by Andrew Pacholyk MS L.Ac ~

Cosmic cleansing has to do with consciousness and being aware. Without being in tune with these feelings, you cannot accept that we are really apart of the Universal cosmic energies that pulse in and out daily.

Maintaining your calm inner awareness, balance and clarity in the midst of any situation is the cleansing process done here. A gradual shift to a higher level of consciousness… centered in the peace, joy and freedom of your Spirit. Increased insight and clarity… seeing things truly, as they are.

Energetic cleansing is related to the act of seeing, both physically and intuitively. As such, it clears our psychic faculties and our understanding on many levels. When healthy, it allows us to feel and see clearer, in effect, letting us “experience the fullness of our lives.”

Greater self control and self balance, awareness, inner peace and connective energy to the source of truth are all important in the path to attunement.

Cleansing energetically is often done through our Chakra system and the energy field that surrounds us, our Aura. These energy forces deal with overall sense of self, our ego, emotions and our self-power. As our Aura is our first line of defense, our Chakra system feels the effects from the inside outward.

The following meditation is said to be the meditation taught by Buddha about 2500 years ago. The primary focus is your breathing. However, the primary goal is maintaining a calm, non-judging awareness, allowing thoughts, feelings, and sensations to come and go without getting enmeshed in them. This calm, accepting, spacious awareness is your Core Self… your Essence.

Sit comfortably, with your eyes closed, your spine reasonably straight. If you wish to use crystals in this meditation (it is not necessary), add your crystals for a cosmic cleansing net. This can be done with crystals you love to work with or consider crystals that are associated with the Universe or have celestial connections such as moonstone, tektite, selenite, angelite, celestite, moldavite, angel aura or meteorite. A Cosmic Cleansing Net are your crystals, placed around you, in a circle.

Let your attention rest on your breathing. When thoughts, emotions, physical sensations, or external sounds arise, simply acknowledge and accept them, allowing them to pass through without judging or getting involved with them.

When you notice your attention has gotten engaged in thoughts, emotions, or sensations, bring it back to your breathing and continue.

In addition, once you feel completely relaxed, you can just keep your focus there, behind the back of your eyes or on your Third Eye Chakra OR you can use this new found peace, and energetically cleanse your Chakra. Take this focused energy and start at your Root Chakra. Get a sense of warmth at the base of your spine. Move your attention upward to just below your navel at the Sacral Spleen Chakra. Let the energy rejuvenate the bowel of your pelvis. When you feel good here, encourage the energy up to your Solar Plexus Chakra. This area, just below the diaphragm is your power center. From there, move your attention up to your Heart Chakra. This center of your Universe is where our attention is most needed. From here, a gently move up into the Throat Chakra helps us to communicate outwardly, while the Third Eye Chakra, above, helps us communicate on a psychic level. At this point lift your energy up to the Crown Chakra. This seat of the Universe can help to propel you upward and outward towards the cosmic energy that we draw from daily. Use the free flowing channel between the earthly body and our cosmic body to connect your your higher consciousness.

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