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Baby dreams represent new ideas. A dream about being pregnant often refers to your ability to nurture a new idea. Dreams of giving birth to a baby can refer to the fruition of that new idea or you coming to “terms” with the new idea or breakthrough moment. How much time you spend caring for a baby and “how” you care for the baby is a reflection of your time spent in honoring, caring for and nuturing your new idea! Look at the baby in the context of the dream. Where are you with the baby? What seems to be the situation surrounding the dream? Who is there with you? When are you caring for the baby the most and how are you doing it?


An unmarried man is the dream of many women and often a feeling of ease for a man Women who dream about a single man she is looking for. It can be a dream about the hope for a husband an unmarried male friend or if the man is married in her waking life, it is the hopes that he were single. When a married man dreams of being a bachelor it is often a desire for freedom or a comparison with a friend who is not married. It could be a desire to explore other women (or men). It may also express a fear of lossing your partner and being left alone.


Bamboo’s long life makes it a Chinese symbol of longevity, while in India it is a symbol of friendship. Often dreaming about bamboo reflects your ability to be flexible in a given situation.


A tradition in the United States, a barnstar is often hung on a barn (or house) and is considered lucky. Somewhat akin to a horseshoe mounted over a doorway. When we dream of a barnstar it suggests ambitious people and may mean a desire for self-promotion. Little stars indicate optimism, while asymmetrical stars suggest excess energy. A sign of hope, love, joy and prosperity, protection against fires, good fortune, hope, love, fertility, energy and harmony. The unique qualities of the star (see also Merkaba), are the divine light vehicle used by ascended masters to connect with those in tune with the higher realms. A Star of David is a symbol that uses both the upwards and downwards facing triangles to represent male and female and the battle between positive and negative creation in our lives.


Chinese lore claims the bat is a symbol of longevity and happiness and is a lucky symbol in Poland. Dreaming of a bat can express mixed messages. Because of their association with vampires, bats often have a negative connotation. Often dreams of these creatures instill fear or represent the night devouring the day. The bat is also seen as a reincarnation of Satan. Mixed messages and confusion are often what we are left with, upon waking.


1. Cleansing and freeing are most associated with dreams of a bath. The water of the bath is purifying and removes negative energy, soothes muscles and calms the mind. 2. a cleansing and strengthening of the outer self, which should not be confused with the inner strengthening that comes from God Other possibilities: 1. physical cleansing. 2. letting go of opinions and prejudices.

See also bath, body, skin care and ritual baths.


Bears are a symbol of strength. They are considered a power animal. It is their nature which gives them the reputation of being introspective and associated with the traits of wisdom, knowledge and transformation. Bears have two sides: one destructive and the other playful, caressing, and loving. Other possibilities: 1. grumpy. 2. over protectiveness. 3. failing stock prices (“bear market”). 4. hibernating, retreating. Victory over enemies. Bear is significant of overwhelming competition in pursuits of every kind.


To see a beaver industriously building a dam shows that much hard work is to be expected before you eventually realize your goals. If the beaver is in distress, or has trouble with his building, this is indicative of a need to change your career as the goal you have set may be unrealistic.

St. Benedict’s Cross: (see also, Cross)

Any symbol in a dream, must be looked at within the context of that dream. As symbols have many different meanings, it is best to discern how to interpret your dream by trying to understanding the connection between the symbol and it’s dream meaning. Saint Benedict is patron saint against evil forces and demonic influence. His cross is one of the oldest and most honored medals used by Catholics and due to the belief in its power against evil is also known as the devil-chasing medal. The Saint Benedict cross is the Celtic Cross, which is also believed to be a powerful tool against evil influences.

The initials of the Vade retro satana formula have been found on Saint Benedict’s cross were related to a manuscript dating back to 1415 which was found at Metten Abbey in Bavaria in 1647. The manuscript contains the first recorded use of the exorcism formula Vade retro satana (Step back, Satan), and the letters were found to correspond to this phrase.

On the back is a cross, containing the letters C S S M L – N D S M D, initials of the words Crux sacra sit mihi lux! Non draco sit mihi dux! (May the holy cross be my light! May the dragon never be my overlord!). The large C S P B stand for Crux Sancti Patris Benedicti (The Cross of our Holy Father Benedict). Surrounding the back of the medal are the letters V R S N S M V – S M Q L I V B, in reference to Vade retro satana: Vade retro Satana! Nunquam suade mihi vana! Sunt mala quae libas. Ipse venena bibas! (Begone Satan! Never tempt me with your vanities! What you offer me is evil. Drink the poison yourself!) and finally, located at the top is the word PAX which means peace.


