.

The Taste of Violet

Food is an important and nourishing way to introduce color in our healing process.The pigments found in blue and purple foods are high in anti-cancer properties. As in the Chakra System, these foods also coordinate with the same energy centers. Include these blue/indigo/violet foods into your diet: Blueberries, black currants, eggplants, plums, concord grapes, purple cabbage, purple Peruvian potatoes, as well as, Vitamin E, kelp, iodine and seaweed products. Violet foods including sugar and alcohol, fall into this category because of its action on the brain.

Wearing Violet

Encouraging passion, violet and shades of mauve, pinks and purples express passion. Purple is more aggressive. Lavender attracts the opposite sex because it sends the signal that the person can be vulnerable, while mauve or pink shades communicate love and affection. Used as accents, violet clothing gives an air of sophistication and elegance. Paired with its complementary colors of gold or yellow, it would suggest royalty, legitimacy and humility. Wearing violet accentuates your passion for life and how you connect with it in a more spiritual sense.

Power Over Us?

Psychics and those who are able to observe the aura with their Third Eye Chakra, report that those who are most spiritually inclined often have a violet (Ketheric) aura. It is said that people with violet auras are forward looking visionaries who may include professions such as performers, artists, healers, photographers, venture capitalist, astronauts, futurist, or quantum physicists. The occult is tied to violet due to its association with mystery, intrigue and wisdom.

The Balance of Violet

We all need a certain amount of violet light in our lives.  When we surround ourselves with too much violet, we can feel a lack of contact with reality, which causes fanatic behavior, having no concern for others or a false feeling of superiority over others. A balance of violet, offers us great mental power with humility, kindness and fairness. We feel more reverence toward all life. This opens up the opportunity to be more of an idealists, self sacrificing and humane,

Healing Compliment

The complement color to violet is yellow.  The remedy for “too much violet” in our lives is balanced by adding yellow in the form of yellow light, clothes, food or meditation. Yellow is extremely joyful and empowering, a rejuvenating color of happiness and will power. Balancing violet with yellow, gives us a sense of equilibrium. It creates a feeling of being in touch but yet, with a spiritual repose. This exhilarating boost of a warm color with a cold one, offers a welcomed connection!


A purple hue in terms of color theory, magenta is evoked by light having less power in green wavelengths than in blue/violet and red wavelengths (complements of magenta). In the Munsell color system, magenta is called red–purple.

This healing color blends to hot aspects of red with the cooling properties of purple. This color is thought to bring Universal harmony and emotional balance. It is spiritual (due to purple) yet practical (due to red), encouraging common sense (from red) and a balanced outlook on life (from purple).

Magenta is a color that encourages spontaneous and impulsive behavior. Its opposite also allows for a resourceful and organized approach to life.

This is one reason why using magenta can help negotiate peace and calm in those who are at odds with one another.  Another reason, is due to the fact that magenta can promote compassion, kindness and cooperation. Magenta is used to encourage self respect and contentment while representing Universal love at its highest level. It

Being surrounded by too much magenta energy can generate arrogance and bossiness making us feel overwhelmed, irritated, anxious and intolerant. Magenta can promote depression and despair in some, and prevent others from dealing with challenges – it may be just too relaxing for introverts and the chronically depressed.

 An excess of magenta energy can be balanced by introducing green into your surroundings.

Discover more about the power of color therapy…

The Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra is called, Sahasrara or the 7th Chakra. It is most associated with the energies of thought, Universal identity, and relates to consciousness as pure awareness. It is our connection to the greater world beyond, to a timeless, space-less place of all-knowing. When developed, this Chakra brings us knowledge, wisdom, understanding, spiritual connection, and bliss. It is the combination of All that Is and the divine connection. The Crown Chakra is located at the top of the head.

Violet As Energy

Violet Energy may help when:
* you have emotional problems
* want to clear an existing situation
* strengthen your spiritual values
* strengthen your creativity
* need more humility
* lack peace, calm or serenity
* need greater mental clarity
* require reverence to your higher self

Lessons from Violet

From mauve to mallow, violet runs the spectrum from lavender to grape. The tint or shades of violet will vary depending how much white or black are mixed into this secondary color.  By adding one or two of the additional primary colors together with violet, you create other variations.  The darker the violet around us, the more “noble”  or inspired we are, while the lighter the violet around us, the more intuitive and spiritual we feel…

Violet encourages our relationship to Universal enlightenment and unbridled consciousness.

Use violet to reaffirm the power of your insight, received as a gut feeling, affirmed by your Third Eye intuition.

Tied to the knowledge of the ages, invite violet to stimulate your unconscious connection to your mind power.

