by Andrew Pacholyk MS L.Ac

It’s time. Time to mix it up. You are feeling stagnant or things are not going the way you’d hoped. Now is the time to start your new beginning.  You are probably thinking…”do I have to move to another city and change my name?”  “How am I going to reinvent myself if everyone knows me?”

Everyone may know one side of you, but perhaps they have not met your creative side or your wild side. Maybe everyone knows you as being defined by your job, where you go, or what you do. But they haven’t met the “new you.”  Some people reinvent themselves all the time. They do this by changing their way of thinking, following an interest, or going back to school.  Companies do this all the time, as well.  They change the packaging of a product, reinvent a new name for an old product, or restructure their entire business purpose.

Reinventing yourself is not that difficult. It is really about the desire to change, discovering a new path to follow, and having a curiosity about life.  Here are 10 sure-fire strategies for reinventing yourself.

  1. Change your posture: I could sense your body change as you read this. Yes, lift your head up, pull your shoulders back and down, pull your abs in, and push your hips forwards. The minute you realize you have been walking around in the shape of a banana, you will understand that you’ve been in a “hiding position.” This happens to all of us. We go through our day not really wanting to be noticed or taken too seriously. We tend to get wrapped up and involved in our “phone life” or just not really caring.  This is the hiding position.  The minute you decide to stand tall is the minute your life will start to change. Feel that energy coming out of the top of your head to heaven. Feel your feet grounded yet your body pushing forward in the direction of the life you desire to go towards. When you change your posture, you change your life. Your body language expresses a desire to pay attention and move upward. You tell the world, through your posture, that you are conscious, aware, and engaged with life.
  1. Change your mind: How many times a day do you emotionally beat yourself down?  How many times do you tell yourself you are not good enough, or you can’t do anything? Better yet, how often do your actions alone express this?  The minute you take control of your thoughts is the moment your life can change.  Change your mind, change your life. Instead of wishing, start doing. Instead of berating yourself, praise your actions. We have to make a conscious decision to be the best we can be. You have everything you need to make your dreams come true so don’t fool yourself with excuses.
  1. Change your outlook: Positivity is the only outlook you are going to have. When you see yourself as what you wish to be, it is the most powerful visualization and affirmation you can give yourself. It is the stepping stone of growth, as well as becoming that “new person” you are going to be. Your outlook must be a nourishing, self-loving, and self-respecting reinvention of the person you currently are coping with. When you project your new self forward, other people’s perceptions of you will also change. Those who are savvy and forward thinkers will see this in you. They are the role models and mentors you should believe in. Avoid the jealous, salacious ones who hold you back. Remember, pride is just the flip side of envy’s coin.
  1. Change your inner programming: When we decide we want to reinvent ourselves; we have to start with our inner beliefs or how we perceive ourselves. This can be a process that takes a long time, but the reason for this is to restructure how we look at something. Are you judging the situation?  Are you self-opinionated, arrogant, stubborn or obstinate in holding to your own opinion?  If you want to reinvent yourself, you have to let go of who you were and start looking at life through the eyes of humility, trust, wonder, and an open mind. You are pulling away from your comfort zone to reach new heights. Bumps in the road are inevitable. It’s how you choose to deal with them that manifests your positive inner programming.
  1. Change your style: What is your style? A new beginning starts with a new wardrobe. Go in another direction. Take on a different persona. Cut your hair. Get a facial. Commit to having fun with it. Sometimes styles emerge. The more you get to know yourself the more comfortable you become with your new look or image of who you want to be. Your inside reflects your outside persona, but your outside persona or look can help you to “get into character.”
  1. Learn something new: A key factor in reinventing yourself is following the passions you yearn for. Remember, there will always be a learning curve to overcome. Learn to embrace and understand it. You may remember the feeling of accomplishment when you have overcome a new procedure or process in the past. This makes you feel better about yourself and shows you that there is so much more out there for you to comprehend and enjoy. Your ability to do anything is proportional to the amount of love and commitment you give it.
  1. Follow your train of thought: When reinventing yourself, it is important to follow an idea that has presented itself to you. It has come up for a reason. Perhaps it’s your subconscious telling you what you really want, even though you don’t think it’s possible. Go down that road without fear. This is often your intuition chiming in. It is great to have a plan, but be flexible. Listen and act on your gut feeling or intuition. This unfolding of your journey may not always be smooth. Following that daydream could be a (perceived) nightmare. But in reality, it is just steps you have to take into the unfamiliar in order to get to the side of knowing.
  1. Control what you can, the rest will follow: Factors such as motivation, will-power, and enduring emotional stress will ebb and flow. You may not be able to control these ups and downs but what you can control is how you cope with them. You are going to face adversity. You can make yourself mentally ready for these challenges each day, by starting out with a little “me time.” We all have commitments to meet and daily life to pursue. Schedule your “me time.” Make the time to prepare yourself. Some people meditate, do morning yoga, or just take a longer shower. Whatever your process, create an extra 15-30 minutes to prepare your mind for the day ahead.
  1. Support is something you manifest: If we look long and hard enough, we find what we want. In the meantime, support can be just what you need when you fall off the positivity train, or need direction or guidance. You can find support groups in your local town or on social media. Consider finding reinforcement from books or articles. One of my favorite support tools is journaling. This is a daily or weekly expression of your journey on the road to reinvention. Create a journal that you can express your joys and fears. Be sure and fill it with positive reinforcements such as ideas, images, colors, scents, or anything that inspires you to go on.
  1. Don’t forget to improve what you have now: Improve your strengths, better your weaknesses. If you really look at who you are now, you will see what you are best at doing. These traits are your strengths and they are there for you to build a better foundation on. We also know what we may not be the best at. This is where there is room for improvement. Where there is room for improvement, there is room for growth.

Reinventing yourself is like a caterpillar emerging from its cocoon to become a butterfly. This process is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding experiences you can put yourself through. The effort it takes to do this will challenge your mind, body, and spirit. What is most rewarding is when you look back on your old self and see those stagnant patterns you have overcome. It is when you realize just how much work it took to find your new self, as you reap the rewards you have truly deserved.