by Andrew Pacholyk MS L.Ac
from his exciting new book, Lead Us To A Place ~ your spiritual journey through life’s seasons.

The reflective light of the full moon gives a wonderful and magical sense of harmony and peace of mind. Meditating in its light, gives an etheric and positively enchanting feeling of unity with nature and sky.


Meditating with A Crystal

When you sit in your meditation pose, cross your legs and place your hands on your knees. You can sit with your palms open and place a crystal in both of them. You can also place your stone in front of you.

Moonstone is a beautiful translucent stone which is right for both men and women. It honors the Goddess in all women. It is suggested for awareness and meditation. It soothes stress, anxiety, enhances intuitive sensitivity via our feelings and makes us less overwhelmed by our personal emotions. It helps with greater flexibility and flow in life.

Step by Step

In the glow of a full moon, find a peaceful place, either indoors, perhaps where you can view the full moon, or outdoors when the moon is high in the heavens. Make yourself comfortable.

Slowly take three deep breaths. With each one, consciously release the mental, emotional and physical tensions. Visualize our radiant light reaching out and connecting with every object under the light of the full moon. Know that we are connected with each individual through the collective emotions we all share by the wonder of this lunar light. Feel this radiant light reaching out even further as we realize that we are all joined by the human experience. Give thanks for the abundance in your life and feel the connections created by our own emotions. Recall that we are all in this struggle together, that we are not alone and that we live by the law of Universal love.

Sit quietly with your mind receptive and open to receive spiritual energies. Do all that you can to feel the light of the full moon upon you. Feel how your crystals vibrate in your hands.

Make mental notations on thoughts or ideas that come to you. These can appear as knowledge, wisdom, understanding, or inspiration. Whether you are conscious of it or not, you are planting the seed of intention that will manifest with time. From this point forward, it is time to release the old beliefs that no longer serve you. Let go of the pain and suffering you endure. Forgive those around you who have hurt you. It’s OK.

Develop the ability to listen within, as you go about your expansive meditation. This is a similar process as remembering an important dream. The full moon brings ideas and dreams to full fruition. Meditate on the image presenting itself.  See what is in front of you. Glow with the realization of who you are and the full potential you can become.

In this meditation, you can become part of the Universal flow that brings peace, compassion, love, humility, and gratitude into your human consciousness. As you become more spiritually grounded, you can become more of your true self.

Use the light of the full moon to “see” all that is before you. It is your journey to find the best parts of “you” and enhance these special gifts. It is also within your journey to learn and let go of those habits we may have acquired that block us or keep our minds closed.

This miracle of light is the sun reflecting on the moon. Therefore, this combination of two heavenly bodies, offers both an opportunity and a choice. An opportunity to change the parts of us, we wish to better and a choice to make it truly happen.

When you are ready to take control, you can slowly open your eyes. Be sure and journal about this experience so that you can look back on your insights gained through this meditation.

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