Use violet to convey a sense of refinement, style and sophistication.

Use violet to unearth the hidden power or “fate” believed to master what happens in the future.

Violet gives us impetus to stimulate our creative sources of imagination,

Violet is the color most shrouded in intrigue and the depths of the unknown…

Use violet to help with the interpretation and insight into your dream world…

Violet allows us to move or transform from our deepest insight of who we are to what we wish to become.

This comes from the power and influence this color makes us feel. It is the result of being connected

Use violet to help with “royal” self-confidence and self-acceptance.

Allow yourself to nurture in violet for self-love, the joy of self-empowerment and a state of grace!

“Frozen Light”
Crystal Spectrum

Purple Agate

This is a stone of meditation and spiritual transformation. This stone works on the upper Chakra. It assists in allowing trust with your own intuition and opens the spiritual flood gates to a realm of endless possibilities. It gives us the space to “be” our spiritual selves and clears the mind for extraordinary vision and insight. Agate is composed of microscopic crystals of Quartz laid down in colorful bands or ribbons.


The stone of transformation, spirituality and dream recall. Amethyst is the stone of transformation from all addiction, promoting inner peace. Used for contentment and meditation. Provides common sense and flexibility in decisions. Strengthens and enhances psychic abilities, imagery and mind quieting. Wear when sleeping or when awake to reduce anger, depression, grief, impatience, and nightmares.


AKA Auralite 23 is considered the “stone of peace and tranquility”. Rich in (now what is believed to be) 35 elements making up 17 different minerals, it therefore, can engage all 7 major Chakra. Brings about heightened awareness, this stone makes us conscious of how quiet and calm our mind can be, when we let go and allow this to happen. Its multi-layered mineral pattern makes these stones powerful synergy of different energies and a strong emotional healer.


The stone of transformation. Charoite helps seeing old patterns with new possibilities. It is believed to open the heart, allow inspiration, encourage service, and grants us the ability for seeing more clearly (mentally, physically, psychically). It is believed that this stone brings about faster healing. Some find it useful for entity release work. Most effective on the upper centers of energy, which are the Heart, Third Eye and Crown Chakra


This stone is an excellent stone for healing. This is a stone that is said to encompass the energies of all the other crystals in the gem kingdom due to its rainbow colors! This is the best crystal for any kind of disorganization in your life. It helps to awaken suppressed feelings and combats narrow mindedness. Therefore, it is useful to promote unbiased impartiality.


Kunzite is a powerful, high level stone. It is used against negative energy and empowers positive and loving thoughts. Used for healing abuse, loss, addictions. Kunzite helps those who suffer from inner turmoil and helps to find the balance between reason and feeling. For the Crown Chakra, it deepens altered states such as psychic readings, healing or being centered emotionally and spiritually.


This is the stone of rebirth. Useful for transitions in life. Helpful in times of stress and coping with stress therefore, creating calm and relaxation. Lepidolite is used to help ease the transition from addiction. Gently eases intensity of our emotional feelings, mood swings, depression, manic-depression, worry, and anxiety. Brings hope, relief, gentleness, self-love, patience, self-forgiveness, unworried sleep, mental/emotional balance, and well-being.


Scapolite are a group of crystals being a mixture of the meionite and marialite families. Scapolites come in many colors from pink to lavender, yellow to colorless and each stone takes on the metaphysical properties of the alumino-silicate minerals around it. In this category, the violet/lavender stones, are associated with the Crown Chakra and are used for important life decisions. Scapolite helps you to move into a meditative mind more easily.

Color and Aromatherapy

The marriage of color and scent have long had strong associations. Often, when we see a color, we can sense the type of scent that could accompany it.  The color of the flower can be a direct correlation with the oils they produce.

Green = pine, eucalyptus, vetiver
Rose/Red = roses, geraniums, tulips
Purple/Indigo = lavender, lilac

But sometimes, the direct association is not obvious and the color can often be found in the hue of the leaves or the tint of the inner workings, we only get a glimpse of.  This is the case with violet. Here are some of the most popular essential oils associated with violet:

~ Juniper, Lavender, Frankincense, Spanish Sage, Violet, Peppermint, Hyssop, Birch, Cajeput, Carrot Seed, Grapefruit, Basil, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Clary Sage


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What color do you need now?

Color therapy is a technique of restoring imbalance by means of applying color to the body. It was a popular method of therapy even in ancient times.

Color can be the catalyst for our healing process. Color encourages the body to work with the color(s) we are most drawn to.  You will find yourself drawn to one color more than others. The energy vibration of that color is what you need, at this moment, in order improve and balance your emotional state.   Selecting your chosen color by clicking on it…

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