(excerpt from Andrew Pacholyk’s new book, Lead Us To A Place ~ your spiritual journey through life’s seasons)

The greatest successes come from the ideas we are most passionate about! When we are passionate about something, we devote our time, money, resources and most of all love, to this idea.

When you follow your dream and see it through, the greatest reward is your success! This is done in two ways: passion and persistence.
Passion is the root of what you love to do most. It is a blinding force of energy that you desire to do, every waking day. If all you could do is your passion every day, then that is what you MUST do. It will drive you to success.

Your passion will assist you in finding the right audience, attracting those who are drawn to your passion and make you successful. Why will your passion do this? Because you will find the answers through what you love doing most… or these answers will find you. This passion can turn into a profession. A profession from your passion is one of the greatest rewards.

There is also the fact that when someone genuinely enjoys their profession and are motivated by their passion, they tend to be more satisfied with their work and more psychologically healthy. When these same people begin to get positive feedback and see results from their passion, they are motivated to work harder to ensure that this passion continues. It is a profession they will always have in their lives.

Persistence is the other part of this equation.

When you are passionate, you do not give up. It is not an option. No matter how long something can take to become a realized dream, this persistence is guided by your passion.

So many times, in my life, I have seen patients, friends, and colleagues give themselves a “time limit” for their passion. They would tell me:

“if I don’t make it by next year…”
“if I don’t publish my work by next Spring…”
“if I don’t get this promotion next week…. I’m done”.

More often than not, they give up. They let go of their dream or relinquish their passion. It is a tragic end and it hurts to see someone give up on a dream. They block their progress by giving it an “expiration date”.

I think this also shows that perhaps, they just were not passionate enough to truly pursue what they desire most in life!

Success are steps up a ladder. Reaching for the top rung of that ladder is great. But do you even know what that top rung is? Success is often a definition we have in our heads, which we do not seem to stray from. But in reality, success often comes in ways you do not even imagine. At the top rung of that ladder, are other, endless possibilities, that we have never thought of.

Many people who have experienced successes, tend to not see them or recognize them as such. They may pass over the fact that…
~ “They finally got a meeting with the top brass”, unfortunately they do not recognize that they have been waiting a year for this meeting.”

~ “They just sold products to their first big box store concept” but now they are more concerned about getting 10 more contracts with other big stores and fail to realize, that this was the best success they have had in 6 years.”

In achieving a success, it is important to remember how far you’ve come. Even though there’s a part of you that wants to grow and yearns for more, acknowledging each achievement, no matter how small, is necessary.

Success is notoriously elusive for many people because their definition of success sets them up to never quite have it. We may have minor achievements, but yet do not feel they are successes, because it’s not the end goal. Success is an achievement in any form, on any level.

If your definition of success has the room to include who you are and what you have right NOW, you’ll continue growing and refining, even when you make mistakes. You will realize you are defining success!

It is important to recognize, honor and appreciate the little “rungs on the ladder” as these are the real successes. This is the real definition of success.

Success is money and power to most people. What also must be included is:

1. Peace of mind, which is the result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming.

2. Well-being, which is the long-lasting end result of your success and how it makes you feel.

3. Wonder, is your own amazement of where you came from and what it took for you to succeed.

4. Wisdom, from the long journey it took for you to get here and the brain power you discovered to make it all happen.

5. Giving, is the gift you offer back for your success. It is probably the most rewarding of all.

6. Success is a mirror of yourself. It is how you like yourself, how you accept yourself and how you like how you do it.

7. Success is the expansion of your happiness through worthy goals.


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