Sedona Stones

There is no place quite like Sedona!  Sedona is an Arizona desert town near Flagstaff that’s surrounded by red-rock buttes, steep canyon walls and pine forests. It’s noted for its mild climate and vibrant arts community. Sedona is a true oasis and vacationer’s paradise in the middle of the desert. Here, you’ll find resorts and spas, canyons and red rock formations. Bell Rock and Oak Creek Canyon are great hiking spots, and the dramatic architecture of the Chapel of the Holy Cross is a religious experience itself. When the sun dips down below the horizon it introduces the best show in Sedona: the night sky.

Sedona stones are fragments of our earth (including sand, salt, jasper, obsidian, iron…) that have been here for over millions of years. This region was filled with sea water and over time, the waters gradually withdrew. Time, combined with wind and erosion, created these magnificent crimson monuments. The state is also famous for copper, and a variety of copper minerals are mined as gemstones. These include azurite, chrysocolla, and malachite. Other Arizona gem materials include agate, amethyst, garnet, jade, jasper, obsidian, onyx, opal, Boji stones, Shaman stones, moqui marbles and petrified wood.

“Rock of the Vortex”

Propertiesfamous for its energy centers or vortex, Sedona has become a magnet for those seeking powerful enlightenment and a spiritual presence. These amazing stones pulse with energy! My stones have been gathered at the Cathedral Rock Vortex. This vortex, also lovingly referred to as “mama rock”, has a compassionate, nurturing, feminine energy that engulfs you when you work with these stones.

Cathedral Rock Vortex is famous for sacred Native ceremonies of the heart, as well as weddings. Referred to as the “Cathedral without walls” this magnetic vortex has concentrated energy rising from the earth. You feel a range of sensations from a slight tingling on exposed skin, or a vibration emanating from the ground, but most often this vortex is felt by a palpable sensation across the nape of the neck and the shoulders.

This amazing red stone has a warm and grounding energy to it. It connects to our Root Chakra, brings about sensations of fire, desire, awakening and power. Each ancient stone comes with its history, how to use it as an energy tool, a related meditation, as well as how to cleanse, care and nurture it.

Related Desert Stones


This stone has been used and cherished by the American Indian tribes of this region for centuries. Arizona turquoise is known for its blue color. The presence of copper creates these deep blue tones. Native people in the Southwest used turquoise for ornamental and religious purposes. It is one of the most healing and prized stones in the world!

Mochi Marbles

The Navajo Sandstone is a quartz grain with about 90% quartz, 5% potassium feldspar, 5% clay and other accessory minerals. Moqui marbles are also called Shaman stones or Thunderballs.  A Hopi legend explains how the departed Hopi ancestors played games with these “marbles” at night when spirits roam the earth. Then leaving the marbles behind at sunrise to let relatives know they are well.


These stones are rough spheres usually containing centers of chalcedony in the form of agate, jasper or opal. They are found in the Black Rock Desert and Arizona flats, as well as within a rhyolitic lava flow regions. It was a Native Indian belief that if these stones were powerful enough to contain the energies of a volcanic eruption they could store human energies making them ideal for healing or protective amulets.

Vortex Awareness

These stones are great dream stones and are great assistance to enhance the dream state. This stone has the ability to allow one to access their past lives and access ancient wisdom. very protective and only allow certain energies to enter its vortex. Beware, this stone may induce experiences, or visions, where one makes direct contact with their spirit-guide(s) while conscious in the reality of the physical world.

A vortex is the funnel shape that is created by the motion of spiraling energy and can be made up of anything that flows, like wind and water.  Vortex sites are believed to have energy that exists on multiple dimensions and this energy interacts with a person’s inner self. The Sedona stones are the conduit between the earth’s energy and your energy. They allow you to hold a little piece of the earth’s timeless energy in the palm of your hand.  The rest is up to you.



Angels: Guardian Angel
Associated Crystal:  silicate-sandstone mineral family
Color: Red
Chakra: Root Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, Crown Chakra
Element: Water, Earth
Flowers: Desert flowers,
Gods/Goddesses: Aholi, Angwusnasomtaka, Kokopelli, Shaman spirit,
Planet: Sun, Moon
Zodiac: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Sabbat: Ostara, Litha, Mabon, Yule
Tarot: The High Priestess

Rainbow Meditation

Using the full color spectrum of light in meditation can be a very peaceful and rewarding attunement to the power of color.  Color holds a special power over us, and often the full spectrum of visible light that we can see, can be the most rewarding of all. So how about recreating the power of the rainbow with this soothing meditation.

Here is what you need: your imagination!  If you want to get creative, you can add in colored lights, crystals of all different colors, knowledge of the Chakra or a single mantra or word!

Read more here

Cleansing & Charging Sedona Stone

~ Cleansing a crystal is always a good idea to rid it of energies (negative or otherwise) that it may have picked up during handling and excessive use.

~ Charging a crystal is bringing its energy levels back up, after use and cleansing. Like re-charging a battery after it has lost its energy.  A great way to do this (and remind you that it is time to do so) is during a full moon.

Crystal Cleansing: method 1 – 3 and 5 – 8

The Power of Color

Color plays a major role in determining how your crystal can help you.  A crystal’s color is due to its combination of minerals, which give it it’s own personality.  It contributes in what attracts you to it.  The psychological aspects of color determine how a crystal’s healing properties work.

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