Birds are rich in dream symbolism. In general, birds are messengers and represent freedom and empowerment. They fly above and associate our connection between heaven and earth. In many cultures they are a symbol of the soul, as well as our conscious mind. Therefore, dreams of birds can show us our own personal connection between our conscious and unconscious mind. In flight, their outstretched wings show us the freedom we desire, as they glide over the earth expressing our unlimited possibilites we see in them. They have the ability to show us a “bird’s eye view” of things. What do you see? Is it clear sailing or is there trouble ahead. Birds of a feather, flock together and dreams of a group of birds can represent yourself in a social setting, group work setting or family group. Are you flying together or squawking on the ground together? If you dream you are solo, it represents your own independence and freedom to be yourself. Are you flying (high and free) or are you grounded, wings clipped or broken. Then something is keeping you down or holding you back. Are you wounded, caged or not able to move? Look to a situation in your waking life that represents this problem. Different kinds of birds can represent a variety of situations in your waking life. See also, albatross, crow, eagle, nightingale, ostrich, owl, pheasant, peacock, raven, vulture.

Birth, Giving

Since the majority of my patients are women who come to me for fertility issues, birth dreams are very common. These dreams often relate to when they will become pregnant, or dreaming about the desire for children. Also their dreams revolve about being a mother and whether they would be a good mother. These birthing dreams can often occur in men, especially those whose wives have become pregnant. Patients who become pregnant, will sometimes have dreams about something going wrong with the baby, the pregnancy or the delivery. Birthing dreams can also pertain to a project or business you are working on. This refers to your ability and confidence in being able to give birth to your project or work.


If you dream of seeing a blackbird in your dream, it often represents the feminine side of your psyche. It is your connection to the yin aspect of your mind or aspects of the moon, cold, water or the unknown. Black birds in general have always had a dark and mysterious connotation, including death or fears. How is the blackbird represented in your dream? It could be about the death of someone you know or of yourself. It could also relate to your fears around something in your waking life. Is there a resistance to change? (See also birds, crow, raven, vulture.)

Black Stone

Considered a very holy stone is the sacred Black Stone (reddish black, with some red and yellow particles) inside the holy shrine of the Ka’ba at Mecca. It is thought that the Black Stone, now in pieces (three large parts, with smaller fragments which are tied together with a silver band), may be a meteor, or a piece of lava, or a piece of basalt. Its original diameter is estimated to have been 30 cm. Besides the Black Stone, built into the western corner of the Ka’ba is less sacred Stone of Good Fortune. (See also Sacred Stones).


A blanket dream often refers to issues of security. Are you using the blanket for cover? From what? Does it keep you safe? Are there issues of wanting to hide or not be seen in your waking life? Do you have a “blanket over your eyes” when it comes to something you do not wish to see? What is the color of the blanket. The color of the blanket is related to the issue you face.

Blarney Stone

The location of the Blarney Stone is in the village of Blarney about 5 miles northwest of Cork, Ireland. The Blarney Stone is a block of bluestone built into the battlements of Blarney Castle. The Blarney castle and stone are one of the most popular tourist sites in Ireland, attracting millions of visitors from around the world who wish to tour the castle and kiss the stone. According to legend, kissing the stone endows the kisser with the gift of gab, eloquence or skill at flattery. The word blarney has come to mean clever, flattering, or coaxing talk. The name of the village Blarney is derived from the Irish word An blarna meaning the plain. The most commonly accepted story of the stone is that, in gratitude for Irish support at the battle of Bannockburn in 1314 (a Scottish defeat of the English), Robert the Bruce gave a portion of the stone to Cormac McCarthy, King of Munster.

Installed at Cormac McCarthy’s stronghold, Blarney Castle, it became known as the Blarney Stone. A century later, in 1446, King Dermot McCarthy then installed the stone in an enlarged castle he constructed. During the time of Queen Elizabeth I, Dermot McCarthy, the ruler of the castle, was required to surrender his fortress to the Queen as proof of his loyalty. He said he would be delighted to do so, but something always happened at the last moment to prevent his surrender. His excuses became so frequent that the official who had been demanding the castle in the name of the Queen became a joke at the Court. Once, when the eloquent excuses of McCarthy were repeated to the Queen, she said “Odds bodikins, more Blarney talk!” The term Blarney has thus come to mean the ability to influence and coax with fair words and soft speech without giving offense. (See also Sacred Stones).


