by Andrew Pacholyk MS L.Ac

Recently, during one of my lectures on stones and crystals, I had the “pleasure” of looking down the barrel (metaphorically, not literally) of a heckler calling me out about the metaphysical properties and use of crystals. This is something I had prepared for during my years of lecturing, but when the day came, I seemed to automatically go into auto-drive.

“How can you say crystals do this? How can you prove to me that I can use crystals for that?”, this person shouted!

I took a deep breath. It seemed like a long time before I was able to answer. I could see the crowd was not only uncomfortable but mortified. I took another deep breath. I then realized in that same moment, that person was me, about 30 years ago. I could actually relate to his doubt, cynicism, and anger…

Before I stumbled down the path on my healing journey, I was a dancer. I discovered alternative healing through the most unlikely of places, a doctor in Thailand. I was dancing on stage and tore a hamstring. The stagehands took me to an acupuncturist. Doubtful, that this was going to help me, in less than four weeks I was back on stage performing. 20 years later, I discovered my second career after suffering 2nd and 3rd-degree burns over my left arm and both legs. This debilitated me, physically, for 7 months of my life and emotionally, for 7 years after. Lost, after the end of my dance career, I had no direction and no idea where to go next. My second career became a gratifying choice in acupuncture and holistic medicine. Out of this, I started to create tools to help assist my patients along their journey… myself included. I worked hard for the opportunity to study with several great mentors along my path, each adding a piece to the puzzle about myself, as well as my inquisitive mind.

I had the pleasure of briefly meeting Melody, soon after the release of her world-renowned book, Love Is In The Earth. Melody will always be the quintessential touchstone of knowledge on crystals. In 1991 she reached award-winning international acclaim for her serious research into the metaphysical properties of more than 700 members of the mineral kingdom. With a Master’s degree in Mathematics, Melody the scientist balanced her left-brain logic with her powerful right-brain love for creativity, arts, and healing. Needless to say, she has left an indelible mark on my life.

The Universe brought me my next mentor in the form of author, spiritist, and metaphysical painter, Zachary Selig. Through him, I learned the art of crystal healing, the attention to color, light and it’s details, and the world of meditation. My practice now focuses on the combination of crystals for meditation work.

“When you take the time to find yourself through the powerful tools which ancient teachings have offered us, you realize how these tools work as a beacon of strength and security, in a world full of uncertainty.”
– Zachary Selig

For those of you who have attended my many lectures or healing sessions, you know that I always start out the session with my understanding of healing with crystals. Crystal healing systems and beliefs are ancient, dating back at least 6,000 years to the time of the Sumerians of Mesopotamia, as well as, the Greek, Roman, Mayan, and Chinese. Each culture discovered relevance and purpose through their use of stones and crystals. These are not new messages or information. My words are simply an accumulated amalgamation of history, told through my love and passion for the mineral kingdom.

“Cystals grew inside rock-like arithmetic flowers. They lengthened and spread, added plane to plane in an awed and perfect obedience to an absolute geometry that even stones – maybe only the stones – understood.”
– Annie Dillard

My love of crystals made me want to delve into the subject matter. For 20 years, I have done a deep dive on the effects, reasons, and purpose these earthly creations have given us. Quartz crystals maintain a precise frequency standard, which helps to regulate the movement of a watch or clock, therefore, making timepieces very accurate. Quartz is also used in radios, microprocessors, and many other technological and industrial applications. Quartz crystals are also found inside test and measurement equipment, such as counters, signal generators, and oscilloscopes.

Early civilizations used crystals such as quartz, garnet, diamonds, and other stones as abrasives to saw blocks of rock and stone or create spectacular jewelry. Diamond bits are used in industrial saws and ropes for cutting blocks and ornamental stones. Drill bits studded with diamond crystals are now used on oil well drills. Rubies are now incorporated into lasers for all types of therapy. Galena and pyrite vibrate at a different rate when an electrical charge is applied, therefore, making them perfect to use in radio transmitters. Between their modern usage and even Biblical references, I have gain more love and respect for nature’s bounty.

I use stones and crystals in my holistic practice as a devise for awareness. They are offered as a meditation tool, as well as through a process of laying stones on the body or crafting a “grid” in order to take advantage of the healing effects (placebo or otherwise.) I use crystals as an adjunct therapy along with any other healing modalities I offer. They “do no harm” and can sometimes be the panacea that helps someone turn a corner, come to a realization, or just assist you in relaxing a little deeper.

In my newest book, Lead Us To A Place ~ your spiritual journey through life’s seasons, I have written:

“Crystals have been used as remedies and objects of beauty to admire. Whether you see these gems as just pretty bobbles to look at or tools to a new awareness, I hope you find their stories engaging. These stone stories have been handed down through families and tribes, teachers and shaman, and are the traditions of many cultures. All the metaphysical meanings of these stones come from these belief systems.”

I took a deep breath and calmly faced my heckler…. “I’m not here to convince you of anything. That is not my job. My job as a healer is to show you who you really are. It’s to mirror back the good that you have within you in order to take responsibility for your health and spiritual healing.

“Crystals are like friends. When you first make a new friend, you naturally sum up who they are by what they like and dislike, associate with, and have an affinity towards. Just like an old friend.”
– Andrew Pacholyk MS L.Ac

In conclusion, I want to thank the 2,000 members of this Yahoogroups community that have participated and contributed mass amounts of healing information, personal stories, and their love for the natural bounty of the earth. We have had an amazing 20 years, and for this, I am grateful.

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I have archived hundreds of articles on crystals, healing therapies, and metaphysical properties, along with all types of crystals, stones, kits, sets, and gift ideas for you to peruse.

May we continue the journey together!

In happiness,

Andrew Pacholyk MS L.Ac

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