by Andrew Pacholyk MS L.Ac

Angels are the servers of God. Messengers sent to do his will and his bidding. Angels are energy bodies that are the reflection of the perfection of God. They are unlike humans, in that they do not have free will but merely answer God’s call. Angels are not sent to interfere with our own free will. So when we call to connect with an angel, it is essential to know this, in order to cause no harm or interrupt anyone else’s life plan.

1. Ask for help -” It is with great humility that I ask for your assistance”

Asking for help was always difficult for me. In the past, I would feel that I was imposing myself on someone, when I asked for help. I felt I was not worthy to ask or did not deserve it. As I gained self-esteem, I gained the trust in knowing, “it didn’t hurt to ask.” The answer could go one of two ways – either yes or no. I discovered that most people are very willing to help. It is the same with asking an angel for assistance. Angels are bound by the Cosmic Law or natural laws of the Universe. It is therefore, within their nature to want to help! Now define what you want and ask the Universe for it. This is where you need to get clear on what it is you want to create and visualize what you want, as being as “real” as possible.Remember, you are able to ask angels at any time for assistance and in return, you open yourself up to the greater opportunity to receive from them.

Angelic Lesson: Understand the ways of Cosmic Law or the natural laws of the Universe..

2. Believe – I am worthy to ask for help without consequence.

I realized first hand, that my self-esteem had everything to do with my ability to feel worthy to ask for something! Once we ask, it is up to us to believe. We need to feel and behave as if our prayer is on its way. Focus your thoughts and your language on what it is you want to attract. You want to feel the emotion of really “knowing” that your intention is on its way to you. Remember, it is necessary to trust in the process. You have to believe that the outcome is for your greater good. Angelic prayers are always answered. It is important that you release any and all expectations as to how your prayer will be answered. Be ready to receive the gift your angels have prepared for you with gratitude and humility.

Angelic Lesson: Learn techniques for better self-esteem through the honor myself checklist.

3. Receive the message – “It is with great humility and compassion that I accept this gift”.

Can you accept help when it is offered? The concept of “receiving” can be difficult for some people, for several reasons. They either do not feel worthy enough to receive, they feel there is a “catch” or obligation if they do receive or they feel their boundaries are compromised.

Turn the mirror on you. It is our right to receive compliments or gifts from others. I enjoy giving. Whether it is a compliment or a gift, I see how much pleasure and joy I feel when I give or did things for others out of pure love for them. I have also seen where a gift or compliment has been either refused or minimized because the receiver felt uncomfortable with receiving (as I have sometimes done to others). When they did minimize the compliment or gift, it diffused my enjoyment of giving. I realized what it felt like, when I did this to others who had tried to help me or give me something of themselves. That was really a wake-up call. I had not allowed them to feel their own joy or happiness. Remember, the more receptive you are, the more angels are able to give to you. Make it a point to graciously receive any gift from your angel, other people or the Universe. Whether it be an offer to help, listen, a compliment, condolences or an offer to pay or have something repaired.

Angelic Lesson: Learn to receive with humble gratitude.

4. Act on the message – “When the door opens, step through it”.

After receiving a message, accept what you have been shown and act on it in order to bring it to fruition. You have been given a golden opportunity to bring positive change into your life. The message maybe exactly what you asked for or it maybe a variation of it (in some way, shape or form). It is up to you to pay attention and recognize the gift you have just been given! If you are having difficulty with the outcome, ask the angels to help you to understand your message. Interpreting a message takes an open heart, a handful of patience and a clear way to approach the results. Remember, the faster you act, the faster you receive more assistance.

Angelic Lesson: Learn to trust and honor yourself with healing.

5. Relax and Release – “You’ve done all you could do… now, let go and let God”.

After acting on your angelic message, it is important to then accept how it transforms. You have put your greatest intentions out for your angel to hear. You have received your message and have used the message to bring about positive change in your life. Now let it go. Trust that the Universe will provide the rest! Allow for your message and your actions to unfold and manifest. By allowing yourself to be open to ANYTHING that is new to you and giving it a chance, you can find your life going in the direction of new adventures and endless possibilities! Remember, when you let go of an outcome (expectations), you get back what you put out, 10 fold.

Angelic Lesson: Learn how letting go, really transforms your life!

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