by Andrew Pacholyk MS, L.Ac ~

Music is the grand motivator. Whether you seek solitude or need an energy boost, the right music takes you to the level you need most.

So in honor of the completion of my Crystal Ascension Reiki course, I thought it would be a special gift to share the songs that invite healing energy. These melodies cross several genre, yet they ring true for me as a connection to a Universal life force and the amazing way we can heal and find hope through song. I call this list:

Elevating Energy: The Reiki Spirit

1. Journey Through Reiki With Lisa Guyman – 5 Cd Set, Lisa Guyman

2. Reiki – Hands Of Light, Deuter

3. Reiki Music (Asian Flutes & Tibetan Bowls), Reiki Tribe

4. Reiki: The Mind Body Soul Series, Llewellyn

5. Reiki Healing Waves, Parijat

6. Reiki Music – New Age Music Meditation. Reiki Healing Music, Reiki Healing Music Ensemble

7. Reiki Chants, Jonathan Goldman

8. Reiki Meditations, Celeste

9. Reiki Wellness, Various Artists

10. Tibetan Bowls, Bells & Flutes: For Massage, Chakra & Reiki, Massage Tribe

11. Reiki Offering, Shastro & Nadama

12. Reiki Bells – Only Bells Every 3 Minutes, Marco Milone

13. Reiki Starlight, Llewellyn

14. The Reiki Journey: Meditations, Mindful Living, Ginny Mackles

15. Reiki – Healing Light, Margot Reisinger

16. Koyasan Reiki Healing, Deuter

17. Reiki River, Niall

18. Reiki Mountains, Sambodhi Prem

19. Reiki Heart, Capitanata Alberto Grollo

20. Reiki Sleep, Llewellyn

Want to know more?  Add reiki energy into your life…

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