Blood is a life giving force. In Chinese medicine theory, it is the “Mother of Qi” and the life injecting force that gives us animation and energy. It Represents life, love and passion. On the opposite side of this, it also can represent disappointments. Symbolically, blood represents our emotional wakening. If you see words written in blood, it may refer to some situation in your life that is permanent and cannot be changed, such as an agreement or a sign. Blood is the spiritual connection to our sense of self and a power greater than our own. It is associated with anger. Unconscious anger toward someone in our waking life. The term there’s blood on the wall indicates a particular idea or pattern that you need to confront. More specifically, if blood is on the bathroom walls, you need to confront an extremely emotional situation. We can sometimes have dreams of ourselves bleeding or losing blood. This can be a reference to suffering from exhaustion or that you are feeling emotionally exhausted. It may also mean that there is a nasty confrontation that has or will occur between you and friends.

Women often dream of blood or of someone bleeding shortly before or during their periods or while they are pregnant. For a pregnant woman in particular, blood in dreams is symbolic of the life force that they are carrying. Such dreams are also a reminder to take things slow, both mentally and physically. To dream that others are bleeding signifies an emotional cry for help.

Dreams that reference you donating blood, may suggest that you are feeling physically drained due to stress. Extreme stress is often indicated when blood is squirting everywhere. There is blood on your hands and face, in your hair or all over your skin… the dream implies that you are experiencing deep emotional stress. To dream that you are drinking blood indicates that you have a fresh burst of energy and power. If you dream that you are coughing blood, then it represents wasted energy. You are spending too much time on counterproductive activities. Since blood is the physical forces of the body itself, it is indicative of relative levels of health or Imbalance. The Ideas of a person can be represented by the life giving force or vital force and strength (i.e., as In the strength which comes to us through the blood shed by Christ) Other possibilities: include kinship, as In “blood ties” or “bad blood” meaning animosity. When blood flows freely it indicates our positive intentions and right life path. (4). Blood that gushes outward or the hemorrhaging of blood is the lose of control and the feeling of being drained. It is a need for a change in your life. Blood stains are the lingering stains of jealousy and can mean you are slowing yourself down (if they are self inflicted) or someone wants to impede your wishes.


Mysterious and all consuming, a boa is a slow mover who never the less inflicts long term suffering on its victims. Are you the boa or are you being consumed by one? . (See also snake).


Boat have a dream history of representing transitions in life. They often represent life affirming symbols of optimism, freedom and clarity. The sailboat represents the free flow of life and ideas. The escapism to a place free of burden or pain. It can represent an enjoyable future and “smooth sailing” through life. A speed boat represents our need to hurry up and move faster. It is connected to the fast pace ideas and fast track life and our need for constant and continued movement. Are you dreaming of being in the boat? If you are on a lake, stream or pond, it often indicates your happiness and success in your waking life. If you are on an ocean, it represents a more vast view of your life and sometimes the impact of the overwhelming size of the ocean. Is the boat drifting? Are you drifting through life? With or without a paddle? With a paddle, you have possibilities. Without a paddle, well…. Is it a rough or turbulent boat ride? You are experiencing a “rough patch” or emotional turmoil in your waking life. If your boat feels like you are about to capsize, then you are in danger and need to take steps soon to avoid turning up side down. See also transportation.

Body Parts

The relationship we have with our bodies is often reflected through our dreams. Dreams of our bodies often equal dreams of our own self-esteem. In our current society, the attention brought to looking younger, slimmer and prettier has often driven many to anxiety, body dysmorphic syndrome, fad diets and excessive exercise. It has also done the complete opposite, as obesity is one of the leading causes of disease and death. These are some of the reasons why our body parts have become even more prominent in our dreams.


Abdomen Arm Back
Blood Calves Ears
Eyes Face Feet
Hair Hands Jaws
Kidneys Naked Neck
Stomach Teeth Waist



The most basic sustaining force of life; the staff of life; that which permits development (“morally, mentally, spiritually, financially”) Bread is considered positive efforts invested in the present which may have future benefits (i.e., Biblical metaphor: casting bread upon the waters, and “it shall be returned to thee”) Other possibilities: 1. that which has been learned from life. 2. money.

