by Andrew Pacholyk MS L.Ac

Our Goal this week will be to promote self-worth and promote body awareness. Identity work to raise consciousness. Build self- confidence. Improve our ego, self-esteem, emotional balance and strengthen our positive personality traits. We will allow ourselves to see all the beauty our eyes touch.

Self-esteem issues are different in different people. Although you may feel great about yourself in one area of your life, you may be extremely down on yourself in another. Welcome to the world. We can all seek to improve ourselves. It is time you became committed to truly loving and appreciating yourself and who you are.

1. Walk with your head up – do not look down. Keep your eyes even with the horizon. Tell everyone who you are with your eyes.

Affirmation: I keep my head up high. I choose to be a very loving, humble, secure me.

2. Stay positive, patient and keep your temper in check – Breath. Think of positive thoughts and seek the sunny side of every situation. Avoid getting extremely angry and flying off the handle.

Affirmation: I am calm, cool, collected. Nothing, absolutely nothing bothers me.

3. Stop taking things personally – guess what, it is not all about you. Everyone is not against you and they are not ganging up on you either.

Affirmation: It is not about me. I rise above all that is in my way. I soar free and independent of that, which is around me.

4. Stop playing it safe – It is time to be a risk taker. The worse thing that could happen is that you fall on your face. So what. And your point is? If you do not go out on a limb sometimes, you will continually be ruled by your fear.

Affirmation: I honor all that I am. I deserve the best. I am the best.

5. No more hiding – Your lack of belief in yourself may want to keep you hidden away behind closed doors and from reality. Get out there. Meet and greet. You never know who you will meet. Make it a challenge. You just might meet your next employer, love of your life or bridge partner.

Affirmation: I am powerful and brave. I know we are all in the same situations. We share the same consciousness. I will be the better person and take my place in the world.

6. Change your vocabulary – NOW. Words and phrases like: “I can’t”, It figures, “Just my luck”, ” I’m only human”, “I should have”, “Life sucks” or “It’s impossible”… should never cross your lips…again.

Affirmation: I can, I’m so lucky, I’m so fortunate, I will, I’m deserving, It’s possible, I love my life.

7. Limit the apologizing and drop the guilty – Enough already. You have nothing to be quilty of. Nothing. Continuous apologizing not only is annoying to hear, it shows that you are not grounded and can not find your comfort in your own skin.

Affirmation: I am guilt free. I have nothing to be quilty about. No more excuses or apologies.

8. Make direct eye contact – make it every time with someone… and keep it. Looking down or looking away only shows how insecure you are. You have nothing to be insecure about and everything to be sure of.

Affirmation: There is nothing more beautiful, than a confident person.

9. Accept a compliment – with praise and graciousness. They are not often given out. Take them with pride and honor. Be happy that someone has found there own security enough to give one to you. Show them how secure you are, by thanking them.

Affirmation: I appreciate a compliment. I deserve a compliment. I am grateful.

10. Less taking and more giving – shows you are confident that what you have to give is worth something. The more we take, the more we think we deserve, the more we feed into our poor sense of self.

Affirmation: I am happy to give my time, my love and my charity to all who need it.

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