July is the unofficial mid-summer time steeped with brewed ice tea, country lemonade and corn on the cob! It is when we celebrate our Independence day on July 4th as we search out sand, sea and surf!

Born in July? This mid-summer season is the birth time of either Cancer or Leo. No wonder these signs are fun to be with! Those born in July are considered honest, tactful, friendly, witty and approachable. They are often concerned about people’s feelings and guides others physically and mentally. This makes them good mentors, teachers and guides. They tend not to find friend, but friends seem to find them!

They judge people through observations, since they are highly sensitive, emotional beings, they form impressions carefully. They genuinely care and love deeply. July people treat others equally and have a strong sense of sympathy. That is also why they can be easily hurt and take a long time to recover.

When this happens they can become down right temperamental and unpredictable, making them turn inward and become secretive, finding it difficult to fathom why someone would hurt them. They are not aggressive unless provoked, backed in a corner or need to protect themselves.

They are forgiving but never forget and dislike non-sensical and unnecessary things. These hard workers take pride in themselves and have a reputation for being suave, savvy and astute. July folks can be very happy alone, like to be quiet and be home bodies and are self motivators.

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