St. Brigid’s Cross: (see also, Symbols)

Any symbol in a dream, must be looked at within the context of that dream. As symbols have many different meanings, it is best to discern how to interpret your dream by trying to understanding the connection between the symbol and it’s dream meaning. The cross has long been a symbol associated with the Irish goddess, Brighid, who presides over home and hearth. The girl who was later adopted into the Christian faith as St. Bridget was said to have woven this cross in order to help a dying pagan solider convert to Christianity. Other legends suggest the cross is actually a wheel of fire. In parts of Ireland, Brighid is known as the triple goddess of the crossroads,representing heaven, earth and otherworld or the place where three worlds meet, and the year is at a crossroads between light and dark. She is also known as having two other sisters named Brigid and was an expert in poetry, divination and prophecy. Although predating Christianity, this cross was given the name of St. Brigid Cross. Together these four arms of the cross represent the cardinal directions and the four elements or four major holidays in the Wheel of the Year.

Broom: (see also, Symbols)

Any symbol in a dream, must be looked at within the context of that dream. As symbols have many different meanings, it is best to discern how to interpret your dream by trying to understanding the connection between the symbol and it’s dream meaning. The broom or broomstick was originally made with a lightweight elm stick and the dried branches of the broom plant (hence its name). The act of sweeping was looked at as a way of cleansing your home of negative energy – sweeping from the corners out to the center and then out toward the direction of the door. It was also important that the person doing the sweeping would be cleansed as well. This sweeping was also done by midwives when a baby was born in order to clear it of any surrounding negative energy. Just married couples would secure their happiness by jumping hand in hand over a broomstick. The broom is a symbol of liberation, particularly for women, as it symbolized the freedom from daily chores and domestic drudgery. With her own magical broom, the midwife, wife or witch could fly anywhere, wield her power and reveal her true identity. All thanks to her broom!


Finding peace within yourself, is how the Chinese presume that Buddha is good luck. Dreaming of Buddha is equal to being understanding or compassionate. As the dreamer, whether you see yourself with Buddha or someone else, Buddha represents wisdom, insight, compassion, or patience. Especially while confronting problems in your life or confronting difficult people.


The Buffalo or Bison is one of the most revered animal by the Native Americans. As a totem animal, the Buffalo offers confidence and respect when reaching out to achieve your goals. The Buffalo comes to those of independent spirit and a connection to Mother Earth. The Buffalo will only come to you if you are already on the right life path. Representing the powerful symbol of abundance and fertility.


A building represents the human body and mind. Understanding the many aspects of the building can tell you much about your dream. Is it the building you live in or one you do not know? Are you outside the building or inside? Have you explored each floor? basement? roof? Like the house, the building is just a bigger space with more rooms? A journey of realizations and searching, starts with ourselves, therefore a exploring a building can lead us in many directions and bring up many deeper layers. See also house for a room by room discovery.


This sacred animal in many cultures represents power, aggression and masculinity. It is emotionally tied to hardheadedness or stubbornness (i.e., “bull- headed”). Stock traders associate it with the bull market, where Jung related it to sexuality or sexual appetite. The bull is a symbol of fertility, power and strength. Associated with the astrological sign of Taurus, the dream of a bull can be seen as a certain authority figure in our life. Combating the bull can be a sign of struggle with ourselves or another who is controlling, opinionated and strong.


A bus, like most transportation dreams, represents our journey in life. How is a bus represented in your dream? Are you a passenger or driver of the bus? A driver of your own destiny or are you along for the ride? Does the bus go along a certain route or are you on a bus to nowhere? Sound familiar? Is your ride bumpy or smooth? Often a metaphor for your journey in waking life. Are you in an accident on the bus? Accidents are often fear related approaches to a situation? Are you lacking trust in this area of your life? As the driver of the bus, you are in charge of your destiny. Yet you may also feel responsible for others. Why is that? Are you carrying for a friend, family member or parent? Or are you just controlling the lives of those around you? Pay attention. If the bus is a double decker bus, then you are encouraged to look deeper than the superficial layer you are currently working on.


Butterflies are sacred among many cultures. Dreams of a butterfly can represent the resulting transition of a struggle in your waking life or the positive change from one situation in your life to another. The result is often a positive and lighthearted one. The butterfly floats freely from one flower to the next, it could be a dream of yearning for a kind of freedom or the fact that your expectations are unwarranted. Think about floating or moving freely on the breeze and your approach to life can be much better.


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