Your results are in….


*325 – 375: Optimal Health

Congratulations. Your hard work and attention to your mind, body and spirit have paid off. Now is the time to maintain what you do for yourself.

*275 – 324: Excellent Health

Fantastic job. You should be proud of your attention to details. You can always find what you are looking for

*225 – 274: Good Health

Good work. Keep it up! There are areas you can find improvement in. You deserve the very best and are capable of getting there.

*175 – 224: Fair Health

Ok. Now you know where you stand. What are you going to do about it? You have great potential to reach your goals. All you need to do is apply yourself.

*125 – 174: Below Average Health

Well, below average only means that you have to take a look at where you need the most work and you can be above average by putting your intention there.

*75 – 124: Poor Health

So, now that you know where you stand, what are you going to do about it. I’ll tell you… you are going to take back control of your life. You are going to start here.

*less than 75: Extremely Unhealthy

You have no excuses. You have nowhere else to go but up and I’m going to help you. One issue at a time. ONLY you have to want it for yourself as much as I want it for you! Let’s go!

Optimal to Excellent Plan

You have the drive and the discipline to stick to a program, plan or diet. Congratulations!  You should now be focused on an anti-aging plan. This is a 5-10 year plan that gives you the opportunity to increase blood circulation, tonify your lungs, liver, kidney and spleen.


 Men: Men’s multi-vitamin
Women: Women’s multi-vitamin

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Exercise Plan

Strength not Brawn

Research shows that a drop in sex drive can occur at this time. From low energy, poor sleep, having no time to train and poor food choices due to family life, these excuses tend to get in the way of our path to success.

By targeting muscle gain to offset a middle-aged spread, balanced by strength training, is a means of improving long-term health. This improves blood circulation, increases muscle mass, (which burns fat) and strength training adds stability and balance. Start here

Good to Fair Health Plan

Now is your greatest opportunity to make the most difference in your life!  You can make great strides by adding a few changes!

Increase Your Exercise

Are you working out?  Is it once or twice a week?  Do you consider your walk to work your exercise plan.  This is where you need to step it up!  Join a gym. Get on an exercise regime. You should be working out 3-4 times per week consistently. This should be a 30 – 60 minutes with a combination of cardio exercise and weight bearing exercise.  Start here

Add Supplements

 Men: Men’s multi-vitamin
Women: Women’s multi-vitamin

Andrew’s best digestive formula learn more?

Omega 3 formula learn more?

Below to Unhealthy Plan

So, now that you know where you stand, you have NO excuses. You have no where to go, but up!  Start by changing your diet.


Change How You Eat

Taking in fewer calories than you can burn results in weight loss. Women should restrict their calorie intake to 1200 a day

Men should restrict their calorie intake to 1500 a day  For two weeks, know EXACTLY how many calories is in each item you put in your mouth.

Commit to a 30 day diet.  Learn everything you can about your food habits, what you are eating and your emotional connection to food! Start here

Add These Supplements

Since you are not getting enough vitamins and minerals through your diet, start by adding these supplements to your daily routine.

 Men: Men’s multi-vitamin
Women: Women’s multi-vitamin

Andrew’s best digestive formula learn more?

Omega 3 formula learn more?

GI Fortify Immunity learn more? 

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