by Andrew Pacholyk, MS L.Ac
from his exciting new book, Lead Us To A Place ~ your spiritual journey through life’s seasons.

Every summer I take a long-needed vacation to the sea. This powerful source of nature yields some of the most essential healing tools and additional benefits that are hard to compare with anything else. We already know the necessary and soothing abilities water offers. Here are some of the best tools and tips the sea can give:

  1. Sun – is the best source of Vitamin D synthesis. The sun is the source of all life and feels good, especially after a long, cold winter. Prevention and precautions are the most important methods when you go out in the sun. More than 15-20 minutes can be harmful when you are not protected. Applying sunscreen (SPF 15, at least), wear UV-protective sunglasses and clothing. Limiting your time in the sun from I pm. to 3 pm, if possible.

    2. Sand – is a natural exfoliator. These finely ground shells, coral, and carbon matter become an amazing tool for cleansing your skin. Wet your skin in the sea and rub the sand gently over your face and body. Use some in a bowl to create a Zen garden or “sea garden” display.

    3. Salt Water
    – the healing abilities of salt water are profound and well documented. Salt water is an astringent and speeds wound healing. A cup or handful of water in your hand or neti pot is a wonderful cleansing therapy for sinusitis or blocked nasal passages. Slowly inhale the salt water into your nose to cleanse your sinus and open up the air passages. Floating in seawater is an extreme release of tension and stress from the day. Allow yourself to float weightlessly in the water. You deserve it.

    4. Sponge – a natural cleanser and exfoliator, a sponge can be dried in the sun and placed in your decorative bowl or on the bathtub. Rewet your sponge and use it in the bath or shower.

  1. Coral – comes in many forms. When this beautiful “art of the sea” washes up on the beach and bleached by the sun, it’s beauty can be awe-inspiring. Coral is rich in calcium. This “stone” can be used as pumice to exfoliate dead skin cells, bring blood and circulation back to the feet when used as a massage stone and can make a wonderful decorative piece.
  1. Sea Air – deep breathing of ocean air helps us to relax and let go. The faint smell of salt in the air can take us to a place of pure joy. Sea air has a certain aliveness found nowhere else. This deep breathing can help release tension and the problems associated with it.
  1. Exercise – yoga, body toning, running on the beach, or breathing exercises are all great ways to stay fit and take advantage of the outdoor activities offered us in summer. Make exercise enjoyable. In the summer months, it is a good idea to exercise early in the morning or late afternoon. Make sure you drink plenty of water before, during and after activities to ensure hydration.
  1. Seaweed – rich in iodine, and other minerals, seaweed and other sea vegetables are fat-free, low calorie and one of the richest sources in the vegetable kingdom. Seaweed has access to the abundance of minerals in the sea. Seaweed can also be ground into a wonderful exfoliant and used in mineral and mud treatments.
  1. Seashells – these magnificent works of Universal creation are wonders to behold. Finding and searching them out is a great past time that can last for hours, taking us away from ourselves and giving us a carefree adventure that is rewarding on many levels. Your favorites can be taken home and cleansed. Shells can make beautiful decorative pieces. Seashells are natural vessels that can be used for cleansing and make a great carrier for sage or incense. They can be placed on your personal altar as a reminder of good times or as a tribute to nature and all her powers.
  1. Stress relief – the best combination to relieve stress is combining the above elements of light, air, and surf to create the best prescription for good health and relaxation. They will melt away stress and bring you back to yourself. Leave your laptop and cell phone behind.

A Mermaid’s Tale
(for mom)

“Life’s a beach and then you sigh,
a sigh of relief, for days gone by.

With time, it gently, slowly drifts,
on clouds of light and sand that sifts,

between your toes and with each day,
invite a little sun your way.

And though you may not be with me,
where sand comes up to meet the sea,

remember you can always take,
a long deep breath to let escape,

the tension as you let it out…
all fear and anger, restless doubt”

~ Andrew Pacholyk MS L.Ac


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